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  1. Thedane

    Tracklist. 1.ZERO 2.CRISIS 3.entrust 4.エンドロール 5.お花畑 6.Another city 7.LOST 8.Vivid
  2. Thedane

    Well that's awful, any reason for his departure?
  3. Thedane

    This. Is. Sick.
  4. Thedane

    Oh dear here we go again...
  5. Thedane

    At this point I'd even love COЯE THE CHILD to return, anything that keeps that man busy with music is welcome.
  6. Why did you quit last.fm I just realized that you are dkjapanesefreak

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    2. Thedane


      After multiple reinstall attempts, it looks like it finally works again.

    3. Mamo


      cool it will be good to see you back.

  7. Thedane

    We want you back, you know you want to get back... so just do it!
  8. Poor guy... hope it's nothing too serious.
  9. Thedane

    And thus the only proper purpose for monochrome heaven has ended... what the hell.
  10. Thedane

    Only kinda worry about the quality of the recordings... oh well, if I can get it, I'll try.
  11. Thedane

    That's a pretty neat idea, not too sure I'll be able to write some letters (due to embarrassment about the hieroglyphs that is my handwriting) but if I got some money to spare by the end of the month, I'll gladly chip in a bit.
  12. Thedane

    4 songs, really? Not enough to be a mini-album.
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