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  1. i'm genuinely curious as to how dezert became so big to the point of being featured in mucc and d'erlanger's cover albums?? i don't listen to them but i see them everywhere 

    1. emmny


      this is pretty much a mystery considering they started off dominor as FUCK...in my conspiracy world their management was amazing for like 2 years and eventually led to tetsu taking a liking to sora and (maybe) tatsurou to chiaki. from then on they directed them to their management teams and the rest is history but tbh i think d'erlanger stand to profit from (whats now) their kohai band

    2. Himeaimichu


      Well, Mucc and DEZERT preformed together at an even called "Commune Vol. 1", which had big bands, but small ones as well. There was an interview that went with it and Tatsurou explained how he found out about DEZERT. 

      "I’ve met several times in private with Miyauchi from Ikebukuro Black Hole, who told me that there is a band he likes and want me to give a try to them. He even handed me their album. Listening to the CD, I’ve felt that desired emotion and it also had a sound I like. There are only a few bands in the current scene which produce such sound, so they got my attention and interest."


      My guess is, Mucc opened some doors for them. The right connections will get you anywhere. Just KNOWING someone can get you somewhere. 

    3. bellzinia


      Omg this is super interesting!! Thank you so much!!@AimiGen7

  2. bellzinia

    sukekiyo is heaven-sent and nobody can tell me otherwise
  3. its been like 3 days or something and im still thinking abt how i would react if i saw klahas face in 2017

  4. bellzinia

    Hmmm, I had Kohsuke (heidi.) send me a kaomoji once, Takeru (SuG) send me something about what he likes to do I think (lol it was 6 years ago), ryo (9GOATS) twice (one being me asking him to tell my friend happy bday), Masataka and Lotto (THOMAS) quite a few times... and I think that's p much it. I feel like unless they are in a very small band, they won't reply to you because they don't want to """discriminate the fans"""" edit: I just remembered that I talked to bucchi (sasabuchi hiroshi, ex. pura, now in creature creature) through Facebook too. Haha.
  5. bellzinia

    Heheh I'll definitely enjoy my time here! Thank you for convincing me heh Hahah I hope I am! Thank you very much!
  6. bellzinia

    Oh my god I've completely forgotten to answer. I need to develop forum reflexes again lol Of course!! I would absolutely love to hear what you've got to say!! heheh, here I am. Thank you!! I'm glad to have found aie fans here. Thank you! omg Canadian aie fans is all I want hahaha I'll definitely message you! Thank you!!
  7. bellzinia

    Thanks!! I sort of know my way around, and I obviously know the basic forum rules (and common sense........) haha :^) So nice know fellow Awoi fans!! I got so sad when Awoi disbanded. And when they came to Canada, I wasn't living here yet! :^(
  8. bellzinia

    Thank you!! Thank you!! Will do! (I always wondered about the different colors... haha) If you have any recommendations similar to the bands I listed, lemme know :^)
  9. bellzinia

    Wow, I've been a member since 2012.... That's wild. I've never really posted here aside from a few thank yous and I suppose I did an introduction topic back then... I tried to hunt it down but I couldn't find it, and it would be interesting to know the bands I considered as fav. ANYWAY HI OK ABOUT ME My nickname is Shidou (please refer to me as that!) and I'm 20, living in Canada. My current taste revolves around aie. That's it. I'm kidding, but yes I do love aie's everything. So, I listen to a lot of the god and death stars and deadman...!! MUCC is my favorite band, although I haven't listened to their newer stuff. It doesn't really match my vibe atm you know? :^( I also like Kagerou, Awoi, Sadie, (recently, but only a few songs) Malice Mizer, Thomas (yo hmu if you used to like them), BUCK-TICK, heidi. and the list goes on... You can find me on lastfm too! So yea... Nice to meet you all!!
  10. bellzinia

    I wonder where the "maxi" comes from, since their OHP + Lotto's twitter say it's single. But great news, indeed. ♥
  11. bellzinia

    I know right? Never thought I'd get into "kpop" or whatever because of them. Thanks! I can't wait for their single, the PV is so quality omg. ♥ Their last album is my favorite~
  12. bellzinia

    Thank you so much guys! I hope to make new friends here also. I did! I recently got into them and bought their three cds. They didn't disappoint me at all, which is somewhat funny since I don't listen to that kind of music that much (laughs)
  13. bellzinia

    Nice to meet you too Maiku Thanks!! there's more on my lastfm (bellzinia) though. I listed the "important" bands (laughs)
  14. bellzinia

    Welcome! Another MUCC fan!! ~
  15. bellzinia

    Thank you very much! I hope I can try posting more often (laughs)
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