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    'sup guys?
    So,I really love j-music.
    The song that made me love j-music is Mizerable by Gackt.
    NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST is pretty much my life.
    Since their first release,I knew that this band was epic,and I wasn't wrong.
    Music is very important to,I nearly spend 3/4 of my days listening to music.
    I'm open to any genre of music,as long as it is creative and original.

    My favorite bands and solo artists are DIR EN GREY,NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST,Gackt,DELUHI,Kagrra,CodeRebirth,LOKA,UNDEAD CORPORATION,Galneryus,Kamijo and -OZ-.

    If I'm not listening to music,I'm either singing(screaming) or playing video games and watching animes,and tv shows(The Mentalist,etc)

    It's always cool to meet people who share my interests.
    Feel free to drop a message^^

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  1. Ahhh university,so much better than college,but omfg the amount of work to be done x_x

  2. RpgRiser

    amber gris - Tiny Fuckboy(Tyrion Lannister xD) amber gris - Million Dead Baby Fuckboys (...well ._.) Black Gene For The Next Scene - My Ugly Fuckboy BORN - Blasted Fuckboy (a violent bunch ._.) D.I.D. - THE NATURAL BORN FUCKBOY Deathgaze - Brand New Fuckboy
  3. Idk what I'm doing with my life jfc ._. #existential_crisis

  4. RpgRiser

    Sounds like a pretty fun game. Dir En Grey - Disabled Fuckboy Dir En Grey - Bottom of the Fuckboy Valley Girugamesh - Fuckboy Ahead Girugamesh - Dirty Fuckboy A few that I could think of,,,for now :'3
  5. RpgRiser

    Re-watching Kindaichi Case Files after sooooo long >w< I like it better than Detective Conan tbh
  6. RpgRiser

    Persona 4 The Golden *q* Best JRPG ever! Until Persona 5 comes out of course :'3
  7. Game Of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords... that ending man T^T

  8. So Jack Black won a Grammy Award for the "Best Metal Performance" ...time to go to bed jfc

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jigsaw9


      hahaha you almost had me there!... OH. :|

    3. Slsr


      Tells u enough about respect towards metal in these circles I guess :D.

    4. Tetora


      Jethro Tull winning and telling them they aren't a metal band still takes the cake.

  9. RpgRiser

    Kyo? Fanboying? Did I read that right? Jesus I'd pay to see that o_o Imagine him going all "Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa >////<" xD
  10. Does Japan have any symphonic deathcore bands? (aside from Nocturnal Bloodlust)

    1. nekkichi


      Does Japan need any symphonic deathcore bands is a better question

    2. RpgRiser


      Well maybe :0

      I'd love to hear the Japanese Ovid's Withering or Lorelei

  11. WHAT ARE YOU FLIPPIN' SERIOUS!? I'm done ._. Whyyyyy this band was one of the better vk bands out there T^T
  12. RpgRiser

    I'd have to go for vocalist o-o There are a lot of bands with very good instrumentals but the vocalist ruins everything >,< It then becomes a chore to listen to the song.
  13. My avatar totally represent my reaction when I read the above comments "-" Back on topic,they do not sound bad,there's potential but a lot of work to do,especially for the vocalist imo.
  14. RpgRiser

    This topic is so depressing ._. R.I.P to all those animals. Reminded me of how I lost my dog,Cookie,when I was 6. I was taking him out for a walk in the neighbourhood,when a car came at full speed(way above the limit) and hit Cookie,killing him instantly in front of me...I still remember every little bit about the scene(I'll spare you the details about the state of Cookie's body) On top of that,guy riding the car came to me and was like "Hey you,I nearly died because of your dog you little punk!" So it was Cookie's fault? I was so angry I was crying. I was depressed for weeks >_< Also, I'm repeating my last college year because I did not get brilliant results. I wanted to apply for the Open University,so that I could study a topic I actually liked part-time,while working full time. It would take me more time to finish my course,but I'd have experience too,which is very valuable nowadays v.v There are so many unemployed diploma holders nowadays(well in my country anyway) I wonder how I could convince them...talking to them face to face won't work,they always interrupt me mid-sentence to give me their points or treat me like I don't know what I'm talking about,and when I ask them to let me finish,they get pissed at me ._. Goddammit I just don't understand the education system...it's so obsolete and flawed. Like, they teach us so much stuff we won't be using in our everyday life, but keep out important things... I don't even know the laws of my country, or my rights, or even how to cook but I do know(somewhat) how to calculate the upthrust when an object is immersed in a liquid. Seriously,we should all have the choice to study what we want based on what we want to do in life! There is really poor diversity in the choice of subjects offered in high school/college. I'm totally not going to study maths or physics related courses at the university. I'm either going for graphics design(which requires some knowledge in Maths but not the bullshit amount of things forced on us in college) or law,or maybe even psychology. Depend on job prospects.
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