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Found 2682 results

  1. Serox

    lix (duo formed by Chihiro [Vocalist] & Yuu {THE SOUND BEE HD} [Guitarist]) went on indefinite pause in June 2014. Today they wrote this message on their Official Twitter account... maybe they decided to return in the scene!?
  2. llll-Ligro- Vo.ヒナタ(hinata) & Gt.kazari session "時限式:uadjet(jigenshiki:uadjet)" will perform at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2014/12/26, although other member details have not yet been announced
  3. THE SOUND BEE HD live-distributed single (title not yet finalized) will be released at their presents live "魔女の日(majo no hi)" at Shinsaibashi paradigm at 2015/09/22, at which 蚕(kaiko)(紅蝉(benizemi) Vo.阪本知(sakamoto tomo) side project) new single (title not yet finalized) will be released
  4. new band "Los†ears" will hold their first live at Nagoya MUSIC FARM at 2016/02/07 "Los†ears" members: Vo.昂-nobol- Gt.劔-ken- Gt.結月-yuzuki- Ba.龍我-ryuga- Dr.秀汰-shuta- https://twitter.com/Lostears_nobol https://twitter.com/Lostears_ken https://twitter.com/Lostears_yuzuki https://twitter.com/Lostears_ryuga https://twitter.com/Lostears_shuta
  5. On 2017.10.28, at their live event Far East Gathering vol. 2 with JILUKA, Leetspeek Monsters, sick., and grimoire, Far East Dizain will release a live-limited single entitled "thorns" for 800y. If there are supplies after the live, they'll be sold on their website and through mail order (so it seems).
  6. new band, "ALGRAD" has formed! They will hold their first live at the Planet Child Music sponsored event, "Exciting Battle" on November 22 at HOLIDAY OSAKA. Lineup: vo.ぜろはち (zerohachi) ba.乎依-koyori- dr.椿季 (tsubaki) Twitter
  7. Augie1995

    All right, well now that I have my hands on the album I can officially give my opinion on it. Naya I am really tired so I might not finish this but so far it sounds pretty good the intro song is absolutely spectacular, there's so much energy going on and the guitar rocks. I've already heard Drain from the previewd and the full PV but that's still a really awesome song. Voltage is something new, it's really pop metal song if I can say that but the breakdown is the most interesting thing becausE I have Yet to hear something like that. Incomplete and Zantetsuken are the usual good new girugamesh tracks. Antlion pit is a catastrophic beast! Sato she does really good here and he does some sick low growls. I gotta say that Nii is just ruling this album. So far this album is shaping up to be their best one yet. This new sound that they've embraced is doing them good and I hope that they continue on with this sound. Edit: All right, so I've almost thoroughly listened to the album and the only song that isn't really hitting me is "Live is Life" and the new Zecchou BANG. I feel the production on the new one is nicer but the instruments sound dull, especially the guitar. The guitar in this song contrasts so much with how the guitar has been throughout the whole album, strong and very "in your face" Other than that, the album is pretty much a strong one and I love it to death Pros: Intro, Drain, Voltage, Resolution, Alone Con: Live is Life, Zecchou BANG
  8. Crucifixion conceptual 12-month consecutive new single series "十三月ノ明晰夢(juusangatsu no meisekimu)" will be released through their official web-shop and at their live in 2015/12-2016/11 their 1st one-coin single "Innocent World" will be released through their official web-shop at 2015/12/10 and at their live at HOLIDAY OSAKA at 2015/12/07 (500yen) their 2nd one-coin single "Phantomschmerz" will be released through their official web-shop at 2016/01/17 and at their live at Shinsaibashi SUNHALL at 2016/01/14 (500yen) their 13th single "十三月ノ明晰夢(juusangatsu no meisekimu)" will be provided if purchasing all 12 singles
  9. Trombe

    it is announced at Altair presents live "NEVER ENDING STORY" at Imaike CLUB 3STAR at 2015/11/30 that they will disband after their live at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT at 2016/01/10
  10. special session, "妖怪*セッション" (Yokai Session) will perform at 妖怪夏祭2 (yokai natsu-sai 2/Yokai Summer Festival 2) on August 30 at Shibuya REX. 妖怪*セッション lineup: Vo.雀夜 (suzuya) (ex.トランスノート (Trance Note)) Gt.美沙麗~みざり~ (misery) (ex.Megaromania, 凛 (lin)) Gt.パル (paru) (Smileberry) Ba.塗壁ぬっぺ濡平 (nuppe) (ex.サウイフモノ (souiumono) Dr.ゆきみ (yukimi) (ex.ユナイト (unite))
  11. Nagoya new band "ニーナ(nina)" has formed "ニーナ(nina)" members: Vo.「 」(no name) Gt.玲依(rei) (ex-Gizell-->VESPERIA-->the abyss-->Iro≠Has) Gt.桔梗(kikyou) (ex-Iro≠Has) Ba.深月(mizuki) https://twitter.com/official_27nina
  12. Aferni

