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  1. Fuck, this blows. I really liked these guys a lot.
  2. 🎊🎆🎂🍾🎁💐

  3. Happy birthday to me this weekend, I got fired. So... good gift.

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    2. tetsu_sama69


      @JRD Thank you for the kind words. They help more than you know.

    3. JRD


      @tetsu_sama69 Np, I like to stay optimistic. I really do hope you find your calling. Trust me for the first 3 weeks after I was fired I was crying in my room, but I told myself, nothing is going to come your way unless you go look for it.

    4. tetsu_sama69


      @JRD Yeah, I've got the ball rolling on a couple things but it just hasn't taken the sting off quite yet. It's mostly a series of bad luck that I feel I've picked up on. Had a small unscheduled but imporant clean up i had to take care of that was a hassle, injured myself on complete accident, and then this happens within a span of two weeks. I'm trying to just write it off but it is what it is.

  4. tetsu_sama69

    [angry tree sounds intensifies] Other than my bad jokes, they actually sound pretty good. Tainted with that good old indie dirty sound that I vibe with.
  5. I haven't even heard a sample of this single yet and I already love it. That's how hype I am for this band.
  6. tetsu_sama69

    L~Arc~en~Ciel Kagerou Masayoshi Soken TVXQ BTS
  7. tetsu_sama69

    It's not the best thing on the planet but the fact that it reeks of how indie they are is kinda making me interested in them. Also a pretty unconventional voice but I'm finding I like it cause even though it's not the most stellar on the planet, he's not trying to sing like other vocalists and sticking to his style. Something to keep my eye on and see where they go with some improvement.
  8. tetsu_sama69

    Welcome back!
  9. Just spent the last few hours playing Carrion and goddamn that was good. If you like metroidvania's and horror/sci-fi then play it.

    1. Demivee


      Thought about trying it out yesterday. Your shoutout sounds promising! 😁 

  10. tetsu_sama69

    It's nice to see him performing again. Though it may be best for him to just remain solo and swap out support as needed so he can work at his own pace and follow a schedule as he wants.
  11. tetsu_sama69

    Honestly my hope is that Genki will just go off and form his own vk solo project. Would be best for him.
  12. tetsu_sama69

    later, skaters
  13. tetsu_sama69

    Ah yes. They haven't changed their form at all so I'm 100% for all of this mess.
  14. tetsu_sama69

    This new look is white kei as hell and I'm looking forward to it cause they are the masters.
  15. This just feels like current gen oshare kei with a new tag to try to make itself more relevant.
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