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  1. Another Jolyne fan, yaassss! 🐬 

  2. Deathtopi4

    I'm so here for this lol
  3. Deathtopi4

    Well that was creepy
  4. Deathtopi4

    All I'm watching this season is Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon and Ao no Excorcist season 2. And Agressive Retsuko because relatable lol. Nothing else has really caught my interest...
  5. He must be a busy guy lolol but this sounds neat
  6. Deathtopi4

    I'm also someone who didn't much like BORN but enjoyed their first release, interested to hear this one
  7. Deathtopi4

    Yuck, that's no fun. Hope they feel better soon.
  8. Deathtopi4

    ^^^^ I wonder about that too. I'm not really that interested in them without Seike though...
  9. Deathtopi4

    Always good to see new Dalle
  10. This look might be one of their most obnoxious yet but I love 'em.
  11. Deathtopi4

    Eh, it never really bothered me but I grew up reading things similar to this anyway. I've ended up reassuring several people that it's okay for them to enjoy it though, which is a bit cute lol. Personally I like the ship, and it's got a lot of similarities to some of my other favorite ships (which are ironically all pretty popular). But everyone can enjoy the story however they want, nbd ¯\_ツ_/¯. I'm just sick of seeing drama coming from the no-so-sweet-summer-children all over the place. It's even more irritating than the TG bs I've been dealing with for years, which I previously thought was impossible. And the snk resemblance is pretty funny too. Lots of quality memes coming out of that, and I'm all about them memes.
  12. Aww man I missed this on my youtube feed, but damn it's really nice!
  13. Deathtopi4

    I'm reading it. It's quickly become one of my favorite ongoing comic series and I'm super in love with the story and the art style. The memes are fun too. Plus, it's just the sort of thing I need to fill the void that Hannibal left while I wait for season 4 to (hopefully) happen. Hopefully the drama over it on tumblr will die down soon so the rest of us can enjoy in peace lmao. #FreeBum2k17
  14. Deathtopi4

    "graphic design is my passion"
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