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Found 2682 results

  1. ADAMS best album "ORIGINAL LOVE" will be released at 2015/11/22, which will include their previous songs and remixed songs
  2. 直樹(naoki)(DEATHGAZE) is recruiting Vo. / Gt. / Ba. for his new band (recruiting deadline 2016/03/31) http://jellyrecords.jp/menbo/
  3. It was announced at DADAROMA 2nd Anniversary One Man Tour Final 「造花とカラシニコフ」 (1/14) that they will release their 3rd mini-album '「dadaism♯3」' on April 19. In addition their tour 'MASTURBATION.' will begin on 5/20 (SAT) at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 (Yoshiatsu's birthday live) until the tour final on 7/9 (SUN) at Shinjuku RENY. Pictures on Twitter but I'm too lazy to copy them. If anyone has the setlist from tonight I'd love to see it.
  4. Trombe

    special band "LUNA MATTINO" (LUNA SEA cover) will perform at Ikebukuro CHOP at 2014/08/11 and at 2014/08/12 "LUNA MATTINO" members: Vo.SOU (emmuree, …。【サイレンス】(silence)) Gt.CANOU (MUNIMUNI) Gt.ZULL (…。【サイレンス】(silence)) Ba.KOTO (amber gris) Dr.SALLY (101A, SELVES) special band "廃人バンド(haijin band)" (Laputa cover) will perform at Ikebukuro CHOP at 2014/08/11 "廃人バンド(haijin band)" members: Vo.nigu (ex-cocklobin) Gt.源依織(minamotono iori) (ex-cocklobin, now in Femme Fatale) Ba.殊(koto) (amber gris) Dr.響(hibiki) (ex-the studs, now in DIMMDIVISION.) special band "G:K" (Zi:Kill cover) will perform at Ikebukuro CHOP at 2014/08/11 and will hold their presents live "Pandora's Box" at Ebisu club aim at 2014/08/28 "G:K" members: Vo.ToshiA (FAZ) Gt.カイエ(kaie) (ex-Vasalla, now in KISSBULLET) Ba.LEAYA (ex-Vasalla, now in L.S.K) Dr.MIKAGE (ex-VII-Sense) (at 2014/08/11) Dr.雅美(masami) (フーデッドシール(fooded seal)) (at 2014/08/28) special band "TAKEI MIZER" (MALICE MIZER cover?) will perform at Ikebukuro CHOP at 2014/08/12 "TAKEI MIZER" members: Vo.&Gt.aie (the god and death stars, highfashionparalyze, THE MADCAP LAUGHS) Gt.ユアナ(yuana) (STEREO.C.K) Ba.seek (Mix Speaker's,Inc.) Dr.MAKOTO TAKEI (cali≠gari)
  5. Gotcharocka have been announced at their oneman-live "Black Pop Parade" at Akasaka Blitz that their 3rd full album will be released in May 2017! They also announced their new tour for the "5th anniversary" of the band which will begin on May 13 at Nishikawaguchi Hearts and will end on July 29 at Esaka Muse, after which they will celebrate their 5th anniversary on August 18 2017 at Tsutaya O-East (1300 seats) They also held two live concerts for members of the fan club! : - 14/2/2017 at Takadanobaba Club Phase - 14/3/2017 at Takadanobaba Club Phase In Additions, the band has already announced the next dates for the birthdays of the band members! : JUI BIRTHDAY LIVE -> At Tokyo Cinema Club on 30/6/2017 TOYA BIRTHDAY LIVE -> At Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!!! on 11/8/2017 JUN BIRTHDAY LIVE -> At Kobe Varit on 17/11/2017 They will hold their event "Awesome Prison Vol.3" at Takadanobaba Area and share the stage with The Thirteen, Fest Vanquier and Mitsu!
  6. new unit "地球侵略 鬼ON(chikyushinryaku ONION)" new distributed single "ALIVE×ALIVE" will be released in mid-2016/03 (limited 1000) "地球侵略 鬼ON(chikyushinryaku ONION)" members: Vo.夏彦(natsuhiko) (ex-ざくろ(zakuro)-->UNDER) Gt.冬弥(touya) [track list] 01.ALIVE×ALIVE 02.NO CHANCE TAKE COLOR 03.地獄のトーク(jigoku no talk) http://chikyushinryaku.com/ https://twitter.com/natsuhiko_v2 https://twitter.com/7aZ22aarHxQCat2
  7. Yukimoto

