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  1. Monochromelove

    I read this today, and I wanted add something. There's need the right measure in everything. It's good to help people and listen to people that need to speak with someone. Even if sometimes it can be annoying to listen to over and over again the same problems, it's always charitable to listen to also who is not so funny or it's annoying. If we are kind only with those who gives just pleasures, we don't make nothing special. But of course , if we see a person thatbecame too much 'dependent' on us, it's not good either. We don't have to became dependent on any creature/human beings. Maybe they need more help from professionals, I would suggest them to go to a professional (even if at the end they can't really help ... Professionals can only help in 'surface'. There's more 'strong' people, (that hide their deep sadness) and more weak people, that can be hurted most. There's a solution for all these things, but it's not a solution that can be told. It's up to each of who need it, to find it. Also, don't feel upset . You said "Aren't friends supposed to do that, and to get upset when someone leaves them for whatever reason?". no, friends should not feel that way, but we are humans and feelings get upset easily , so we can hurts others very easily . We have to understand that people are not perfect and full of faults. Just try understanding/commiserate them, because it's due to this human weakness's condition that make us this way, but do not feel embittered, but just feel a charitable 'pity' for all these human "miseries". Your friends would not really upset you, but this human condition make us do many things that we never wanted say but due to this weakness we can say. "Maybe I'm just too cold-hearted to gauge that. I suppose I haven't exactly proven to be the most understanding person in the world." No, don't feel that way. You can't save all the people and they should not give all this "burden" to you. But, remember, the human heart is in a weakness condition, so in this awareness, you can feel more calm and without too many thoughts , just commiserate the human heart, be patient and now you can understand why such things happens, so it's more easy to forgive them, knowing the weakness of hearts. Just try to be friendly but also when see they became too much dependent on you, do some steps back, but don't totally leave all at once, trying to not upset them ... Don't worry, and do the best you can, Tell them you wish you could help them, but you are just human, and they are humans and don't have to be too much dependent on creatures. They need to find the real Light and not being dependent too much on creatures. Take care! PS: very important thing: (!) In general, for this and anything else that may happen in your life, remember always, Never allow those thoughts that are discouraging to tell you that you are 'hypocrit' (you wrote this too), never listen to this feeling "am I a bad person?".. and so on... and all those negative things that sometimes you think. Ignore them totally. (I dont want to say that we have to think we are perfect or without faults, as everyone have faults, but when we commit a faults, never feel too much upset upon yourself. That 'charitable ' feeling I speak above, it's not valid just for others, but also for yourself, you have to be patient also with yourself. This don't mean one is perfect, i mean, i want to say that even if we also can commit a mistake, we don't have to feel hurts or be too much upset with ourself. We just have to say 'ok, I did a mistake, but I will stand up and next time I will do better. " Something like this. That mean, to recognize that we are weak heart too, but not feel upset upon ourself. be patient upon youself is the first thing too) , Remember... Never consent the negative thoughts you heard inside. . I can't add more for now... But never listen to depressive thoughts, these motions you feel ... I repeat, never listen to these negative thoughts. Even if you think these comes from your thoughts...
  2. I almost forgot about this question lol What is vpn? I used proxy or Tor but still I can't comment there the usual message appear...
  3. I would resume this thread about a curiosity. When I go on tanuki, and I try to reply something , a message appear telling 投稿完了! But even if I refresh the page more times , my comment don't appear. For example if I try to post here http://new02.bbs.2ch2.net/test/read.cgi/visualtanuki/1540240492/i?guid=on (I just got a casual thread, just as example), nothing appears. There's any kind of block for foreigners comments? I'm quite sure that some times from times to times, I was able to post. . but now again don't works anymore... someone knows? thanks ^^
  4. Monochromelove

    I saw last pic on Facebook. How old is the audience? 10? 13? I don't know if is a good or not good action to play the card of korean style...
  5. Sound is amazing but lately , I want understand more about music industry. I'm not sure why all these bands / solo artists uses always so similar symbology: or what about this? (English audio only )
  6. Monochromelove

    I would never buy his album. it looks nobody have interest in it / share . Some just wanted to listen to once to have some laughs. 😂 or cry?!) 😥 or as sound repellent . it's a pity to have a so great beautiful voice being ruined by this kind of "music" and "fashion k pop style". I notice also lyrics of his songs now are nothing compared to ReS. I wonder if it was really him the author of ReS 's lyrics? The text of lately are really so different and not so deep . anyway it's really sad to see his downfall. Its not to judge him as person , as this would not be correct. it's about his music. I m really disappointed by his music and certain choices he have done. not something that make me happy to say but this is it. but sometimes it's better never change if you have to change In worse.
  7. Monochromelove

    What drama ? I dont want to judge him as we all have our own weak points, and we should not judge people but help them to realize the mistakes to help them to correct themself. I think Satsuki is too idolatrized. This ruin the celebrity, making see themself as a god or they will develop too much ego... idolatry is never good for personality. So I don't want judge his life but surely I can say something about his public music. For his music, personally and objectively I don't like all his recent works. the beats can attract the young public (main target is exactly that one Tokage point out in the post above) but at the end what remain is just a bounce of rough sounds. No so great melody. His previous old solo works were good (but nothing to compare with Rentrer en soi). I personally think that fans just try to be nice but in the truth I heard many of them prefer the old songs. whatever music he do, seems he try a bit to force his fans to like everything he do. This sort of new style change him so much that I barely could believe he is the same vocalist of the great Res times. Is like a change of personality. If he wants experiment he can just try one or two songs different, without destroy his previous good points. Is like a Bob Marley betray his fans and start to rap. Or Mozart that became a metalhead or rapper. I was not supposed to listening to a rapper or metalhead if I choice something else. If I wanted to listen to rap I would choice a different artist. He say this is what he calls "natural himself" -_-' but what he believe to be himself is just the reflection of popular music and commercial music that influenced him to the point he thinks this commercial works its 'more natural". I think the changes of Lately depend a lot of the European managers that also promote many younger korean jocks ~_~` guys... They just create a new image for Satsuki and he like it. it fit the korean style that attract many teenagers. I think he is influenced a lot by his new managers but he like it this idea .. His style was so fine during Res times.. now.. . rough jeans, rough clothes.. dark metal or Korean rapper style. I personally I think the only good point is only the voice .
  8. Monochromelove

    I dont understand for what reason he hide his lyrics.. lately he dont want we understand his lyrics text... mmm...
  9. Monochromelove

    even if they reply or not reply is nothing important for me. I know they just try to be kind. Or if they contact fans in private, they just want something from you (sex, advises, learn english or so on). Is surely nothing serious in any case, they just have fun or like to know beautiful girls... only an aesthetic affair is the key here. lol
  10. Monochromelove

    They are so good... I will listen to their songs forever anyway! lol
  11. Monochromelove

    good news after all!
  12. Monochromelove

    Well... tanuki is known as 'gossip' but my friend who know japanese perfectly, said that everything they write is true. There's really few gossip. are fans who wish those things are not real.. but sadly... my friend told me they even show pics... also.. about satsuki. when the 'gossip' about the finnish girlfriend was leaked on tanuki.. everyone dont want believe it at first. now we all know finnish girlfriend was true story.... and a lot of things was said and all were true. (airi and so on)... tanuki is not gossip. when a gossip is around it means something is going on...
  13. Monochromelove

    boring stuff. his voice is still ok. but the metal-progressive BGM... awful. it have nothing to do with RES. guess the time of decline is here.
  14. Good it have to have a nice responce!
  15. Monochromelove

    very disappointed...
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