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  1. ginHigure

    lmfao that fast, i cannot. Wish the best to Byou and hope he comes back with a stronger and better band.
  2. ginHigure

    Bottomed a few times didnt like it, felt nothing and i was bored. Guess i was meant to be a top i feel its much more fun.
  3. For a moment I thought you were chad kroeger 

  4. ginHigure

    Omg aounds nice.......but i dont want rock. lol more melodic or techno or something out there like when you high and you got the feelssszzz It's nice i like it!!!! More plzzzz, keep it out of rock genre.... try Zoey and naked from nocturnal bloodlust and you'll see what i mean.
  5. ginHigure

    that's sounds great acutally!! Let me have it
  6. ginHigure

    I honestly am not sure if this thread belongs here. I just want some of your opinions and taste regarding music intros. What are some good band, solo artist and every genre intros? I was checking out nocturnal bloodlust intros and man i love them. Specially naked and zoey. Im looking for more intros like that, what do you guys recommend? It's for my website, i like soothing intros like those. Any suggestions?
  7. I answer my own questions

    1. CAT5
    2. Tetora


      I wanted help points.

    3. Tetora


      Strong post per time online ratio btw. You must have fast fingers.

  8. I Need serious help from a mod,admin or someone with immense knowledge of vk bands

    1. CAT5


      Not all mods/admins have extensive knowledge of VK tho, gin ^^;;;

    2. CAT5


      Not all mods/admins have extensive knowledge of VK tho, gin ^^;;;

    3. Tetora


      Let me know what you need and I will see if I can help.

  9. ginHigure

    Worse type of bullies: PARENTS!
  10. You did a good thing, and you are entitled to your opinion end of story, dont let anyone change how you feel towards "bullying" as strong as you feel. You may have said what you said out of anger - understandable.
  11. ginHigure

    Im short too but i fuk the shit out of them. They are all taller than me and ive done it like a real top does it. Been with a 6'1 guy and a 6.0 guy....and thats tall. lol XD
  12. ginHigure

    ASSSSS!!! All the way! yes!! Fosho!!
  13. ginHigure

  14. ginHigure

    So now 3 tops !! I thought being in a community where all these asian drags gather, most men would be top from all the drooling i see, guess i was wrong!!!! LOL!!
  15. ginHigure

    Shortest : 3 months Longest : 8 months Currently: Dating someone for the past 8 months now.
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