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Found 2682 results

  1. Yeti new album "アンチテーゼ(antithese)" will be released at 2016/09/14 (3,000yen) btw they will hold their one-man live at since Yotsuya LOTUS at 2016/09/17 and up to tour final at Daikanyama UNIT at 2017/01/08
  2. Revivals galore! It has been announced that 平成維新 (Heisei Ishin), PERESTROIKA (NEGA members band), and N@H will revive for one day at the two-day memorial event for vocalist 拓 (Taku), who passed away in 2010. 平成revolution party 2016 -大阪編- (Heisei revolution party 2016 -Osakahen-) will be held at Osaka amHALL on December 9 and will feature the following bands: HEISEI ISHIN GIGAMOUS N@H More THE BLACK SWAN 貘-baku- かをる★ (Kaworu★) 平成revolution party 2016 -東京編- (Heisei revolution party 2016 -Tokyohen-) will be held at Takadanobaba AREA on December 13 and will feature the following bands: PERESTROIKA GIGAMOUS N@H More 貘-baku- mitsu (ex-vNEU)
  3. hitsuji-hime

    ドレミ團(doremidan) will revive at their live at Shinjuku ReNY on March 20, 2015 for their 13th anniversary. They will go under the name, ドレミ團 -Don't Let Me Down-.
  4. mysterious new band "THE MYSTERY" mysteriously forms The name choice for their twitter handle is even more mysterious: @dhFW38GDVnxNih7
  5. Peace Heavy mk II

    Pretty much what the thread title implies: songs that have melodies taken from classical music ('classical' being used loosely here. Quite a few examples aren't classical and are either baroque or romantic). I'm making this because I want to see a compiled list, plus I'm tired of people saying 'this sounds like the melody of this song by __band name here__!!!' when said melody is actually not written by the aforementioned band at all. Most recent example that sparked me to actually do this: X's "Rose of Pain." Any sort of Japanese music is welcome as a contribution. ANYWAY, the list. I'll start it, and if people would like to add more to it just post and I'll get around to updating this post as like a master thread or something. I'll probably also make a Last.fm journal with tags so more people can add to it as well and so it will be easier to find. This original list are just a few examples that I can think of off the top of my head. When I come across more I'll definitely add to it. Cannot wait to type out the 203040524524542 examples of "In the Hall of the Mountain King!" Johann Sebastian Bach - ''Little'' Fugue in G minor, BMV 578 -ライチ☆光クラブ (Litchi Hikari Club) : "Dark Knight" -Vidoll : "マユラ↓↑ピサロト" -Werkmare : "Psychopath" -X Japan : "Rose of Pain" -Mucc: "Hana" Bach - Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor -Art Cube : "夢描写" -Most of of Moi Dix Mois' discog Mozart - Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, KV 550: I. Allegro Molto -Hizaki : "Mizerable" Dvořák - Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Op. 95 (From the New World): IV. Allegro Con Fuoco -凛 -the end of corruption world- (Rin / Lin -the end of corruption world-) : "Over the Rainbow" Edvard Grieg - Op.46, In The Hall Of Mountain King Like every vkei band ever. CELL-セル- : "背徳と決断の意思" Kaya : "Madam Rosa" 己龍 (The kiryu) : "桜絡ミ" Rentrer en Soi : "精神死13度目" Sleep my Dear : "Death" ウォッカ (The Vodka) : "before vendetta[?]" アヴァンチック (Avanchick): "アイドル" Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5 Dir en Grey : "Deity" Raphael : "花咲く命ある限り" Vallquar-ワルキューレ: "惨愴プレリュード" Vidoll : "Love Affair" Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D Arc : "落書き教科書" hide : "Rocket Dive" L'arc en ciel : "Blurry Eyes" Lmc : "Boys and Girls" Moran : "Fender" The Cherry Cokes : "Forward Again" DEZERT: "チョコレートクリームチェーンソー" Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major Op.35 (3rd Mov.) Galneryus : "Angel of Salvation" Mozart - Rondo Alla Turca Malice Mizer : "Madrigal" Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 "Ode To Joy" アヴァンチック (Avanchick): "人生ゲーム"
  6. Deviloof new mini album "PURGE" will be released at 2016/08/31 [track list] The Gate of PURGE A.M.D Doll Play Ishtar syphilischancroidchlamydiaclervicitisprotozoaaids Ruin(PURGE ver.) btw they will hold their free one-man live "The farthest" at Shinsaibashi CLUB DROP at 2016/10/22
  7. Russian VK band Akado released a promo via their Youtube channel of their new single Dark Side which is to be released by the end of January.
