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  1. ghost

    I used to be neck deep in love for vkei, pure DEG and GazettE stan. Now, these days I listen to lots of pagan folk metal or ambient music. WHAT. HAPPENED. Most people on the forum, probably:
  2. That spotify velveeta cheese ad is straight up disgusting. It's like spotify wouldn't approve the ad until it was repulsive enough to convince basic users to upgrade to premium. Well played spotify but your tricks won't work on me.

    1. anadentone


      I don't have spotify, but on a scale of teacup kittens to Gary busey how chaotic is it?

    2. ghost


      uhm.....Gary Busey inside a teacup? lol. It's just ok. It tries to throw a lot of curated recommendations at you so it's really bloated. Works well enough for making playlists, but it's somewhat user hostile. For example, on their mobile app you can only play music on shuffle. And they throw in random songs in the queue. 


      It does have a lot of stuff I listen to though and it's pretty good for finding similar artists.  I'll use it for discovering new k-indie.

      The worst part is the ads which are all insufferable.

  3. ghost

    It takes time to build that trust. I wanna think that it gets easier as you get older and as we all mature, but so far that hasn't been my experience 😂 I think that was the right call haha. Insta is a great place to meet friends. People on there are chill. Haha well I guess we're lucky to have the internet. I can't imagine being in like the 70's and being the only kid in your neighborhood that likes metal and never being able to talk about it with anyone 😬
  4. ghost

    What were there like 10 copies of that Vulgar LP? I'd be surprised if it actually sounded good tbh. Hard to imagine the band would front the money to properly master that for vinyl for a giveaway. Would love to see it get a proper pressing someday though.
  5. ghost

    Dating is over rated anyways. It's great if you find someone you care about and they care about you too. But it's so complicated and messy. Feel ya on the traumatic experience. The first person I ever confessed to and they told me they felt the same ended up stringing me along while they were trying to choose between me and another guy. Saw some red flags but I was too naive and blinded by what I wanted. In a good/bad way I never trust anyone now. I'm sure it's different for girls but I've had generally good experiences using dating apps. Biggest problem I've ran into as a guy is girls telling me they're "actually too busy to date but have an account just out of curiosity." And being cat-fished. It also definitely matters which one you use. Different apps for different folks ranging from "Tinder: looking for a fvck buddy" to "Hinge: looking for something serious". Not saying that any one app has an exclusive type of audience but you're just more likely to come across certain types of people in one app vs another. I've actually had some of the deepest conversations I've ever had with people I've met on dating apps. I'm even still friends with one girl I ended up meeting IRL and we'll end up commenting on each other's insta stories from time to time. It really is a crapshoot though. Like 90% of the time it will be a waste of time, but you do meet some cool people. If it makes you feel better I'm sure nearly everyone on the forum has gotten the same response from people for their interests haha. It's different cause she's family, but my sister ALWAYS makes fun of me for listening to music that doesn't "match" my personality. When I listen to rap and hip/hop she'll be like "Oh, you think you're cool now?" 😂
  6. ghost

    Think you might be on the wrong app. I recommend Hinge if you haven't tried it yet. It's probably my favorite dating app because it's more focused on reacting to a specific part of someone's profile (whether it's a photo or a question/answer). It's designed to spark a conversation rather than just awkwardly trying to create a starting point reacting to whatever vague or edgy profile you come across. Sure tinder has its uses, but for me Hinge has been a more meaningful experience (as much meaningful as a dating app can be anyways). Haven't used a dating app in a year though, so not sure if anything's changed in the online dating realm (still single though, woot!).
  7. So uhm, System of A Down is back? With new music????


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ghost


      @Jigsaw9 hahahaa there we have it. I've honestly had no interest in Daron's solo project. Took one listen and just didn't find it interesting.

    3. nekkichi


      lmao @ the nasal first verse, placebo whomst


      it fucking sucks tbh; protect the land is a tad better, but still not it.

    4. suji


      bruh i was hyped to hear they're back but then.....yeah :))) it really does sound like scars on broadway feat. serj tankian. 🤡 it's nothing special but i'll take what i can get

  8. ghost

    The Haunts . . I've got the haunts. And the only prescription is more pumpkins and ghosts and spooks and treats.
  9. ghost

    can't stop thinking about this meme
  10. ghost

    I hate that they started producing music with the lowest common denominator in mind. For their Beautiful Deformity cycle I remember reading an interview where Ruki talked about buying the "right" kind of mic or something and that he wanted to consider the fans that just listened to music through their phone speaker or something like that. People who listen to music that way deserve to have their ears taken from them anyways. I think I get it. I felt that way about re-recordings for Girugamesh's "Goku" and "Gokusou". The production was heavier and they added a lot of flourishes which was nice, but they also updated the sound with their style at the time so it sounded too electronic and clean. So, the originals will always be the one I listen to even if it's more lo-fi and simpler. I always appreciate acoustic versions or different takes. These tend to work out better imo because, like you said, a lot has to change to make it work so bands gotta be more deliberate with the writing. I wish bands like Screw actually did a few remakes. Some vkei bands early on had some ROUGH vocals when they started out. I'm a fan of remastering in most cases too. Less tampering with the original.
  11. Remakes are nothing new, but the trend of remaking songs I don't think really started to get popular in the vkei scene until around the mid 2000s. This was around the time Dir en grey would remake hydra on their Dozing Green single, 12012 released a series of "complete" versions of past mini-albums that featured re-recorded songs, lynch. released their remake album The Buried, and there are more that I can list off. Sure, bands were remaking songs way before this period, but something in that moment around 2005 seemed to trigger a spark within bands to put a new shine on their tried and true classics. Since then it's pretty common to see bands include remakes as bonus tracks on singles or limited editions of their albums. Or, if you're ambitious like Mucc you completely re-record your first 2 albums. But that had me wanting to ask people here, do you like hearing remakes? Do you think they're worth a band's time? My honest thought is that I, more often than not, don't care for the remake. In most cases I feel that a remake loses a part of the character of the original and sounds overproduced. Or, there's hardly any change in how it's played so it's not all that interesting. I think some of my favorite remakes are the sin versions of tsuuzetsu and homurauts that Mucc put out, hydra 666 by Dir en grey, and the bonus remake tracks from 12012's self-titled. What are some of your favorite remakes?
  12. ghost

    Another illustration. I call this one zen-ith.
  13. Crispin Glover released one album. It's an experimental fever dream-like spkoken-word record. Reaaally bizarre stuff.
  14. ghost

    Got these just in time for Halloween. Dino Crisis is one of the tensest PS1 game I've played holy stegosaurus it's actually scary.
  15. ghost

    Job searching is never easy. Anytime I've switched jobs I've had to apply to nearly 100 and I might get a reply back from 1-4 places give or take. It gets easier as you gain more experience, but that first step is hard. Honestly, job hunting still makes me uneasy after all these years. It's tough finding someone who believes in you, but you just need one person or group who sees your potential. I'm not sure what field you're trying to get into but you just gotta keep building your skills however you can. Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask for help wherever you can find it. No one makes it alone and there's no shame in seeking help. It's tough out there but keep your chin up. Stay positive!
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