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  1. Are you still selling all of your Rentrer en Soi CD's and the Gazette's NIL? If you are can you let me know how much it would cost to ship them to the UK? And if possible could I have photos of the CD's? Both the front/back and inside the case if possible. Thank you
  2. froggyman75

    The English voice-over guy was a little ridiculous but the song itself sounds very promising. It's the first preview in a while to get me this excited for a new release. Cannot wait!
  3. froggyman75

    rrrright here: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=SFCD-107 Oh, thank you! It wasn't up when I searched just before I posted and the way they worded it on the site made it sound like it was a mail-order only CD.
  4. froggyman75

    Where can you get the limited deluxe version?
  5. froggyman75

    Toshiya totally looks like the hero from Journey, just without the scarf in that pic. Great news though. Looking forward to the single.
  6. froggyman75

    Doesn't this sort of make their PV collection DVD not worth getting any more as this has all their PV's, right? I'll probably end up picking this up as I seem to be lacking Merry CD's and I like owning PV collections. It seems like a pretty solid collection of songs anyway.
  7. froggyman75

    Men in Black 3 It was okay for a "children's" comedy/action film. Way better than the mess that was the second film but still not as good as the first one. Had a couple of parts that were just plain meh and the bad guy didn't really get enough screen time. There are definitely worse ways to spend an hour and 45 minutes. Also the 3D was absolutely terrible. There wasn't anything that even looked 3D at all. EDIT: Just watched Chronicle It was a pretty good film for what it was. Could have done with a bit more characterisation and it would have been nice to see how they discovered their powers but the final battle scene was pretty great.
  8. froggyman75

    The timing sounds a little weird at points but apart from those moments, I quite like it. Also glad to see that they're not trying to constantly be "heavy" too.
  9. froggyman75

    It is a preview of the song so of course it is a preview. I meant that it's a "short" version, like the "TV size" versions anime songs usually get whereas previews are usually 15-60 seconds rather than 2 minutes. But yeah, I guess it is still a preview, I'm just being a bit nit-picky
  10. froggyman75

    It's not a preview is it? It's just the shorter version of the song. It sounds bloody great though, as most of their songs do. Glad to see they're still awesome after the, what, almost 2 year break?
  11. froggyman75

    Ichi the Killer I was real confused through most of it but overall I really enjoyed watching it, the story and the two main characters (Kakihara and Ichi) were absolutely brilliant although some of the more gorey scenes had me in fits of laughter, whether intentional or not I do not know. I recommend it if you enjoy gorey Japanese action/yakuza films filled with insane characters.
  12. froggyman75

    I've always endured the opera vocals (although iirc only Night of Knights and that cover song had it?) because usually it's not so prominent and the rest of the song is amazing but holy crap they're ridiculously bad in this, I almost turned it off because of them. At least after about a minute of that awkwardly timed singing and opera vocals it went to the normal A awesomeness. I seriously hope it's not so prominent in the rest of the album.
  13. froggyman75

    I like this song a lot more than the previous two. The drums are a lot more varied too. Is it me or does it sound like a faster/harder version of This Coma? Especially with the chorus vocal melody, but that might just be me.
  14. froggyman75

    Hazuki writing the songs has nothing to do with Asanao's drumming patterns. He's always been a monotonous drummer. Besides, lynch. has been improving upon their ballads since day one. Their first attempt at a ballad was a snoozefest. This is quite lively in comparison. I guess. It just seems like he felt like doing one thing at one speed throughout the new songs. He seemed a little more varied in IBiM compared to now though but idk. Definitely agree with that though. The ballads on IBiM and Shadows were great and this is no exception. When I said another standard ballad I didn't mean it in a negative way, I quite like their ballads and more of the same from lynch is never a bad thing. The more I listen to Frozen though, the more I like it. It just seems a lot better structured than Inferiority Complex and as a whole just sounds like a lot more time was put into writing the song. I'm beginning to understand what you all dislike about Inferiority Complex too. It really is a pretty bad song for lynch.
  15. froggyman75

    It sounds like another standard ballad (albeit a little... faster I guess) from them really. I'm getting a little annoyed at Asano's drum beats though. He seems to always be playing the same beat at the same speed in all the new songs, but I guess that can be blamed on Hazuki considering he seems to write all their songs. Mixing sounds a little better in this song though. The chorus and acoustic interlude are pretty nice too. I think I prefer Inferiority Complex though, but I tend to prefer their harder songs.
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