  8. it is announced at Lucifer's underground one-man live at Nagoya CLUB ROCK'N'ROLL at 2016/03/30 (i.e. Dr.亜月(atsuki) last live) that their 3 live-limited singles will be released at their live (1,000yen, limited 100 each) 2016/05/26 - "Ms.Amnesiaの悪夢(Ms.Amnesia no akumu)" 2016/06/27 - "聖唾~saliva~" 2016/07/25 - "黒翼の天使(kokuyoku no tenshi)"
  9. GAGA Vo.十(tohka), who has e-mailed his departure decision to other members before recording for their new maxi single and then has halted communication with other members, has decided to depart at 2015/12/03 due to his vocal cord problems and stress, and the band will disband after their presents live "痴情ノ空葬イ。劇毒ヲ以テ死ス。" at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 at 2016/02/27, and release of their new maxi single "痴情(chijou) / 劇毒(gekidoku)" (originally at 2015/12/30) and their one-man live "劇毒ノ青(gekidoku no ao)" at Shibuya RUIDO K2 at 2016/03/26 will be rescinded
  10. Vocalist Daisuke (The Sound Bee HD) has formed a solo project and will hold its first live on February 18, 2017 at Ikebukuro Cyber in an event sponsored by Starwave Records. Band participants : - Syokudaikakkokai - Kalavinka - Begirama - QEDDESHET - Kasumi Birds Orchestra - Scarlet Valse - Misaruka - DaISUKE DARK SIDE (Details of a new CD or future concerts have not been announced yet.) Source : http://simplog.jp/pub/tw/27796252/32 DaISUKE Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/daisuke_side?lang=it DaISUKE Official Blog (Simplog) : http://simplog.jp/top/2584347799 DaISUKE Official Blog (Ameblo) : http://ameblo.jp/dsb-sync/
  11. new band "VETIQUE" will hold their first presents live "1VQK" at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at 2016/04/17, and their new maxi single "INVINCIBLE" will be released at 2016/04/27 (2 TYPE) "VETIQUE" members: Vo.Heven (ex-RAGNALOC-->瀬戸の花嫁(seto no hanayome)-->『期間限定計画』イザナギ(izanagi)-->REDRUM) Gt.詩結(shiyuu) (ex-Dynamis(SHUN)) Ba.ミコト(mikoto) (ex-Veled-->瀬戸の花嫁(seto no hanayome)-->『期間限定計画』イザナギ(izanagi)) Dr.悠丞(yuusuke) (ex-VELDIT-->Dianslave, End;Re(support)) http://vetique.com/
  12. シアトリカルロックホラーミュージカル「ZAKLIA」 new mini album "暴虐のグルチアーゼ(bougyaku no glutease)" will be released at 2015/10/21 (1,944yen) btw they will hold their presents live "Black Vengeance~黒死夢想(kokushimusou)~ Vol.5 感染隔離指定センター AREA(kansen kakuri shitei center AREA)" at Takadanobaba AREA at 2015/11/06
  13. Today at visual graffiti amai bouryoku performed as the opening act. https://twitter.com/sweetviolencejp http://sweet-violence.jp/ You may notice that the dates and locations are the same as hakujitsu no yume & kurohime's last lives. That's because this is the new band that will form. On stage today was Kou, Eiki and Nao in masks as well as a drummer, but I haven't heard who it is.
  14. mysterious new band "独≠Re≠言-貴方ノ生キル道ニ導ヲ-。" will commence their activities at 2017/05/21 (serious?) https://twitter.com/HitoReGoto_4444
  15. SAN (ex-NEGA, Black Gene for the Next Scene) new band, "ラッコ" (LACK-CO.), has formed, although details have yet to be announced. The band will be produced by GLK MUSIC, which is run by Rame (ex-Vidoll, Black Gene for the Next Scene). There is a countdown on their OHP that will stop at midnight on September 15...more details may be announced by then~ OHP Twitter Blog
  16. La'veil MizeriA×Misaruka live-limited collaborative single "La'veil Misaruka〜悲麗なる幻想死儀式(karei naru gensoushigishiki)〜" will be released at their 2-man live "La'veil Misaruka〜悲麗なる幻想死儀式(karei naru gensoushigishiki)〜" at Ebisu club aim at 2016/02/15 (1,500yen) [track list] 01.「 」 / La'veil MizeriA feat.rui 02.-Rosary- / Misaruka feat.祈狂-kikyo-
