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    JRock favorite bands:
    L'Arc~en~Ciel / the GazettE / ギルガメッシュ / BORN

    lynch / DiV / Sel'm / Siam Shade / Fade / Nico touch the wall / many many many others...

    Disband ;c:
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  1. Happy Birthday once again Matto, i am truly hoping that your doing well and have a blast for your day, enjoy. 😁

  2. Happy Birthday Matto, i know we are no longer together as before back in FxG, hopefully, i'm hoping that your doing well today dear. ^__^

  3. AiobaMatto

    Ahora conoces a uno xD Todo país tiene cosas malas y cosas buenas. Puede ser que haya diferencias entre nosotros pero yo no puedo juzgar porque a mi nunca me ha hecho nada nadie de Chile. Asi que todo bien
  4. AiobaMatto

    A mi me agradan los chilenos
  5. AiobaMatto

    thank you both!!
  6. AiobaMatto

    I really like this mini-album bc this is BORN and sounds like BORN.. THE STALIN and S.O.B don't sounds like BORN with that disco settings I've surprised by foxy foxy and LETTER... I missed the ''ballads'' of BORN I have nothing to say to the PV..... just... eugh... That's was not necessary.. nope.... nope
  7. CD Type-B 1. ame no waltz (「雨のワルツ」) 2. urei libido ( 愁いリビドー) 3. kusatta mikan no houteishiki ( 腐ったミカンの方程式) If it's possible Kanji and Romaji please
  8. AiobaMatto

    Thank you!! Please add La Tarantella too
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