    As part of a 3 release campaign including "Gray," Reign will release 2 more releases on {2017.06.07] and [2017.09.20]!!!!!! They have a new look which was previously shown on their last thread, but here it is again!
  8. Found an interesting article today...from what I can understand, HOLYCLOCK Vo.龍太朗 (Ryutaro) is looking for his mother whom he hasn't seen since his parents divorced when he was only 4 years old. His father abused him during his childhood, and there is suicide mentioned, but I couldn't really understand what else happened...he has also hoped that his mother would appear at one of his concerts, but she never appeared...anyone willing to translate? http://news.mixi.jp/view_news.pl?id=4250812&media_id=159
  9. Celebrating CROW MUSIC's 20th anniversary, KANSAI ROCK SUMMIT EXPLOSION CIRCUIT vol. 4 will be held Sunday May 21st Participating live houses: Music Club JANUS (cap: 500) OSAKA MUSE (cap: 350) SUNHALL (cap: 400) FANJ twice (cap: 360) CLUB DROP (cap: 300) CLAPPER (cap: 200) Participating artists: 藍-AI- / i.Rias / AWAKE / アヴァンチック / Axkey / ASTARIA / アネモネ / 甘い暴力 / アマンジャク。 / ARCHEMI. / umbrella / A113 / THE EGOIST / ELYSION / 怪人二十面奏 / CANIVAL / 逆襲の自作自演屋。 / グリーヴァ / グリモア / 黒百合と影 / ゴシップ / SAVAGE / ザアザア / THE BLACK SWAN / SHIVA / SHAPE SHIFTER / シェルミィ / 篠突く雨 / シビレバシル / -真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ / Jin-Machine / Smileberry / sliver / DIEALO / chariots / DEVIZE / dexcore / NIL UNDER RAIN / Neverland / バラライカ / Purple Stone / Paranoid≠circuS / PIGLOW in GLOOMY / FIXER / BLaive / BabyKingdom / THE BEETHOVEN / ベル / ベルゼモ / The Benjamin / HOLYCLOCK / マイナス人生オーケストラ / More / MORRIGAN / ラヴェーゼ / Leetspeak monsters / REVINE / the Raid. / REIGN / RAINDIA ★Preorder for tickets is between Feb. 20th and March 7th via postal transfer (more details on crow music's site) ★General sales starts on March 25th ★You only get one wristband, if it snaps off etc it becomes invalid ★Doors 11:30, start 12:00 ★On the day off starting at 9:30, exchanging your ticket to a wristband will take place at SUNHALL. ★Timetable will be released later (normally it's released about a month before the event)
  10. New band Kobe band シリンジ (Syringe) has formed. Vo. 纏(Matoi) Gt. sawma Ba. 莉零 (Rio) Dr. 稀弥(Kimi) They will participate in their first live at Kobe VARIT on the 8th of September.
  11. Jigsaw9

    According to their mysterious new Twitter account the cult post-punk / proto-VK band EX-ANS will restart activities in 2015 autumn, with their classic lineup no less! vocal: RAY (Koji Suzuki) guitar: Yukino bass: SEIJI drums: HARA https://twitter.com/ex_ans_official
  12. new band "Lien" will hold their first live "The first cry of rebellion" at Hiroshima SECOND CRUTCH at 2016/04/17 "Lien" members: Vo.aki (ex-Nineth Eriot-->orchestral the ambient carnival U, now in aegnoir) Gt.雅(masa) (ex-ネクロナスティ(necro-nasty)-->ANOTHER AGE 6696-->Ravens Nest-->KiLiK-->ガアラ(gaara)-->イザナギ(izanagi)) Gt.たけも(takemo) (ex-ネクロナスティ(necro-nasty)-->ANOTHER AGE 6696-->Ravens Nest-->KiLiK-->ガアラ(gaara)-->イザナギ(izanagi)) Ba.聖(shou) (ex-リングマイベル(RiNG My BelL), now in Mr.unknown) support Dr.空(sora) http://lienofficial.wix.com/lien
  13. after being temporarily on hiatus at 2012/09/28, MUNIMUNI will resume activities at their "reincarnation" presents live "DAYDREAM NATION" at Ikebukuro CHOP at 2012/12/07 with new Dr. related thread: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=15304&p=244746#p244746
  14. CREATURE CREATURE members are in the process of recording for their new album, for which 6 songs have been finished, although details have not yet been announced
  15. REMNANT members are now in the process of recording for their new album "Ewigkeit", although details have not yet been announced remastering ver. of their previous CD "Das Ende" will be available for free download in 2016/04
  16. COLD WOMAN has disbanded at 2016.04.15 Their members new band KISS the CROWN has formed under VIS☆UNITED RECORDS (sub-label of POP☆UNITED) at the same date. Members : Vo.Yu-ta Gu.Show-Di Ba.Kenta Dr.Tatsuya Their first single "カミソリ" (Kamisori) will be released at 2016.06.08 (3 songs, 1500 yens) Tracklist : 01. カミソリ (Kamisori) 02. SUPER★STAR 03. Egoistic Paint
  17. Hitomi will hold his birthday live on March 30 at Takadanobaba AREA. Guest musicians: aie (the god and death stars, KEEL, gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy) Ivy (ラッコ (Lack-co), ex-Moran) Aki (Lc5) おおくぼけい (アーバンギャルド (Avantgarde)) しゅうた (Shuuta) (ex-Glam Gramm@r) Nao (Alice Nine) 高麗 匠 (Takamori Kaori) 源 依織 優一 (Yuichi) Lay ...and more... http://ameblo.jp/moran-hitomi/entry-12248271454.html
  18. 直祈(naoki)(ex-AMETHYST-->BrandΦ-->Luzmelt-->THE CANVASE-->JILKA) new project "GE+IM" will hold their 50-attendant-limited short one-man live & talk event "XとYの集中治療 Lv.1" at Shinjuku FNV at 2015/11/14, at which their one-coin single (title not yet finalized) will be released (500yen) http://geim-official.com/
  19. Trombe

