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  1. please read this if you want to give a message or anything for a band! i will be collecting everything and i will make sure that your present will reach band! even it's a drawing or few words! if you don't want to ship it for me you can scan it and i can print it and put into nice letter! we plan to put everything into small box and give it to band. i think we will make 3 boxes for each member~ for more information send me a message here or on twitter !
  2. they been here for 8 years. this hurt so bad. let's wait for more information because this is so sudden. nobody felt this coming. band was so motivated.... Kazuki said many times that NEVERLAND will be his last band... so yah... i can't go to Japan to see them because borders remain closed. i quit vkei. bye.
  3. appl-

    checked them just because i saw word "Valluna" old vkei vibes but now Valluna...
  4. you can buy it here: https://choke-world.stores.jp/ when you pay they will send you link with DROPBOX page the next day or after few hours. quality is so good! so worth it!
  5. appl-

    i didn't saw someone mentioning that NEVERLAND will have TwitCasting today (July 25). it's pre-recorded acoustic live with comments. easy to pay with VISA or MasterCard to access live! you can watch it in good quality again after live is over. they did this bunch of times already. make sure to follow their Twitter or LINE messages to be updated! https://twitcasting.tv/planetchild2007/shopcart/15378 https://twitter.com/N_L_OFFICIAL_
  6. appl-

    today was 10 years how they disbanded!!!!!!!!!!! i still can't believe what i see. definitely going if it's one day revival or whatever what it is. corona... please calm down...
  7. appl-

    Shinpei (ex.SuG) is support drummer for NEVERLAND for a long time and he REALLY loves NEVERLAND and he always says how more people should join loving NEVERLAND. other band members seem to be thankful for helping a lot. Shinpei really loves music and helps bands. he's just PURE SUNSHINE.
  8. Irkutsk?????????? WHAT????
  9. appl-

    i wonder how much Youtube take away from these donations...
  10. what is going on in this video??? i kinda like this sound and aesthetic. let's try to forgive Karma for that hat...
  11. appl-

    they filmed entire last (Paris) show with at least 6 cameras. did they filmed show in Mexico also??? anyone???
  12. appl-

    yeeees but nooooo. yeeees.... NOOOOOoooo adsadsadgd
  13. appl-

    why Retsu scares me lmao. thanks for Sho's sweet voice for saving me 😂
  14. appl-

    not all bands do teasers. as DIR EN GREY fan i would say "teasers? what is this?" :'D
  15. you all make me feel even more nervous. not much time left before European tour starts. we are not the best crowd also but after watching every video from American tour i don't feel like judging our crowd that much now... yes, last time we had problems in London and fans were dying in heat and silence for like +30 min. and show was interrupted for 3? times. after like 4 songs hey disconnected screen and London's live was the only without visuals... after show Die spoke in English with fans and promised to come back. everyone was shoooook. i wonder what they will bring to this show now. europeans are lazy during lives also but half of crowd usually do the party and we even managed to sing "Beutiful Dirt" or "IIID Empire" last time. lol i think Mexico did a good job during show??? just selling fake merch before/after live sounds like a huge no to me... must go to next tour in America and see everything by my eyes because you all sound depressive :'D
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