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  1. Well most of these were released on other albums and so forth. this is just like a special thing they are putting together unless they are going to do something extra to these tracks.
  2. Yukimoto

    Loving this album of his<3
  3. Yukimoto

    @Jigsaw9 haha glad you figured it out. Enjoy your stream ^^
  4. Yukimoto

    @Jigsaw9 Like other bands, maybe you get a period to watch it since you're paying for it and then they'll take it down. Maybe sell it again later as a live DVD in better quality
  5. Well I mean that's for anything in the world. You are supposed to ask before you take someone's material and if say no then you can't and most of the time you just share royalties or something like that. Anywho, I'm sure that's why he didn't want to mention the band members names in the beginning, he knew this was coming and maybe why everyone else previously left the band. Maybe all of this was catching up to them with different threats and lawsuits and stuff. You never know.
  6. Yukimoto

    @GuancheVK They will hand pick one song from the album and premiere it on that day and time
  7. Liam seems to be a big linkin park fan from his tweets so I can see why they went with this song first haha. But i do wonder what kind of music they will make. Shin not using his vibrato is so different and yeah it doesn't look like him at all to me too for some reason lol.
  8. Yukimoto

    I think they've grown a lot in fans and have even gotten a lot of anime segments so it was only natural that they were heading in that direction. Good job to them! They've been together for a long time and seem like one of the bands that kept talking about growing and is actually trying to make it happen.
  9. @suji From their tweetes it seems like an official band but they were kicking off their activities with a cover song. During Shins live he may have been advertising this band to get followers for it. I couldn't watch all of his stream but I do remember him counting the followers and trying to reach 400 followers or something like that. It also looks like Liam is the one that formed the band maybe but Aki is getting most of the credit because he's the most well known out of all of them, just speculation from the others accounts
  10. Yukimoto

    The full song is really good! The lyrics are all over the place but I like it!
  11. Actually loved this song. Better than the other R-shitei members project so far.
  12. His and Unite.'s vocalist sound really similar! Love the song!
  13. Yukimoto

    that song was pretty epic. They just get better and better!
  14. I really like this song!!!
  15. Yukimoto

    This song is really nice. Chanty always making magic
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