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  1. Atreides

    Are you a ghost? sometimes the most precious thing in life is kawaii j-rockers
  2. @lichtlune As you know I heard your singing the other night on the discord server and I don't think you're bad at all! People love to trash others, but you just gotta take the punches and roll with it. I'd love to check out your music sometime, so PM me. You don't sound bad at all, and probably better than most of the people who post on MH so don't let their criticism get you down. There's always room for improvement obviously, but there's a time when you have to take haters in stride and I believe this might be one of those times.
  3. Hey, happy birthday! Hope you have a great time bro :D

  4. Atreides

    The only band I've heard on this list is Mammal Hands, and they rule. Seriously didn't expect anyone to bump em on MH. Animalia is great and I actually haven't checked out Floa but am going to do so. Also there's some other stuff on the list I'm interested in, mainly THIS IS JAPAN. Haven't heard their music before but if they're inspired by Number Girl then I'm interested. Cheers!
  5. Atreides

    Because you didn't dig DEEP enough..
  6. Atreides

    Enjoy your time here! We got what you need ^^
  7. Atreides

  8. Atreides

    I am slightly interested to hear this. Hopefully a preview or something comes out so I know whether or not to waste my time.
  9. Atreides

    Oh, I am a bit dense lol don't mind me.
  10. Atreides

    Am I missing something..?
  11. Atreides

    Yeah, that basement was a general hangout spot. Lots of good times were had.
  12. Atreides

    Posted another photo from these images sometime last year or something Just a man and his cat <3
  13. Atreides

    Hello and welcome to the site! If you keep an eye around, you'll surely find more bands you like that are similar to the ones you listed. ^^
  14. Atreides

    Damn, those are really good drawings man, love the style!
  15. Atreides

    It's so catchy, I always come back to this song.
  16. Atreides

    The reason flac is nice isn't just the supposed sound quality most can't even hear anyway. It's the fact that it's lossless format and no matter how many times it's transferred the data won't degrade/corrupt.
  17. Atreides

    Shellshock - An After Image
  18. Atreides

    Shit son I missed the hype train :(((((
  19. Atreides

    Did anybody else initially read their name as BABOON? gorilla-kei when?
  20. Atreides

    A bit late to the party, just wanted to say I've been a long time fan of Fatima myself and I loved your review! You're doing gods work, keep it up!
  21. The Turbo Killer music video is indeed awesome, didn't post it though because I figured everyone already knew about it. Also thanks for the links, gonna check em out.
  22. Also this, though it's just a video game remix and it may be found annoying. I think it fits in retrowave though, one of my favorite artists from OCR. Also anyway I'll stop posting lol.
  23. One of my favorites though it's probably been posted.
  24. Atreides

    I miss these crazy bastards,
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