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  1. Jigsaw9

    I was recently thinking about / hoping that Meku would be back fulltime in a new band.... but not like THIS.
  2. Jigsaw9

    Watched the new HULU movie Books of Blood loosely based on some of Clive Barker's writing. I was preparing myself for disappointment but... it was actually good??? I enjoyed it at least, almost all the way through. There was some dumb stuff in it (some of the "connections" between the stories were kinda forced/lame) but otherwise I liked the individiual stories they presented. This sort of format is ripe for sequels so I hope that 1. they'll make one, 2. when they do, they won't fuck it up. Solid stuff.
  3. Jigsaw9

    Top-notch band! I've only come around to listening to more of them very recently, but haven't heard much I didn't like. During these newer listens Better Than Raw stood out to me the most, but my all-time favorite has to be The Dark Ride... but that goes back to my teenage years when I was just discovering metal and this album was what one of my friends had and lent me. What a powerful and catchy record!
  4. David Hasselhoff has some #lit #bops too~ (this one's a cover of an '80s tune but still)
  5. Jigsaw9

    DOBE has announced on their official site that the band will disband after their show on 2020/11/19. The members wrote lengthy comments which can be read here. Sounds like it was a mixture of lack of progress and some members half-assing it basically. I appreciated these guys, they were pretty fun. Too bad this had to happen. I assume we can expect everyone except maybe the vocalist (who said he's gonna quit doing music altogether if I understood it right) turn up in some new bands in the future, hopefully.
  6. Jigsaw9

    Hoping these will all find their way onto some legit album / mini album released in a wider distribution. Otherwise good news!
  7. Cool stuff! I was excited for a moment about the "unreleased" SPEECIES, but then I remembered they already released it (as a PV).
  8. Lovin' the shameless COMPLEX homage, haha. The album's great too, some surprisingly cool tweaks in there.
  9. Yeah, that random single they dropped out of nowhere a decade ago was actually pretty solid, so I somewhat have faith in them being able to churn out some rockin' tunes (even if none of the members' solo or side-endeavours are my thing at all). Keeping fingers firmly crossed.
  10. Jigsaw9

    Oh wait, I just realized... he already released this song before, LMAO. I guess it will be a new version then (?).
  11. Jigsaw9

    Great news! Love this goofy dude, lol.
  12. Jigsaw9

    The preview sounds pretty fun! I also enjoyed their previous digital single, even tho it had a more reserved sound.
  13. Interesting! Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be somewhat good at least (always a bit risky when legends record new stuff after a long period of not releasing new material).
  14. Heck yeah, this is absolutely insane. Great video & audio, top-notch performance.
  15. Jigsaw9

    Loveeeee the preview of the new song! Real curious to find out what the Shuuji-composed track sounds like as well (and ofc the other tunes).
  16. Jigsaw9

    Okay, now THIS is what I'm talking about!! Much better music vid than the first one. Song choice is A+ too.
  17. Jigsaw9

    Not sure if this fits in here (I don't listen to dungeon synth often), but I just randomly came across it and it sounds kickass: https://noctilium.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-throne-of-the-black-king Kinda like doomy atmospheric black metal, but done in a chiptune-like arrangement? Sort of. Pretty cool mood.
  18. my life after joining JSALAD has been: But I can wholeheartedly recommend it to normal people too! Come and have a groovy time with us~ :^)
  19. Wow, graphic design really is his passion.
  20. Jigsaw9

    I am convinced this is some elaborate trolling, lol. I tried to watch the movie last night, but gave up a bit after halftime, it just wasn't doing anything for me. I skipped into it for a few minutes afterwards but it was just all so lame-looking and weak... Also, seemed very much jumpscare-heavy, which I absolutely hate. Guess this just wasn't for me.
  21. Jigsaw9

    I've had a bit more time to digest the album now, overall I'm quite pleased with it. It has small nods to Manson's previous stuff but not in an in-your-face annoying way, only certain motives for a few seconds, which I thought was neat. The tracks flow together extremely well too, making for a pretty seamless listening experience. He hit the nail on the head when he described it as "a wax museum of [his] thoughts". I enjoyed most of the songs too, or at least I can appreciate how there's no sore thumb among them. I'm not too crazy about the title track and "Paint You with My Love" but everything else is either good or great. The acoustic bonus tracks are kinda lame tho, since they chose the two songs that were already heavily unplugged-sounding so it doesn't really make any difference this way... But that's my only "major issue", lol.
  22. Jigsaw9

    @Bear Sounds good! To be honest when I first heard of this movie I thought it would be shit, so immediately forgot about it, lol. But might check it out later.
  23. Jigsaw9

    NICE. Can't wait to receive that pinky boi in the mail.
  24. Sucks to hear that... Hopefully they manage to revive themselves later (and until then write some new tunes, cuz tbh I can't even remember when they last released a proper standalone record). I'll be waiting patiently.
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