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  1. Wakarimashita

    Ohhh yes, some dirty riffing at last. Menace sounds great!
  2. I feel like this is Yomi's point of no return, despite all the studio magic his voice sounds so tired, forced, opaque...
  3. Wakarimashita

    Song is OK, it makes much more sense than most of CHOKE2. Also, I'm not saying the opening riff sounds like R-SHITEI's DOKUMORU, but... It sounds like R-SHITEI's DOKUMORU. *shrugs* Gotta give them credit, they make a turbobudget PV look pretty believable 😂
  4. Wakarimashita

    Hard agree. Can't believe how lazy and basic nowaday looks are compared to the stuff the whole band used to pull off. I mean...
  5. Wakarimashita

    Keita was ok... ish? I just feel like the band as a whole didn't have a specific direction. Well, fingers crossed for the next project!
  6. Wakarimashita

    I don't usually really mind, unless it's ex-DELUHI members. I especially follow Leda's work since he usually delivers.
  7. Wakarimashita

    @Komorebi y'know what to do. 😆
  8. Wakarimashita

    Pretty solid chorus, maybe there's a tad bit of dejavù here and there but hey, can't complain, I liked it! (Very nice SE too, for once)
  9. Wakarimashita

    Yes, this very much. They just nitpick the best parts of the songs and fit them in the preview, which I end up playing in loop, building up the hype, only to hbe sorely disappointed when the full song comes out. I know, I'm weird. 😂
  10. Wakarimashita

  11. Wakarimashita

    My thoughts exactly. From the preview it feels like the sound fits more into CHOKE1 (which I totally loved), but if there's one thing I learned is not to trust previews too much...
  12. Wakarimashita

    Tea's ready m'lady
  13. Wakarimashita

    Did they even announce the release of the MV? I don't recall anyone saying anything about it. Anyway! I wasn't expecting them to use a mellow track to promote the new album, but that makes me even more excited for the bangers we'll be getting next month
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