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Status Updates posted by Atreides

  1. Hey, happy birthday! Hope you have a great time bro :D

  2. Ayy happy birthday, just wanted to say I really enjoyed your topics on general.

    1. helcchi


      aww thanks! That's so sweet of you ^_^

  3. Wishing you a very special birthday! Absolute best of luck for you and Bio! :)

  4. Just been listening to the majority of AION's music after like 12 ish years. Why did I stop listening to them?

  5. After a few months hiatus, I'm back. Work kicked my ass good but now it's time to relax and jam out.:parapls:

  6. Literally can't believe Trump won.  Thanks for letting Putin hotdog us and run our shit all over the place.

    1. orange~


      Yea it was pretty surreal waking up this morning, hearing the news o_o

    2. PsychoΔelica
  7. I've been ill for the last week or so, had an ear infection as previously mentioned in a status update and came down with the flu and a bad fever..  Starting to feel better, so I'll probably be around in the next week or so. ^^

    1. tetsu_sama69


      Get well soon Atr so I can fuck your bad ear up with my shit kei.

    2. reminiscing2004


      Best of luck recovering. Sleep a lot!

  8. Wow, I've had an ear infection and my headphones randomly broke today. It's like a higher power is telling me to stop listening to music.

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    2. YuyoDrift


      Whoo, I think it's time to move onto wireless if you're gonna spend $100 haha.


      I had the plug break off from the rest of the cord before lol

      Couldn't tell you how many times I've had ear whiplash from forgetting the wire was still plugged into the PC haha.


    3. Atreides


      ^ Indeed, I was thinking about getting wireless myself. Still got the warranty on this though so I'll probably replace them and then save up and get some different ones.  The ear is a different story though, I wish I could get a replacement on that.

    4. YuyoDrift


      Second that lol


      needs to enjoy me some jrock 5eva

  9. Happy birthday, hope it's a good one! :D

    1. itsukoii


      thank you so much!! <3

  10. Hey, if you see this come talk in chat for awhile!

  11. Ok which one of you assholes made the Harambe account?! :D

  12. Does anyone want to get some late night dubs on in the main dubtrack room? LETS GO! (or maybe not)



    1. togz


      if it was 1:20am and if I didn't have work tomorrow I'd be down. sorry bruh D:

    2. togz
    3. Atreides


      No problem, and thanks for responding despite it being late!

  13. Saw a cd by Notorious B.I.G. just laying on the sidewalk on my way to work today.  I scooped it up but it was trashed. It kinda bummed me out. :(

  14. Got my old computer up and running briefly and salvaged a shitload of old music from it. Ahhh nostalgiafest incoming!

  15. Happy birthday tetsu! :D

  16. @CAT5got general download on lockdown! :X'D:

  17. Well now I know what a transcode is lol

  18. Love passing out to the show Ancient Aliens.  zzz

  19. Just watched the presidential debates on youtube, a bit late to the party.  If Donald Trump gets elected, he stated very clearly he isn't interested in defending Japan.  Kiss your precious J-Rock/Visual Kei goodbye! :X'D:

    1. nekkichi


      idt his opinion is the only required one to make strategic decisions like that, especially considering Japanese govmt actually pays the US to keep their troops around.

    2. Atreides


      Ah, it's only a joke^^

    3. nekkichi
  20. Unfortunately I missed the debates due to work. I'm sure it was a giant shitshow anyway. Sad times to be an American.

  21. If people could fill their requests with [fulfilled], it'd make it alot easier for me as I'm generally too lazy to search MH to see if something's uploaded before I post it.

    1. paradoxal


      If you see requests that have clearly been filled but don't have the text [FULFILLED] in the title, report them to the staff and we'll fix them! That's one reason why the report button is there :)

    2. paradoxal


      I do occasionally go through the request threads locking the fulfilled ones, but haven't had time to do that recently.

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