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  1. enyx

    New downy track out of nowhere called「17月」 From what I can gather the guitars in this are samples from some recordings Yutaka Aoki did, and mergrim was also involved to some degree with SUNNOVA producing.
  2. enyx

    Pretty rude of Kyo and co to have stolen this guy's identity tbh. I hope he sues them.
  3. enyx

    'Auto-generated by Youtube' Probably pulled from the same source that the Spotfiy upload was. I think that's what happened with the other fake spotify uploads I've seen, they all ended up auto-generated on YT somehow (does anyone know how/why this happens?). I mean it's wacky enough that it could be some silly sukekiyo thing but I'm 100% going with 'fake' until proven otherwise. Still hilarious either way.
  4. enyx

    Hahahahahaha. That made me spit out my drink. Actually I've noticed this happening a lot lately. Random fake songs appearing on bands' spotify pages with no context nor explanation. I wonder why this is becoming such an issue lately?
  5. enyx

    So on first listen I found the album a little weaker than Alium, but it's growing on me on relistens. This band is great.
  6. Eh, starting a rock track with an edm beat isn't exactly something exclusive to the GazettE. Seems coincidental at the most to me, and the tracks go off in considerably different directions after the first 10 seconds anyway. Anyway that track sounds quite a bit better than anything I've heard from A9 in quite a while. Nice to see they can still put out some cool stuff from time to time.
  7. enyx

    This is a strange way of looking at it. I don't think anybody would criticise him if he'd simply told them "I've decided there are other things in life I want to pursue, so I'm leaving the band as of x-date", but completely ghosting your friends/colleagues/bandmates/whatever without warning is just scummy regardless of the reason (unless you literally died or became incapacitated somehow).
  8. enyx

    I don't see this band being mentioned all that much, but they're pretty great if you're into Japanese math à la toe or LITE.
  9. enyx

    Rather enjoying this album. I prefer it to ANGELS mostly in the sense that it takes the more poppy/electronic experimentation that album had and runs further with it, whereas ANGELS tended to fall back into more safe, familiar-sounding territory quite a bit (BAD DREAM, Everything, Close to Me, etc all sound very similar to previous tracks they've put out). It also feels more tightly-themed than ANGELS, and having very strongly-themed releases is something I really like about the majority of THE NOVEMBERS discog in general. To be honest I felt rather down on THE NOVEMBERS post-Elegance. Hallelujah felt kind of like a glorified best-of album (all new songs, but the majority of them felt like stuff they'd explored more in-depth in previous releases) and TODAY was pretty weak IMO, but these last two releases have both been pretty good.
  10. Well, I categorically loved that. It's definitely more 'rough' sounding, but hey, it sounds like what you'd expect from an already depressing-sounding band that's now reeling from the sudden death of a bandmate and family member. Robin's vocals between 3:20-3:35 in particular hit pretty hard.
  11. enyx

    So, as I said in the news thread, math absolutely sucks. Bring back real Visual Kei! In all seriousness though the second half of the album is noticably stronger than the first, but overall I don't see myself giving too many of these tracks relistens. It has the same problem a lot of the other mathy bands cropping up all over the place these days have; their songs are serviceable but missing that extra something that makes them sound like more than the sum of their parts. Mathy music tends to have a lot more going on in terms of compositional complexity, sure, but that doesn't make it inherently more well-written. In this sense I think they've regressed a bit from CHEDOARA, so hopefully if they continue with this sound they'll at least rediscover some of those qualities. Also, can the vocalist stop sexually moaning for some guy called 'Richard' in out of the darkness please?
  12. enyx

    At least that'd make Sokoninaru interesting.
  13. enyx

    Not really sure how y'all could enjoy tracks like Rijin and Vanitas but somehow hate this. Sure they're emphasising the mathy elements more while downplaying the heavier side somewhat, but it's hardly a complete 180 from their last couple of releases or anything. Anyway I'm basically a math slut so I'll let this song have its way with me. All hail visual math kei etcetc.
  14. Now this I really, really like. I've been pretty underwhelmed with TK's solo material post-flowering but this track is hitting me pretty hard. I've noticed this and both of the recent Ling singles have felt a lot more messy and 'all over the place' compared to most of his other output for the last few years. Personally I really like it and hope it becomes a common theme in his next few releases.
  15. enyx

    That one second preview is the funniest thing I've seen in fucking ages.
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