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  1. The Piass

    Their first mini album will be released in December.
  2. The Piass

    A shop-limited single 『Secret chapter』 will be released on 2019.11.18. (1620 yen) Tracklist : 1.Cry Clown 2.Merry-go-rondo 3.Secret chapter
  3. Their new mini album called 「色纏う人展」 (Iro matou hito-ten) will be released next spring. (5 songs)
  4. Their second single 「少年のナイフ」(Shounen no knife) will be released on 2019.11.03. From their live on 2019.10.13, the band will release another single called 「気狂いへ、敬礼。」(Kichigai e, keirei).
  5. Their new single will be released on 2019.11.27 in 3 types. Limited edition A : 1944 yen CD : 01.初恋(Hatsukoi) 02.New song (A) DVD : 01.初恋(Hatsukoi) (PV + making-of) Limited edition B : 1944 yen CD : 01.初恋(Hatsukoi) 02.New song (B) DVD : 01.初恋(Hatsukoi) (PV + making-of) Regular edition : 1620 yen CD : 01.初恋(Hatsukoi) 02.New song (A) 03.New song (B)
  6. Both of them will leave the band on 2019.11.03. Once again, the reason is the difference in musical direction. http://www.ogyarity.com/news/
  7. Their second single "ERODED LIGHT" is available since today on Apple music. (500 yen) Tracklist : 01. Distortion 02. ERODED LIGHT https://music.apple.com/jp/album/eroded-light-single/1480542830
  8. The Piass

    Their first single "gravity" will be released on 2019.10.30. It will be pre-released on 2019.10.28. (1200 yen + taxes) Tracklist : 1.gravity 2.Hunting scar 3.ケセラセラ(Que Sera, Sera) 4.悲壮少年(Hisou shounen)
  9. He will leave the band because of a breach of contract. They are still discussing whether or not to perform after November.
  10. Their new single 「花鳥風月」(kachoufuugetsu) will be released on 2019.11.13.
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