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  1. So Yoshiki is Mashima Hiro confirmed?
  2.  I didn't label my BUK BUK & Tensai collab CD; now I can't find it. I'm gonna murder myself.

    1. Jigsaw9


      Should have put a ................... BUKmark on it.

    2. Mamo
  3. I have about 200 something CDs to rip. I might not even finish it for months. I'm that lazy. And my schedule is hectic, so that adds in more time.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JRD


      Don't envy lol They're mostly Koteosa, Osa,  Kirakira or Kirakote bands. I do like some bands you like, so if I have releases that you don't have then sorz  >.<

    3. VkBrutaliaN


      I'm sure you have plenty releases i don't have. XD


      "I do like some bands you like" - i guess luckily it's only some. ;D

      But i gotta say i was very, VERY surprised when i found out you also liked DictavE.

      My MOST FAVORITE Vk band of all time.

    4. tetsu_sama69


      Good luck with the rips! Take as much time as you need to get what you feel needs to be done.

  4. Since my S/O decided I wasn't important today; I decided to rip some CDs. Some bands were not meant to be heard, but I found out Kiki(Mercurious, Kisnate, Hi;BRiD, POPCORE) was in Kluze and actually wrote the better of the two songs and Nobro was a terrible singer. Oh I love my Koteosa bands.

    1. shiroihana


      Oh wow is there any chance you will share Kluze?? I'm dying to hear that band. 🥺🙏

  5. Was watching ViViD's last live and I didn't realize how hot and muscular. IV was. Totally a masc4masc Top.

  6. JRD

    Well sorry if it came out crass, but with your 🙄 emoji, obviously feels like you're attack me, so of course I'm going on the defensive.
  7. JRD

    You do know that ethnicity includes people of the same culture and identity right? Look up both oxford and merriam-webber definition on ethnicity. Edit: I'm not gonna be here to argue with throwaway accounts, or lurkers about cultural identity and ethnicity. If you ever been to Japan, most people tend to look down upon visual kei bandmen as low lives(High School/Secodary school dropouts(The same with the Otaku stigma)) or they don't even know that that scene still exist.
  8. JRD

    That's a great way of generalizing an entire ethnicity.
  9. JRD

    8P-SB.com, Ready Player, Starry Night, 8-bit boy single sans the title track, Tyrannosaurus, were all bops. Looking at the lives, you can tell Genki was enjoying himself, so I doubt he was there to support Koichi, they even had individual tracks. If he didn't have input, why would he be support?
  10. Ikebukuro Cyber is their only choice and AREA is a staple of talented bands and shit bands can play so that shit bands can kill your eardrums before who you came to see is playing. Or just find out when your band is playing and skip out on bands you don't wanna see, but there's always a risk to that cause some other band that you might like can be playing a secret live.
  11. UHHHHH Who's セフレ did I just get followed by?

  12. I'm still waiting on my parcel from Narciss to come, but MIMIC took ONLY 1 day from order date to get. That's a band that cares for their fans! Also btw you guys that bought the digital album didn't get the actual demo versions of 嘘くん, 月曜になったら殺す, and 神様と騎乗位

  13. I was calling about the Koteosa look coming back in style. They just have the kirakira hair. Also I didn't like any of it, it's a pass for me.
  14. Ugh I hate finding things out late. Yuuki is no longer in Awake, and he was the MAIN song writer. 

  15. JRD

    I still keep the sleeve/lyrics card in the cellophane CD wrap and the CD in side the case, I'm afraid of getting scratches and the likes. I feel the same way, but I kinda tweak it lol
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