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Found 5 results

  1. webm4ster

    WOW it's me again, this time I finally finished scanning volume 29, from 1995. I go on and on about it on the actual blog page, but for anyone who looks through it; it's really interesting to see the beginnings of certain themes and concepts in visual kei, especially the 'cyber' visual that became popular nearer the new millennium, and also there's some nods to the more heavy visual style of kote kei that was developing. There's great graphic design from DIE-ZW3E, a very old Shazna ad (with Katsura on drums, who as we know later joined BAISER), Laputa, Penicillin, THE DEAD POP STARS, etc. etc. A long Hyde feature is there also; Tetsu-era MALICE MIZER too, Genkaku Allergy ... it's a good volume. My favourite find is a miniscule picture of SAKRUN, they're fantastic. Here's some previews: If anything's unreadable, let me know. I'll re-scan pages by page since I don't think it's worth re-scanning everything that's a little blurry. Here's the blog page, the file size is 1.66 GB. enjoy!
  2. webm4ster

    Here I go logging in for the first time in (like...) six months. I've made it a (painful, admittedly) project to scan in all of my magazines in full and have them available for download. The reason being, a) it's cool to have images and know where/when they're from and b) I think it'll be good for newer fans especially to see where bands they know came from/the culture at the time. I tend to get slightly frustrated when people seem to completely rip bands apart from their context or not really be aware of the wider culture at the time. I'm putting this up on a blogspot (please enjoy my very marketable skill in web design) and here's the links. I'll add some previews to this post (they'll be quite small, apologies). The next one I'm scanning is volume 29. I need to put up volume 15 too; the scans are each about 2GB (zipped) so it's for the very dedicated. Enjoy ! from vol. 5: from vol. 8: page links: volume 5 : https://biological-slicer.blogspot.com/2020/09/shoxx-vol-5-september-1991-full-scans.html volume 8 : https://biological-slicer.blogspot.com/2020/09/shoxx-vol-8-1992-full-scans.html
  3. リリース: 1994年10月26日 レーベル: MCAレコード ▼収録曲 01. Loveless 02. Rosier 03. Face To Face 04. Civilize 05. Genesis Of Mind~夢の彼方へ~ 06. Aurora 07. In Future 08 .Fake 09. True Blue 10. Mother What are your thoughts on the album?
  4. My newest translation is one of the most beloved themes by the mythical band Buck-Tick (weird that I didn't found any lyric of theirs here). In general their texts are quite hard to untie, especially this one, so I tried to translate each word at best and as always you can suggest me anything about it. I hope you like it! Kanji: 歩き出す月の螺旋を 流星だけが空に舞っている そこからは小さく見えたあなただけが 優しく手を振る 頬に流れ出す 赤い雫は せめてお別れのしるし 初めから知っていたはずさ 戻れるなんて だけど…少しだけ 忘れよう全てのナイフ 胸を切り裂いて 深く沈めばいい まぶた 浮かんで消えていく残像は まるで母に似た光 そして涙も血もみんな枯れ果て やがて遥かなる想い どれほど悔やみ続けたら 一度は優しくなれるから? サヨナラ 優しかった笑顔 今夜も一人で眠るのかい? 頬に流れ出す赤い雫は せめてお別れのしるし 今夜 奇麗だよ月の雫で 汚れたこの体さえも どんなに人を傷つけた 今夜は優しくなれるから? サヨナラ 悲しかった笑顔 今夜も一人で眠るのかい? Romaji: Arukidasu tsuki no rasen wo yuusei dake ga sora ni matte iru soko kara wa chiisaku mieta anata dake ga yasashiku te wo furu. Hoho ni nagaredasu akai shizuku wa semete owakare no shirushi. Hajime kara shitte ita hazu sa modoreru nante dakedo…sukoshi dake wasureyou subete no naifu mune wo kiri saite fukaku shizumeba ii. Mabuta ukande kiete iku zanzou wa marude haha ni nita hikari soshite namida mo chi mo minna kare hate yagate haruka naru omoi. Dore hodo kuyami tsuzuketara ichido wa yasashiku nareru ka na? sayonara yasashikatta egao konya mo hitori de nemuru no kai? Hoho ni nagaredasu akai shizuku wa semete owakare no shirushi konya kirei da yo tsuki no shizuku de yogoreta kono karada sae mo Donna ni hito wo kizutsuketa konya wa yasashiku nareru ka na? sayonara kanashikatta egao konya mo hitori de nemuru no kai? Translation: When I got away from the moon spiral, only a falling star was dancing in the sky. From there, only you, who seem little, waved gently the hand. The red drops, flowing in the cheeks, are at least a sign of farewell. Since the beginning I should have known that I can’t leave But… only for a little Let’s forget all the knives It’s good cutting the chest and deeply drowning. On the eyelids the afterimages are floating and disappearing As if the light resembles the Mother And all the tears, the blood, the withered things And the feelings become distant. How long I should be sorry So that I get used to be kind? Goodbye gentle smile Will I sleep alone tonight? The red drops, flowing in the cheeks, are at least a sign of farewell. Even tonight my body is wet by the beautiful tears of the moon. For how long I should hurt other people So that I get used to be kind tonight? Goodbye sad and gentle smile Will I sleep alone tonight? Kanji/Romaji from Jpopasia Translation is mine, so credit before posting elsewhere!
  5. Last year I bought this CD, a band named, "Cassis". I do know a little about this band like their names but that's about it. I found them on Youtube. The Youtube video is an omnibus called, "VHS Approach III". (Just putting this out here in case someone gives me the link to this video that theyre in.) Since I listened to this song, I typed in their name and saw a CD of theirs on Yahoo Auctions. I think this is a rare CD, since I have been continuously searching them up on any auction site (even Rarezhut) I didn't find any of their stuff ever again. I believe I was extremely lucky to get this. I have such trouble finding out info on this band and this CD. If I can find old photos or maybe more demo tapes, this would be so amazing!! I know the lead singer Yuki went to join Sigmund Freud (any links to their music would be great too... THANKS) I only have this one CD by them and I was wondering how I can do further research on them? I really love this band. I even began typing Cassis in Japanese, putting the band members names in and typing key words like (1998, Yuki, etc). Nothing... Only a list of places they performed at. There has got to be more info on these guys around the web. I won't give up, I just feel like I need some help. Any help is really appreciated. Thank you so much!!! <3 I'll post pictures of the album cover and what they look like.
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