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  1. After looking at Michi (ex-Maschera) and Koji's (ex-La'cryma Christi) new project, a thought came to my mind. I love both musicians, and the music they've put out is ok. But I can't avoid getting cringy vibes from this kind of looks. Don't exactly know why... All I feel is like they are pretending too much; they don't carry that look like it's themselves. It actually feels like they are making fun, doing cosplay of some BL anime instead of doing "art".


    This kind of over-the-top fantasy aesthetics looked great on 90s acts like Malice Mizer, Psycho le cemu or even early DeG; they felt "genuine", "fresh", "artistic". Nowadays, when there is a trend of bands that exploit it (the like of Grimmoire, Pentagon, the raid, Yumeleep, Mathilda, BabyKingdom) they seem always forced and, in that way, painful to look at. Those nekomimi and tails are... ugh...


    Does anyone else feel the same?

    1. yomii


      idk, isn't vkei all about selling you a fantasy? and nowadays more and more bands are capable of demonstrating nice, detailed looks which is not bad imo. it've become harder to distinguish bands that have actual sophisticated sense of style which comes out both in visual and musical aspects from total garbage bands who just can afford an okay-ish makeup tho.

      as for alice in menswear, they just look a bit cheap - at that age you either use the full power of makeup and photoshop to look like a fucking fairy or just do something more simple but still stylish.

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