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  1. Umi_Niwa

    Catsex? lol
  2. Umi_Niwa

    If it's a deserted island I doubt there would be electricity so I probably wouldn't take any cds. But maybe I'd take my guitar... What are you proud of?
  3. Umi_Niwa

    Found this one today. Ban is awesome
  4. You know what? I'm sick of you. Why don't you just go harass somebody else? This is what I think and if you have a problem then it's your problem.
  5. Umi_Niwa

    Lol me too. I hate Hollywood films, most of them anyway Oh the mental image xDD
  6. Umi_Niwa

    VisualDeathScene lives on Jupiter.
  7. Umi_Niwa

    This could apply to certain other people as well
  8. Umi_Niwa

    I believe it would be a good idea to recruit mods for a certain period of time. I think it will solve the problem of inactivity in the forum at least somewhat, since nobody or at least not everybody can be equally available for this and well, people lose interest at some point. I agree though, that an active site requires participation of both sides.
  9. Umi_Niwa

    According to Speedtest.net the fastest internet upl/dl speed is in Hong Kong, and my country is not even in the ranking. Why doesn't that surprise me? :/
  10. Umi_Niwa

    Ban the person above me because he has better reputation than me Not fair.
  11. Umi_Niwa

    I have a strong suspicion that almost every vk interview is run according to a certain default that determines what both sides will say. Seriously why else would they sound so much the same and boring as hell?
  12. I think this explains everything
  13. Umi_Niwa

    Closeup plz xD
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