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  1. WhirlingBlack

    It might shock you to learn that Mexico is firmly located on the North American continent.
  2. WhirlingBlack

  3. WhirlingBlack

    Never thought I'd see Lets himself join the forum.
  4. I highly recommend anyone interested in more obscure VK to apply, I've been helping running the server from the beginning and it's been a lot of fun ever since.
  5. WhirlingBlack

    wish they would've released his covers of Nakigara wo and ain't afraid to die instead, those seemed amazing from the samples on his twitter.
  6. WhirlingBlack

    Where did you hear that?
  7. WhirlingBlack

    Making a new account right away to circumvent a ban is not allowed, secret_no_03. @HERESEY
  8. 【12ヶ月連続配信シングル第一弾】 literally says it's a 12 month consecutive release campaign.
  9. WhirlingBlack

    As usual Japanese bands have no concept of the idea of "rare videos". Bring out the fuzzy VHS recording of their first live performance.
  10. WhirlingBlack

    Sleeping, honestly. I need way too much sleep to function properly and sleeping 8+ hours per night (sometimes more like 10) eats up way too much time. I wouldnt want to lose the ABILITY to sleep, but not having an explicit need for it would be rather nice from a productivity standpoint. It would be nice to get rid off sweating (less need to shower often) and the other bathroom stuff (as you said above more able to freely move around in the world without worry) but when I compare the time spent on those activities to sleeping then clearly it's the greatest thief of them all.
  11. WhirlingBlack

    They should do some more live streamed lives and then take part of the profits it generates. maybe even start charging a fee for viewing or so. People get something back and both the bands and venue gets some cash in.
  12. FUCK, I didn't have time to finish watching it. Please say someone here got it for the corona lives archive?
  13. WhirlingBlack

    Listening to it on spotify, it's a step up from their previous releases for sure. It doesn't reach the heights of eight or Black:List of course, but I'm enjoying several of the tracks, as long as Kyotaro stays away from the autotune and they don't overuse synthesizers it's very listenable.
  14. These setlists were done in advance and they did not know what the other would pick beforehand. All videos were pre-rendered. It was probably just a funny way to surprise the audience.
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