  17. Z(Moi dix Mois, Art Cube) new band "SHAPE SHIFTER" has formed under DUALCORE SOUND ENTERPRISE at 2015/05. Members : Vo. Z (Moi dix Mois, Art Cube) Gu. 五十嵐 友華 / Igarashi Tomoka Ba. 北條 迅 / Houjou Jin (ex-Black:List(support) → Since1889(support) → ジゴロ(Jigoro)(support), LUNCH VOXX(support) → UnsraW(support), DEPAIN(support) → UnsraW → chariots(support) → SAVAGE(support)) Dr. 安岐 真珠理 / Aki Majuri (ex-BABYLON(support) → SIVA(support) → 時空海賊SEVEN SEAS (Jikuu Kaizoku SEVEN SEAS) → E'm~grief~ → Art Cube(support)) They will hold their first live at 2015/09/30 at Shibuya club asia. http://shape-shifter.jp/
  18. it is announced at nüe free one-man live "鵺の鳴く夜は...(nüe no naku yoru wa)" at Ikebukuro CHOP at 2015/01/11 that their new maxi single "サイレン(siren)" will be released at 2015/05/27 (3 songs, 1,620yen), which will be sold in advance at their presents live "百鬼夜業(hyakkiyagyou)" at Ikebukuro CHOP at 2015/04/24 SET-LIST at 2015/01/11: 01.セルフネグレクト(self neglect) 02.甘い蜜(amai mitsu) 03.スーサイドハニー(suicide honey) 04.深海(shinkai) 05.樹海(jukai) 06.醒めながら夢を見る(samenagara yume wo miru) 07.サイレン(siren) 08.チョコレート(chocolate) 09.自失(jishitsu) 10.境界線(kyoukaisen) 11.同じ月を見ている(onaji tsuki wo miteiru)
  19. LEZARD Vo.来夢(lime) will depart after their one-man live at Shinjuku ReNY at 2016/06/19 due to musical differences among members
  20. マーブルヘッド(marblehead) new album "-僕等の曲天烈大百科-(bokura no kyokuteretsu daihyakka)" will be released at 2016/03/23 (3,000yen) [track list] 01.《-改札-》(kaisatsu) 02.第2話『-通勤途中の悪夢…難産、グリングリン星人。-』(dai2wa『tsuukin tochuu no akumu…nanzan guringurin-seijin』) 03.ハッピーターン野郎(happy turn yarou) 04.オブスタクルマンZⅡ(obstacle man Z II) 05.《-ホーム-》(home) 06.サイコ大好きヴィジュアル系-サイコ!!サイコー!!ヤッサイ!!ラッオー!!バイヤイヤイヤイ!!サイコニナレナイ…。-(psycho daisuki visual-kei psycho!! saikou!! yassai!! rao!! baiyaiyaiyai!! psycho ni narenai…) 07.粉砕骨折(funsai kossetsu) 08.雪崩式コンクリート殴打(nadareshiki concrete ouda) 09.『-者好きさん!そろそろザラキの御時間ですよ!-』(『monosuki-san! sorosoro zaraki no ojikan desu yo!』) 10.《-乗客-》(joukyaku)
  21. new band "NeruNeru" has formed "NeruNeru" members: Gt.柊(syu) Ba.一二三(izumi) Dr.透"(zu) https://twitter.com/NeruNeru_Syu
  22. it is announced at DuelJewel last one-man live at Zepp Tokyo at 2016/02/23 that scene of that last live (5 hours) will be included in their LAST LIVE DVD, although details have not yet been announced
  23. LIV'ERT LAST LIVE DVD "Experience [For] Die 3" will be released through Starwave Records official web-shop at 2016/03/30 (4,500yen, limited 50), which will include complete scene of their last one-man live "Experience [For] Die 3" at Ebisu club aim at 2016/02/29 [DISC 1 track list] 01.Fears 02.Dim the Animus 03.Testament 04.蜃気楼(shinkirou) 05.Regret 06.鼓動(kodou) 07.Capture 08.慟哭(doukoku) 09.D・I・S 10.アネモネ(anemone) 11.Corruption [DISC 2 track list] 12.リフレイン(refrain) 13.Victim 14.Alive 15.Circle of sorrow 16.螺旋(rasen) 17.Psycho 18.Black out EN1 01.歪-HIZUMI- 02.Innocence 03.Abyss 04.輪廻の虚空(rinne no kokuu) EN2 01.Void 02.Proof of Waste
  24. La'veil MizeriA†Crucifixion live-limited coupling demo tape "悲哀ト懺悔(hiai to zange)-悲哀(hiai) ver.-" will be released at their 2-man live "磔ラレタ人形ノ螺旋葬劇~悲哀~" at Higashikouenji 20000V at 2016/05/08 (limited 49), and their live-limited coupling demo tape "悲哀ト懺悔(hiai to zange)-懺悔(zange) ver.-" will be released at their 2-man live "磔ラレタ人形ノ螺旋葬劇~懺悔~" at Shinsaibashi JUZA at 2016/05/29 (limited 49), at which 祈狂-kikyo-×二人静(futarishizuka) special unit "らせん(rasen)" will perform and their live-limited CD "螺旋葬劇(rasensougeki)" will be released 悲哀(hiai) ver. [track list] 01.哀玩人形(aiganningyou) feat.祈狂-kikyo- 02.deep[SLAY] feat.二人静(futarishizuka) 懺悔(zange) ver. [track list] 01.deep[SLAY] feat.二人静(futarishizuka) 02.哀玩人形(aiganningyou) feat.祈狂-kikyo-
  25. RYOGA(ex-ViViD) new unit "ReFrain ReFrain" has formed, and samples of their songs could be listened to in their OHP "ReFrain ReFrain" members: Vo.&Gt.中村禎(nakamura sadamu) (ex-M.cry(support)-->ViViD(RYOGA)) Gt.吉田啓一(yoshida keiichi) support Dr.YOSSY(吉岡拓馬/yoshioka takuma) (ex-「VIA」-->エリス(eris)(support)-->REVIL-->GLARENOVEL, GALNERYUS Dr.Jun-ichi student) http://www.pscompany.co.jp/refrain_refrain/
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