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  1. violetchain

    It's genuinely astounding how many people seem to not understand what Vampire Hunter does in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, despite it being written on the card. Lol, I've won so many duels because people just keep attacking it.
  2. violetchain

    Man, the practice text conversation Ryo wrote went from 0 to horny so fast. He knew he was going to have to read that out loud too. 😂
  3. violetchain

    "shinin' like I'm Ayu Hamasaki" 😂 lol, I love Tohji
  4. violetchain

    I don't really post comments directly to artists' social media or send them direct messages very often (or at all, for the latter), but a very indie (non-VK) artist once specifically called out some details of an article I wrote about his band on Twitter - he was very happy that I mentioned their hometown and super surprised that I embedded videos from a local event/radio show or something instead of MVs. I thought it was really cute. As a writer that can be a bit too detail-oriented sometimes, it's nice when people notice things like that.
  5. violetchain

    Yosuke Kubozuka (known for the movie GO, dramas like Ikebukuro West Gate Park, the live action of GTO, etc. and recently in some stuff in the West like Martin Scorsese's Silence) has been a reggae singer under the name 卍LINE (Manji LINE) for several years now. He's admittedly not the best at it, but some of the tracks are kinda fun. Also, absolutely yes to Party All The Time. That's such a great track.
  6. violetchain

    I feel like I'm pretty off with some of this, but I gave it my best shot. If you have any corrections, please feel free to let me know. My Japanese needs all the help it can get. 😅 ディストピア / Dystopia Music and Lyrics: Mika Do you understand? Your thoughts are being restricted I was brought to life again Reality is awkward, and I hate it It keeps ringing out so much that it’s getting annoying The voice of my heart is Becoming a brilliant lie The days are cycling by I want to disappear under this sky If I’m just going to be in this rotten form, I’ve had enough of this body already I searched for an unoccupied heart And was stabbed through with a pure lie* In this fleeting world** I’m bearing my anguish*** But the thoughts still won’t stop Nevertheless, it was snatched away I want to live Wavering like this is agony If I give up completely, With a kind and graceful heart,**** And calmly tell a lie, I will sleep I wonder what’s waiting at the ends of the earth? It’s fine if I don’t get to see the answer We can “drift away” from sadness now I want to disappear under this sky If I’m just going to be in this rotten form, I’ve had enough of this body already I searched for an unoccupied heart And was stabbed through with a pure fang***** In this fleeting world Notes: **, ***, **** Not sure about these lines in particular *, ***** With these two, I'm not sure who is stabbing/being stabbed, tbh. Either way feels like I'm reading it wrong, so I'm not sure which to go with ディストピア / Dystopia Kimi ni wa wakaru? Kisei sareru shikou Watashi wa mata ikasareta Genjitsu wa bukiyou de kirai da Urusai hodo ni Nari-yamanai Kokoro no koe ga Azayaka na uso ni nari Hibi wa meguru Kiesatta itai kono sora no shita Kusatta katachi dake naraba Kono karada wa mou dame da Yadotte nai kokoro o sagashita Tsukitateru wa muku na uso Utsusemi no naka de Urei o obiru Izen yamanu shikou Shikashi nagara ubawareta Ikitai Sou yuragu koto ga kutsuu da Akirame kireba Shakuyaku taru kokoro no mama de Odayaka ni uso o tsuki Boku wa nemuru Saihate ni nani ga matsu no ka Kotae wa minakute ii Kanashimi kara bokura wa ima “hanarerareru” Kiesatte itai kono sora no shita Kusatta katachi dake naraba Kono karada wa mou dame da Yadotte nai kokoro o sagashita Tsukitateru wa muku na kiba Utsusemi no naka de Kanji: ^In the video description
  7. violetchain

    SKY-HI did one of the best free live streams I've seen all year the other day. It's really well thought out, smooth transitions, great setlist, cool line-up of guests, nice lighting and camera effects, and he performs with tons of energy for like an hour and a half. Plus you get the added bonus of seeing his parents being super cute and supportive at the beginning and end. 😄 This is a special no-audience concert he did at his parents' home, so they're just kind of hanging out in the background for a few songs and they come out to celebrate with him after the big announcement.
  8. violetchain

    Lol, I finally drew a Saber, but A. it's Gilles de Rais and B. his Noble Phantasm kinda sucks. His card also reads "Slightly scrawny man. Not that hyped up." Thanks, game. 😅
  9. violetchain

    I randomly started playing Fate Grand Order yesterday, and wow, I've summoned like 15 assassins but I can never seem to draw a saber. Lol, I have like at least one of every other class, but not a single saber. I mean, I do like the assassin characters the best, so it works out, but still.
  10. violetchain

    So I checked out some of the content from the new Hololive English branch recently out of curiosity, and I'm kind of loving Mori Calliope. "later on, as I was writing some 'flaming bars',..." is a quality lead-in to telling your fans you want to call them "Dead Beats". https://youtu.be/M1_GeIfn48M?t=1465 And, honestly, 'flaming bars' is a fair description. Gawr Gura randomly covering Tatsuro Yamashita and saying "City Pop Shark - that is me." is also quality content.
  11. violetchain

    God, the LEGO album stream is so pretty. The lighting is really beautiful. Kanata's voice sounds so good too.
  12. violetchain

    LEGO BIG MORL played all of the songs from their new album in order, and they left an archive up. They decided to do it without a support drummer though, which was kind of an odd choice. (I mean, they explain that since it's their first album as a trio they wanted to do the first show together as a trio, but it still feels kinda strange.) It's really pretty-looking for a free livestream though. Great lighting.
  13. violetchain

    Right now, Chiba Yusuke (The Birthday, TMGE, etc.).
  14. violetchain

    Mainly on my laptop. If I can use a computer instead of my phone for something, I usually will. I have a fairly small phone, so I find it a bit fiddly to type on and it's not great for watching videos. Didn't help that my phone's headphone jack wasn't working for a long time either.
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