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  1. smilesxchibi

    Angel’s cry IMO would be an ok song if they were a completely different band (more along the lines of scarlet valse or misaruka for example). Otherwise I’d say Ray’s voice fits it well.
  2. smilesxchibi

    Damn! Really wanted them to bounce back 😔 hopefully Kuna and Mär stick together
  3. smilesxchibi

    I’m so happy you started this thread!!! Fav song by them is 人として人で在る様に it is hands down my absolute favorite of theirs. Its just different from what I’ve been hearing from the scene, fav member is Yahiro 😁
  4. smilesxchibi

    He would be a perfect fit for them! Super stoked.
  5. smilesxchibi

    Hopefully they’re getting back together and not just a one night revival
  6. smilesxchibi

    Legit cant wait, in love with everything they’ve released
  7. Another bassist gone 😭 I’d wish they ask seita to comeback.
  8. smilesxchibi

    Most likely Yukkie took over vocals
  9. smilesxchibi

    I am all for this 😁
  10. I’m so fucking happy for them 😭 i really wish Az would return to the scene
  11. My heart ♥️ Cant wait for this release
  12. They lost their previous vocalist?? Huh
  13. Happy birthday dear! Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

  14. smilesxchibi

    Was wondering about them lately, shame but wasnt sure how active they were.
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