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Found 2682 results

  1. ricchubunny

    The 大島??美 and Visual Land TV announced today the biggest event of VISUAL KEI will happens again on this year! More info soon. YEEEEEEEEEEEEAH
  2. According to a flyer given at the GazettE's Nippon Budoukan concert today, their TOUR 10 NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS final will be held at Tokyo Dome on 12/26. Tickets will go on sale on 11/06. See the flyer here. // Edit Also, 2010.9.22 NEW SINGLEÂ
  3. A tribute album to the legendary Kuroyume will be released on February 9th, entitled FUCK THE BORDER LINE. Tracklist: 01. abingdon boys school / 少年 (Shounen) 02. カイキゲッショク (KAIKIGESSHOKU) / MIND BREAKER 03. CASCADE / Like @ Angel 04. Coldrain / CHANDLER 05. the GazettE / C.Y.HEAD 06. THE 冠 (THE Kanmuri) / カマキリ (Kamakiri) 07. SUNS OWL / FAKE STAR 08. SID / 優しい悲劇 (Yasashii Higeki) 09. ジルバ (Jitterbug) / Walkin’ on the edge 10. NICOTINE / ピストル (Pistol) 11. Plastic Tree / MARIA 12. 山嵐 (Yama Arashi) / BEAMS (source) Kinda lookin' forward to the GazettE's, SID's and Plastic Tree's cover. The others either I don't know, or don't listen to. xD
  4. THE KIDDIE new album "BRAVE NEW WORLD" will be released at 2010/11/24 (2 TYPE) limited edition (3,200yen) will include CD (13 songs)+DVD (including PV)+booklet and in sleeve case, and regular edition (3,000yen) will include CD (12 songs) only http://kiddie.jp/
  5. Japanese all-female visual kei rock band exist†trace will make their North American debut at Sakura-Con 2011! The band will perform a live concert and attend autograph and Q&A sessions for fans during Sakura-Con’s three-day event in Seattle, WA on April 22-24, 2011. cant wait to drool over them in person <3
  6. Kaya-Rose-Addict

    New Band XA-VAT is a Visual kei band formed in August 2010. They will have their live debut in 2010/12/02. On that same date they are releasing their first single. ??XA-VAT】 ??First Press Limited Edition】 CD+DVD ¥1,800 VIZB-12   ??CD】 01.ZEROTICA 02.XANADOoM   ??DVD】 「ZEROTICA?? MUSIC VIDEO ??First Press Limited Edition】 CD+CD ¥1,500 VICB-35025~35026 ??CD】 01.ZEROTICA  02.XANADOoM ??(CD-REMIX)】 01.NUMANS-ROXETTE (Unreleased Track) Release Date: 12/02 Vocal: 石井秀二 (Ishii Shuuji) (ex-SAKRUN → ???らん → フロート → cali≠gari → goatbed) Guitar: Közi (ex-??~る’e → 摩天楼 → MALICE MIZER → Eve of Destiny → DALLE → My Horror Revue) Guitar: Sadie Pink Galaxy (ex-JUBILEE → SPEECIES) Bass (?): ??間貴雄 (Takao Koma) (ex-goatbed → Sitha) The band has set up an official website, which can be found OHP
  7. Hi We will celebrate a new show with you. It will be called "VISUAL X-MAS" and will take place on Thursday the 2.12.2010 at de helling in Utrecht. We are going to make an X-mas J-Rock Festival in Cologne and Utrecht first december week. The plan is to make the concert in Utrecht on 2.12 Cologne 3.12 and Berlin 4.12 3 bands will perform on stage and the first 100 visitors will get a free video with Live clips from the Utrecht Concert from Jap-Ro 2010. The names of the bands will be dropped here after the GUILD Concert in Cologne. yours Steff Taken from the Visual Kei NL Forum cant wait for what bands it are gonna be! probb from starwave records as usual with steff
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