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  1. Can someone bail me out on Jpopsuki? I forgot how the site even works. I haven't used it in like 10 years. But apparently i'm like... really in the red. My download to upload ratio is ridiculously bad. 

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    2. Furik


      Nothing specific. I just wanted to get in good-standing so I can use the site again. lol

    3. YuyoDrift


      If you are not seeding the files you download, then your ratio will not change. That is, of course, dependent on how popular the releases you downloaded are and if you didn't delete the torrent file in your downloads folder immediately after finishing the download (this would make you a leecher lol).


      I'm sure you know how torrents work but you'll need to have BOTH the torrent file and the actual file completed where they are until the seed ratio is 1.0 or close enough, before you can delete them.



    4. Naaaaani


      Man, write your username and I'll make it

  2. Furik

    For real I like it. They've gone so down hill but I still like everything they've released since they've become an anime-rock band.
  3. Furik

  4. Wait. What is K-pop Life and how can I download it? 😬
  5. It sounds like an OST track from an Korean drama.
  6. Furik

    Excuse me... HOW much?!
  7. Furik

    I don't remember my last post. Maybe 3-4 years ago. Here's me with a real dinosaur at a zoo on Halloween.
  8. I miss FACT. Their post-breakup bands aren't good.

    1. zombieparadise


      FACT was sweet. Such high energy, fun tracks

  9. Furik

    This the most nu-VK we've had in a long time. The generic chugs, the synthesizer, the early 2000's Sadie Mao growling/screaming. I'm here for it.
  10. Furik

    YES! This past decade has been my FAVORITE! For real. 2000-2010 was much fun but I felt like I enjoyed this decade the most. And this was probably the "golden era" for me where artists were in their prime musically and a lot of new artists came out of nowhere and made good impressions. So, here's my list in alphabetic order. Bold releases are my ultimate favorite of the decade. I picked five. -OZ- - ROUGE 12012 - Self-Titled 12012 - DEICIDA OF SILENCE 9GOATS BLACK OUT - TANATOS ALSDEAD - Separator ALSDEAD - IDEA DEATHGAZE - BLISS OUT DIMLIM - MISC. (hate me all you want) DEXCORE - 月9コア (ゲツクコア) DEXCORE - [METEMPSYCHOSIS.] (Disc 2) DIR EN GREY - ARCHE EAT YOU ALIVE - The world is mine Fear, and loathing in Las Vegas - PHASE 2 the GazettE - TOXIC the GazettE - DOGMA girugamesh - Gravitation kannivalism - helios. LACK-CO. - 離脱る (Both A and Lycaon - Royal Order lynch. - I BELIEVE IN ME lynch. - EXODUS EP MEJIBRAY - THE" 420 "THEATRICAL ROSES My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND - 日進月歩 My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND - 青空ギロチン NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST - GRIMOIRE NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST - ZēTēS Sadie - COLD BLOOD UNiTE. - STARTiNG OVER'S XodiacK - 神羅万象 -摂理-
  11. Furik

    You misspelled Beautiful Deformity. But I forgive you.
  12. Furik

    Dang, I'm glad you're okay. I've heard both horror stories and not so bad stories and yours is kind of a relief. But I also heard it affects people differently so you never know. As for your sense of smell like.... What's different about it? Can you like not smell at all or is it faint? I'm so curious.
  13. Furik

    That's a surprisingly good line-up of artists. I will be tuning in for a lot of them!
  14. Furik

    Well, I just wanted the term to include everyone. But I guess gays is just a good term 🤷‍♂️ Maybe I was just overthinking it this morning. My bad.
  15. Furik

    Wondering the same thing. I'm just NOW getting into Discord. I found the vk.gy and RarezHut Discord servers but no MH.
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