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  1. Jigsaw9

    NICE. Can't wait to receive that pinky boi in the mail.
  2. Sucks to hear that... Hopefully they manage to revive themselves later (and until then write some new tunes, cuz tbh I can't even remember when they last released a proper standalone record). I'll be waiting patiently.
  3. Another track that seems to be slightly better than those demos they started out with, nice! Giving me later-era D'espa vibes a bit.
  4. Jigsaw9

    Currently Mako from deadman. ♥
  5. Jigsaw9

    Full album trailer now up with samples of all the songs~ Don't wanna jinx it, but so far this sounds like another highpoint in B-T's discography for me (after "Arui wa Anarchy").
  6. Music-wise this is pretty solid, but Yomi just brings it down so much, holy fuck.... the chorus is legit ruined by him, hard to listen to.
  7. Kra just made a huge chunk of their singles, mini albums and albums available at OTOTOY (not all of their discography but it's still a mighty big assortment of releases), in case anyone wants to buy some in lossless. Here's their artist page: https://ototoy.jp/_/default/a/805578
  8. @Bear Not bad! I'm not really in the mood for this type of thrashin' these days but it was okay for a spin. Speaking of, I've just been listening to the new Skeletal Remains album for the first time today, solid stuff as expected! Also seems like I'm spinning a lot of old Jungle Rot albums lately, just can't get enough of that straightforward caveman-ish death metal, lol.
  9. I didn't expect them to sound like old MUCC but..........ok.
  10. Jigsaw9

    Oh that's awesome, thanks for the info! I'll shoot them a mail later about Hungary (I've been ordering stuff from Japan in the past few weeks without issues so hopefully it'll be alright with the Zoisite guys too).
  11. Jigsaw9

    LOL, they keep us in suspense with the availability of the CD I see... I'll have to wait until I can buy a copy, hopefully they'll have them in stock for a few more weeks.
  12. My prayers have been answered! HEEEEIYAAAIYOIYAIYOIYAIYAAAAAAaaaaa
  13. Jigsaw9

    Hey guys, what are your thoughts on the new album so far? I still have to listen to it a couple of times, but overall it's lookin' pretty positive.
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