    Créateur will disband after their live at Shibuya REX at 2015/02/26, and it is not possible to sell their new maxi single "Destiny of collapse" at their live, which might be changed to live-distributed single
  20. new band "glamscure" will hold their first live at Takadanobaba AREA at 2015/04/23, and their new maxi single "subliminal" will be released through their official web-shop and at their live since 2015/04/23 (1,620yen) "glamscure" members: Vo.ケイオス(chaos) (ex-クオリア(Qualia), Pink-Tribal) Gt.ハルイ(harui) (ex-ヴィデオグラマァ(video glamour)(support)-->un-->pezment) Ba.祈〜いのり〜(inori) (ex-Serpentine†Ghost-->蟻-ant--->閉鎖病棟(heisabyoutou)-->pezment, now in …。【サイレンス】(silence)) support Dr.純(jun) (ex-閉鎖病棟(heisabyoutou), now in カラビンカ(kalavinka)) [track list] 01.fruitless 02.s±n 03.subliminal http://www.glamscure.com/
  21. it is announced at VENOM last presents live "Screech into the Rain." at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2015/07/08 that their members new band "Screech in2 the Rain." will hold their first live at 2015/07/17, and their new mini album "Screech in2 the Rain." will be sold in advance at their first presents live "Rain that killed the Sun." at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2015/08/11 (2,000yen) "Screech in2 the Rain." members: Vo.タカ(taka) (ex-シルヴァ(silva)-->VENOM) Gt.Takeru (ex-Schein en himmel-->D-rape-->VENOM) Ba.光(hikaru) (ex-VENOM) Dr.シンヤ(shinya) (ex-グラミー(glammy)-->ルギナ(rugina)(Gt.)-->LED R.I.P(Dr.AZUSA)-->ZOID-->VENOM(support)) https://twitter.com/SitR0811
  22. In 08/25/2015 The session band "C" will debut at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU! Members: Vocal: RIKU (Ex-Lin -The End Of Corruption World-) Guitar : Kaz (Ex-VII Sense --> (Ex-Chariots [support]) Bass : Jin (Ex-Unsraw --> (Ex-Chariots [support]) Drums : Mikage (Ex-VII Sense --> (Ex-Chariots [support]) )
  23. new band "シークレット(仮)" (tentative name) has formed at 2016/03/31, and they will commence their formal activities at their live at 2016/05/18, although official band name has not yet been announced new band members: Vo.管谷ゆわ(sugaya yuwa) Gt.Coco (ex-Créateur(support Ba.)-->とりあえず小悪魔同盟(toriaezu koakuma doumei)-->Gemini(希音/neo)) Gt.松下大志(matsushita daishi) Ba.凜(lynn) (ex-Rybla-->UNVOID(support)-->とりあえず小悪魔同盟(toriaezu koakuma doumei)-->Gemini) http://kawaient.jp/secret/
  24. Misaruka will release their latest FULL ALBUM called "All Of Life" on 03/29/2017 and it will contain 26 songs (Divided into 2 discs) DISC 1 : 1) -Amakusa- 2) -Sin- 3) -Jester- 4) -Ariel- 5) -Baiser- 6) -Jailer Of Justice- 7) -Juliet- 8 ) -Rasen- 9) -Butterfly Effect- 10) -Last Scene- 11) -Separate- 12) -Misty- 13) -Reunion- DISC 2 : 14) -Troy- 15) -Curse Of Contract- 16) -Why Only Me- 17) -Rosary- 18) -Prince- 19) -My Dear Rose- 20) -Rogation- 21) -Calling- 22) -Unacceptable- 23) -Maria- 24) -What Do You Want?- 25) -Hitan No Solist- 26) -Jōnetsu No Akai Bara To Tomoni Chiru-
  25. サムクロ(the Samurai Crows) live-limited one-coin single "星の砂(hoshi no suna)" will be released at their live since their 2nd anniversary presents live "Awakening the「HERO」" at Shinsaibashi soma at 2016/04/17 (1 song, 500yen)
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