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  1. Please buy my stuff that I posted in the market. I am in desperate need of cash.

  2. orangetarts

    The Pumpkin Head ⎡FIVE STARS FIVE DEVILS⎦Concert DVD Set - $50USD + Shipping to your region Golden Bomber CD Lot - 25$ or 5$ each + Shipping to your region
  3. orangetarts

    Dragon Age Inquisition for the 2nd time and The evil within for the 3rd time (only on survival mode this playthrough) I just finished Dishonored, too.
  4. im baaaaaack bitcheeeees xoxo

  5. orangetarts

    I was into kpop for about 3 years and then I was really just....very over it. All the drama and the stupid 12 year olds parading around talking about how 'Oppa' is theirs and no one elses etc. But, for the most part I liked girl groups like Girl's Day, Fiestar, SISTAR, and so on. after a while I got more into indie bands and k-rock.
  6. orangetarts

    I don't really have one anymore because my best friend of 4 years turned into a total cunt. but I do spend like every waking moment with my girlfriend so I guess that counts right?
  7. orangetarts

    SOBS LOUDLY. OH MAN I DIDNT KNOW YOU GUYS ALL MISSED ME SO MUCH ;-; i will stay i promise!!!!!
  8. Well, I missed you guys so I guess I will be back...sparingly but back none the less. Please don't make me regret this decision lol. >_>
  9. Debating on making a comeback since I have no real VK friends, but I don't really need the drama that's sure to ensue. Ugh.

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    2. beni


      what CAT said! [2] Please <3

    3. Jigsaw9


      0rangeTart5 comeback 2015/03/17, digital single "Yay Welcome Back~" release pls

    4. Ito


      You can be part of the solution :)

  10. orangetarts

    if you want to get a hold of me elsewhere my username is orangetarts pretty much everywhere....so :/
  11. I guess I should formally say goodbye (again) who knows, I may come back but Im not really sure when I would... Life is just taking priority and my interests are kind of all over the place right now and now a lot of emphasis is being placed on music. I don't have anything to contribute. So, see you later space cowboys~
  12. I dont come online here that much anymore, sorry.

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    2. orangetarts


      Maybe >< Ive just been really really super depressed and sleeping a lot.

    3. Ito


      In soviet internet, MH comes on you!

    4. Jigsaw9
  13. orangetarts

    makeup tests lol
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