    Anyone remember NEGA, well of course you do they were amazing. After they disbanded a new band was announced, THE BLACK SWAN. As soon as my friend Saito and I heard this news we were pumped, we loved NEGA and we loved JIN. It was a while before we heard any music since the announcement of this new band, but then two previews were released on youtube months later. The song's Jishin Boukansha and I SOLATION. Imo THE BLACK SWAN sounds amazing, their live single kurochou is great. It's like listening to NEGA, i guess that's the sound JIN was going for considering how much significance Jishin Boukansha has. Seems to say that TBS is the continuation of the “expression” that he was trying to make at the end of NEGA. It took him a while to find members who wanted to express that same thing, and he almost gave up, but eventually found the lineup that forms TBS today. He also mentions that TBS song Jishin Boukansha (自深傍観者) is highly related to the NEGA songs - and THE LAST TIMES FOREVER. At their event KILLER X KILLER CARNIVAL, they will have I SOLATION freely distributed to staff workers. FIRST TOUR 2014 「NEEDLESS × NEEDLESS」 TOUR FINAL KILLER × KILLER CARNIVAL 2014-09-11 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA THE BLACK SWAN / Sel'm / Femme Fatale / ERIZA / Nihilizm / SAVAGE ※ I SOLATION freely distributed to attendees
  13. Sadie's vocalist Mao will co-star as a fashion shop owner in BL movie "飴とキス (Ame to Kiss)". Mao's character is a gentle person who gives advice to the main character. Although this is Mao's first time being an actor, the director gave compliments to his acting. Ame to Kiss's DVD will be released on 2015/07/25 for 3980yen. https://www.facebook.com/amekissmovie
  14. シェルミィ(Shellmy) will officially resume activities at their live at 2015/05/15, and their new maxi single "平成メンヘラセオリー(heisei menheler theory)" will be released at 2016/05/15 (1,080yen) シェルミィ(Shellmy) current line-up: Vo.豹(hyou) (ex-Magna, 10万ヴォルト。(100000volt)) Gt.友我(yuga) Gt.薫(kaoru) Ba.凌央(ryo) (ex-Philter-->RevleZ) Dr.爻(kou) (ex-CRACK ADDICT, Velours-->VERTEX(support)-->dr.tarantula(support)-->UnRealistic) [track list] 01.平成メンヘラセオリー(heisei menheler theory) 02.君の首を絞めるうた(kimi no kubi wo shimeru uta) btw they will hold their presents live "ぼくらのグランギニョル(bokura no grand guignol)" at Shinsaibashi FANJ-twice at 2016/06/22 SET-LIST at 2016/04/01: 01.平成メンヘラセオリー 02.フラッシュバック炉利ポップ 03.咀嚼 04.インスティンクト_リクエスト 05.君の首を締めるうた
  15. FoLLoW will release a new single titled ジキル&ハイド“ (Jekyll & Hyde) on March 30th, 2016 Limited Edition 1944 Yen 01. ジキル&ハイド“ (Jekyll & Hyde) 02. ロミオ&ジュリエット (Romeo and Juliet) DVD: Jekyll & Hyde PV + Making Regular Edition 1620 Yen 01. ジキル&ハイド“ (Jekyll & Hyde) 02. ロミオ&ジュリエット (Romeo and Juliet) 03. 春風 (harukaze)
  16. 暴徒教團 666-six- has commenced their formal activities after their live at Nishikujou BRAND NEW at 2015/06/28, and they will hold their first formal live at HOLIDAY OSAKA at 2015/07/20 暴徒教團 666-six- members: Vo.霞弥(caya) (ex-リミット-LIMIT-) Gt.Seiya Gt.光 Ba.KeNKeN
  17. @LgoS. live-limited one-coin single "Sick dictator" will be released (500yen) [track list] 01.Beginning of disease 02.MADMAN GATHERING
  18. ガアラ(gaara) will revive for one-day at their live at Hiroshima SECOND CRUTCH at 2015/12/13
  19. new band "GHAZAL" will hold their first formal live at Ikebukuro CYBER at 2015/05/01 "GHAZAL" members: Vo.96(kuroku) Ba.みそ(miso) http://ghazal.website/
  20. Izumi of Madeth gray'll has been posting two covers on his youtube channel, one which is a Madeth gray'll cover with Hatsune Miku vocals. He has also been tweeting about starting a new band with a female vocalist which (presumably) will start activities in 2016. https://twitter.com/0620St
  21. Fixer has joined Starwave Records at 2016/02/23, and their new full album "Fixer" will be released at 2016/06/15 (2 TYPE, limited 1000 each), which will be sold in advance at their free one-man live "NEON GENESIS" at Ebisu club aim at 2016/05/12
  22. Devil Kitty will have an important announcement at their live in Takadanobaba Area at 2016.01.26 https://twitter.com/DK_yuga/status/690973173093761025
  23. Vo.レム(remu) has joined Headphone★Baby at 2016/03/02, and new line-up will hold their first live at Shinsaibashi paradigm at 2016/03/19 their new single "HERO-改-" will be released through their official web-shop and at their live since 2016/03/19 (700yen) [track list] 01.HERO-改- 02.HERO-改-(inst.) https://twitter.com/hb_remu
  24. support Gt.まとい(matoi)(f.k.a. 咲斗(sakuto)) has officially joined PIGLOW in GLOOMY at their presents live "うか。(uka)" at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 at 2016/02/26, and their live-limited single (title not yet finalized) will be released at their live since 2016/05, and their new mini album (title not yet finalized) will be released through indie CD stores in 2016/08, although details have not yet been announced btw they will hold their one-man live "いそー。(iso)" at Higashikouenji 20000V at 2016/08/16
  25. Veritas en void new album "STELLA MIIRA" will be released at 2016/09/02 (3,240yen) [track list] 01.Träumerei 02.Lycanthrope 03.座礁(zashou) 04.Helter Skelter 05.CLUBROSSO 06.figues 07.黒い夢(kuroi yume) 08.silent majority 09.Venus has a tail 10.Lamia 11.Passiflora~針の筵(hari no mushiro)~ 12.ヨスガノホシ(yosuga no hoshi)
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