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  1. welcome back! I love U!!

  2. Pentagon&Arlequin's new single is on apple music. That is good!

    1. platy


      Awesome. Nowadays I want to avoid custom fees at all costs, so I'll even support some bands that aren't favorites if they're on itunes.

    2. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      They're even on Spotify!!

  3. FF XV KINGSGLAIVE iTunes pre-ordering...Could be downloaded in a few minutes...

  4. i think it's full pv! suicide like a flower blossom.
  5. numetal

    Ai Yiliang – Talk about Eve. "Attitude" and "voice" the title of the album comes from Ai Yiliang: she uses very Infectious voice saying love, saying lonely, escape. She also uses the unique vocabulary saying Ai Yiliang’s attitude, observation and thinking. It’s the love from deep inside and also her ideas that spreading all over the album. Ai Yiliang said: "I think this is a very close chance to the audience with the album, we sit down and talk about love, those who listen to my life observation could share with each other." FULL ALBUM:HERE Li Jiawei —LOVE STORM Because of her own as a singer of the ordinary conditions, Li Jiawei has been not confident enough, from running, Li Jiawei regains self-confidence. The album's title song "love storm" is Li Jiawei’s gift to those who are not loving themselves. She also hope that by the entire album she could encourage every person who is not optimistic, and hope that the audience shouldn’t care about other people's eyes, brave to do their own, brave to pursue their own life. Make-up artist Chen Lingwei designed a unique storm makeup. Li Jiawei is also the first time on the album cover in the exposed face. FULL ALBUM:here NanQuan MAMA —All new attack NANQUAN MAMA’s new album is not only a hope, but also want to become more touched, drip in the heart. After two years of elaboration, "ALL NEW ATTACK" sings the new force of Chinese music. The voice of the members features in the album by selecting solo songs. Three big boys collocate a sweet girl with varied styles and freshment. This release let you enjoy all kinds of music. When people embrace the ideals and the pursuit of a dream, it is inevitable that there will be setbacks. listening to the "ALL NEW ATTACK" album once again, you can feel each song is filling in for yourself. Maybe tomorrow is for the rising of the sun, perhaps, the dream is for our efforts and even more great. FULL ALBUM:HERE
  6. LOVE the new circumstances! IT'S 4.0!!SO...COOL...

  7. big HEARTS. HAHAHA......LMAO.
  8. Thank you so much "monochrome-heaven", i love this place. BTW i think "yuki no sai"should be named best uploader.
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