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  1. jurideluhi

    Okay wait. Their logo had changed? Since when???? ViViD to V/D? jeez.
  2. jurideluhi

    they aren't vk band anymore..
  3. jurideluhi

    This is not funny and especially, totally inappropriate
  4. jurideluhi

    nice. hope it will be good as their "Take-off" single.
  5. jurideluhi

    Very interesting.
  6. jurideluhi

    I wonder if I should buy a ps3 since ps4 will be replacing ps3 yet AGAIN.
  7. jurideluhi

    the gazette-pledge
  8. jurideluhi

    SuG is not on the list?!? And what about ViViD,BORN etc.? o_O They are awesome.
  9. jurideluhi

    Warrior Orochi 2
  10. jurideluhi

    Thanks. =)
  11. jurideluhi

    damn!!!!! D:
  12. jurideluhi

    eating. o__O
  13. jurideluhi

    awesome.. but it is pricey.
  14. jurideluhi

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