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  1. Those prices... :'))) Samples are up on Youtube btw, soundin' good so far.
  2. Jigsaw9

    My boyz already comin' through with the ~song title aesthetics~
  3. FOXPILL CULT has announced that they will temporarily suspend their activities as their frontman Takaaki Nishimura fractured part of his knee at a recent live (while they were performing a ballad apparently... just mentioning this cuz it was kinda amusing to me, lmao). Their last live before the hiatus will be held on 2020/11/25 at 下北沢SHELTER. Just to have something positive too, along with this news they published a new music video too: Keeping my fingers crossed Takaaki will take his time to heal so that they can return in the near future~ The full statement from the band's homepage:
  4. I guess it goes without saying, but now that the good news of Sick² resuming activities is out, their time-limited alterego project 感染² (Kansen²) has announced that they will hold their last live on 2020/12/31 at 池袋BlackHole, terminating their activities afterwards so that the members can go back to being Sick² again.
  5. Jigsaw9

    Yeah, let's hope the title means some more good news / surge in activity (maybe a new member or new release announcement too? ). edit: Maybe we'll finally get an official release with this track on it.... soon, I hope.
  6. Jigsaw9

    Good for him for getting some sort of compensation for the troubles he had to endure.
  7. Jigsaw9

    Looking forward... hoping the album will be at least sick³
  8. I'm actually not too impressed by it. I've only listened to it once tho, so that might change... it checks the usual Nathrakh boxes, but this time it doesn't grab me like their previous album (which felt like a nice kick in the balls...of my ears ).
  9. Not what I expected from the band name and the members involved... not particularly into the music either, but that video is awesome!
  10. Jigsaw9

    cali≠gari will release a new CD titled "15予告版" (15 yokoku-ban) early next year. The oneman gig commemorating the release will be held on 2021/02/11 so there's a good chance that the CD comes out around that time (no further details are known yet). Judging from the title it's safe to assume that it will be a single preceding a future album. The band also announced a tour titled "Tour 15" that will last from 2021/03/06 till 2021/06/28. This makes me think that the potential album that will follow the "15予告版" CD might be released around that timeframe, but the guys haven't talked of an album yet, so we shall see...
  11. I must admit, re-reading the thing it doesn't sound too harrowing, but very poor choice of words / expressing himself. Like, he could have just said "hey guys, these times have been tough for all of us, and we know we didn't do much like other bands, but we do have this big gig coming up now so please come see us live there, we're counting on you"... instead of just going "what's the future of this band? well idk, but you better come and find out ;^)" I guess I'm just too tired of all the cryptic bullshit after all these years, but vk's gonna vk.
  12. Ah yes, love a good "you better show up or we'll call it quits" scenario. Classic move. :'))))
  13. Jigsaw9

    Some cool ones that come to mind: - anything by 88kasyo junrei: These guys have been such a trip all the time, hard to choose a release. I'm just glad they exist. - BUCK-TICK - Arui wa Anarchy: A very strong and playful album after being so long in the game. No choice but to stan. - cali-gari makes it hard to just choose one, as I'm really fond of both their albums 11 and 13. Crazy/weird/beautiful stuff. - Chemical Pictures - Sekai wo utta otoko: Yeah, it's a compilation of singles but wow! Creative juices and catchiness overflow. - DIR EN GREY - DUM SPIRO SPERO: Can't forget this ridiculously monolithic album. DEG goes ham on the avantgyarudo vibes. - Grieva - Oni to kage / Shuuen: Speaking of DEG... ;D When thinking of full albums in recent vk, I can't go without these two. - KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND - Katte ni shiyagare: One of my most-played albums. A+ punky songs presented in A+ arrangements. - MUNIMUNI - MAGICAL MOONIES: Another one in heavy rotation. The songs, the sound, the gloom, everything works. - Psysalia Psysalis Psyche - #7: I know, it's more like a singles collection, but damn. Insanely catchy indie-rock, miss them so much. - SPEECIES - SOVILLETTA / SEXIVIA: Always fun times with these two records. There's just something irresistible in their style. - Vior gloire - Gloomy and wakeful night: Possibly in the top 5 of best indies-vk albums of the past decade. 'nuff said. I probably missed a few other greats, but right now these are all I could think of.
  14. Jigsaw9

    Possessor - Just fuckin' superb. What a relentless and bleak movie. Great to see the younger Cronenberg walk in his father's footsteps.
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