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    hide_Yoshiki2001 reacted to Shaolan974 in Bräymen new album "No.9~Ultimate~" release   
    Bräymen new album "No.9~Ultimate~" will be released at 2019/09/04 (2916yen)
    [tentative tracklist]
    最低な今日に花束を (Saiteina Kyou ni Hanataba wo)
    ユララユラ (Yurarayura)

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    hide_Yoshiki2001 reacted to Alkaloid in NightingeiL will reform   
    NightingeiL will perform at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at 2017/7/27.
    As they have also opened a Twitter account, could they be reforming? 
    Lineup at 2017/7/27:
    Vo.紺 (Kon) (ex-La'Mule-->Red Carpet-->NightingeiL-->CELL)
    Gt.カイエ (Kaie) (ex-Material Slave-->Romance for~-->WITH SEXY-->HYSTERIC BLAME-->Vasalla-->ゲノ(geno)-->Cryella-->dead mark enterprise-->Red Carpet-->NightingeiL-->KISSBULLET)
    Ba.零 (Zero) (ex-ギロチン(guillotine)-->Kar'MariA-->Domestic+Child-->ギミック(gimmick)(support)-->GHOST-->Hi:BRiD-->パネマジ(Panel Magic))
    Dr.ハクヤ (Hakuya) (ex-CROWS DIEARLY-->イクス(ex)(support)-->独立国歌-Ashe'--->VARB-->NightingeiL-->Louder-->PolterGeist, now in Dear My Misery)
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    hide_Yoshiki2001 reacted to blackdoll in [Special Review] Lycaon Last Live DVD   
    Finally after all this time i watch the full masterpiece. At first it was out of not wanting to say goodbye to those who raised me to the  person i am today then it was out of technical difficulty. I'm glad i did because back to back it was straight pure magic. From the entrances, setting, stage trick/works and costume changes. This was a way for a band to say a joyful yet sorrowful goodbye. Now if your a fan or a casual listener to Lycaon you already know the tracks so not really going to talk about them individually.  
    For starters this is a major step up from the previous live dvds which was kind of just partying. They cut down the time they spent on 1st degree's breakdown which they repeat to interact with the crowd. The playing was more sensually as well. From Yuuk's perspective. From what i can tell he was kinda like Mariah Carey in Carpool Karaoke not up to really sing. But here he did his part and executed his part flawlessly (Mortal Kombat). His high note were popping, singing on point, and all jam pact with emotion.  His posture should also be noted especially when he was in his sleek gothic dress, this was some royal decorum going on. The other members did their thing bringing energy or balance to the performance. Zero who some how didnt snap his neck headbanging furiously, and also some how didnt slip or fall from spinning like a marrygoround at max speed. Ichiro although in the back emulated that by pounding those drums like a dude that about to get some. Then there was Satoshi with his weird sounds and cooki facial expression which kinda lifted the place up from Yuuki's tear ready atmosphere.  Hiyuu some where in the middle keeping it cool be real smooth. However there was the one shortcoming which was the setlist. Considering that a lot of songs have been played live already and filmed(nico nico, dvd) they could have done ones that weren't especially rares.
    Now the songs where gave you that new experience where it's sounds different from the CD version which is a great experience. They manage kinda make a new path where what you herd sounded like a new verson of the song live mix with the studio. I guess because they are that good. It got super real at two points. The first being when they brought out a cool cat to play the piano. And man the chemistry was fucking off the charts. The dude was feeling the songs and Yuuki's passionate singing  and Yuuki was reciprocating the feeling  by going into a zone where his voice became brighter. I have to say i wasn't that big of a fan of  Anemone compared to outside scene ballads, but blimey, that was bloody well good! That point of almost at a breakdown and pain was just what it needed to make it seem authentic and organic instead of a six minute "not sure what's going on here song." Harsh but in my opinion it should have went on the album as a live recording.    The next climax was at the symbolic part of the live which was when they played  Kohakuiro from their first single they even followed up with red rum from the same single. It's like "here is where we started  and before rest take a look." And man what a sight it was, yuuki about to cry and unable to sing some lines because it hurt so bad, yet when he was singing it was like life itself was being shown to you at it's true essence. Awww and the instrument playing was so smooth like something you would play welcoming a baby into the world. Red Rum however gave Yuuki the chance to let out his frustration at the disbandment because those growls/scream were no joke and packed a punch reinsuring that fact that Yuuki's harsh vocals are the real deal.
    At the end of the day this was not just a way for fans like me to get closer or  make that bit of money as haters might say but to imprint their fangs in the world and go down as one of the greats or in my opinion The Legend.  
    if you can buy it http://shop.fivestars-shop.com/?pid=96126114
    Thanks for reading Thank @kyoselflovefor sharing
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