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  1. Jun_

    I was searching for some files on my backups DVDs and found a Diaura cover of yours LOL That's like...a long time ago HAHA
  2. Soundcloud is joking with me, so... Sono Koe wa Moroku
  3. Thank you very much I'm glad you like it ❤️
  4. It's so good to be home alone. Recorded 2 new covers because I could concentrate without nobody calling me everytime.

  5. The good part of being home alone is that you can produce more. Here's my cover of IDOL. I'll probably mix it again sometime. Hope you'll enjoy~
  6. Thank you very much ❤️ I'm glad you like it~
  7. Did a lynch. cover. I love this song so much ❤️
  8. Hey everyone. Does anyone know if those lynch.'s streams will be available for people outside Japan? :D

    1. Komorebi


      I see tickets are sold via eplus so i’m guessing not. 

  9. Jun_

    Well, if it's not Lolicon, it's """"""Safe"""""".....
  10. I mean, it's literally the same voice xDDD
  11. Jun_

    Oh boy. I still can't believe Ryu is back.
  12. Jun_

    After some researching, finally found it. Fufilling this for @IsuKa-san, who posted a request for it!
  13. Finally finished ULTIMA's romaji conversion [?]


    It really helps to practice hiragana and Katakana (Machine was really tricky)


    And I'm speechless for this album. It's great.

  14. Jun_

    Finally, it's done now~ OFC, sorry if there's mistakes. I'm still learning, so xD ULTIMA: Kanji: Romaji: XERO: Kanji: Romaji: BARRIER: Kanji: Romaji: EROS: Kanji: Romaji: ALLERGIE: IDOL: Kanji: Romaji: ZINNIA: Kanji: Romaji: IN THIS ERA: Kanji: Romaji: RUDENESS: Kanji: Romaji: P.S.: Hazuki whispers some lines in this song, but they're not on kanji lyrics and it's kinda impossible to hear :'D Sorry 'bout that~ MACHINE: Kanji: Romaji: ASTER: Kanji: Romaji: EUREKA: Kanji: Romaji:
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