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  1. johnesh

    That does sound really nice
  2. Dammit, I knew I should have ordered that special edition of the EP
  3. 10 Rebuild is not on Spotify, not so far as I can see anyway
  4. Winter begins this year on Dec 21st... is it a Christmas album?
  5. johnesh

    You're f***ing kidding me! This is amazing news – maybe at long, long last, after what feels like a million singles, we will finally get that second full-length album we've been waiting literally years for. I wonder what label they've signed to. It's a really good sign that VK bands can still get a major deal in this day and age, I was beginning to think those days were gone.
  6. I am very excited about this return, I love these guys. The new song is lovely, apart from the bizarre snare drum sound that is on so many rock and metal recordings these days. It seems the new "album" is a mini-album, however, according to this post on their website: https://festvainqueur.jp/info/3397128
  7. johnesh

    The tune is nice but his vocals sound shot
  8. Surely this says "Kukuru"? This is lovely. I hear a distinct Baroque/Kannivalism influence... I'll definitely be checking out more of this guy's stuff. I really liked Gives as well, but this sounds more polished. Looks like R-Shitei is shaping up to be the new Nightmare in terms of the quality of its members' individual solo projects.
  9. These guys sound really interesting. Colour me intrigued. I'd never heard of them before today. Absolutely love this look as well
  10. johnesh

    Ooh, this is really exciting. Love these guys. Hope it's more than just a one-off thing. Would love to hear new material
  11. I hate the cover art, but this sounds incredible. A must-buy for sure
  12. johnesh

    Apparently it's from the California penal code, it's the section that deals with illegal possession of a firearm.
  13. johnesh

    HOLY SHIT!! This is incredible news. Such an amazingly versatile band, I loved all of their albums. No-one else had a career trajectory quite like them.
  14. Digital only... how are the mighty fallen.
  15. johnesh

    Anybody heard anything further about this? It's meant to be coming out in less than two weeks, but doesn't seem to be available to order anywhere. I thought the band might have their own online shop, but they don't even appear to have a website.
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