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Found 14 results

  1. Hey there, I bought these 2 photobooks in Tokyo, quite a while ago. They are in a very good condition. The white one has photos only, while the Tour documentary one also has text. I am selling both for 8€ or each for 5€. Shipping will be from Germany. Paypal accepted. I also have a pink bag from An Cafe for their tour in 2008, plus stickers. (5€) Also I am selling a photoset of Sizna from his time in Moran (it's from several photosets), one is signed by himself. (10€) And a photoset from VII Sense (I think from maybe around 2011), but note: Erina is missing. (4€) I also have two photos from Rito - Lycaon, from around 2011, note: the one in the middle is sold! (1€ each) Codomo Dragon postcard (1€) and trading cards (each 0,50€) And chekis from: Love Lock - Gotaro (ex. Lagna), Sou (also in Sith.) (3€ each or Gotaro set 5€ Sou set 7€ or 10€ for all together) Scapegoat Sayula (3€) Ren (ex. Astro Boy, Tokyo Shitei) (1€ each) Taishi (ex. DIMLIM, Pisaro) (3€ each) Please also check out my ebay links for the signed posters that I have of An Cafe, DJ Sizen and Luzmelt x the fool! https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/an-cafe-poster/1219386212-75-3514 https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/jap-ro-2010-festival-poster-luzmelt-und-the-fool/1219378623-75-3514 https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/dj-sizen-poster/1219368938-75-3514 I also bought this DIO single twice by accident 白夜二燃ユル花~汝、我は全能の者也~ [CD+DVD]<初回生産限定盤> (5€) It's in perfect condition https://imgur.com/Q2oDxO9 https://imgur.com/gwNvF7C https://imgur.com/OCdb1jd
  2. Hello everyone. I am trying to clean out a part of my collection that has been collecting dust, so the more I get rid off the better. Payment would be via Paypal, shipping from Germany to the World. Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees. Pictures of the items can be provided upon request, as well as a link to my ebay-feedback. Since this is a Clear-Out Sale I am happy to give discounts when several items are purchased. (Or to negotiate prices if you are not happy with them.) I am also willing to provide those who buy a VHS with an additional rip of said VHS on DVD for an additional fee of 3€. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. CDs/DVDs Alice Nine – Alice in Wonder Film X Mas Edition (DVD) 25€ An Cafe - Hibiya at the O - new Sekai (Bou Last Live, 2 DVDs) 25€ An Cafe - Live Cafe 2005.12.03 Shibuya O-East (DVD) 20€ An Cafe - Snow Scene (CD+DVD) 9€ An Cafe - Magnya Carta (CD + DVD) 14€ An Cafe – Shikisai Moment (CD +DVD) 14€ Asagi - Corvinus (CD + DVD) 9€ Buck Tick – The 7th Floor with Diana (2DVDs) 30€ D - 7th Rose (CD + DVD) 15 € D – L'Oiseau Bleu (CD + DVD) 9€ D – L'Oiseau Bleu (CD) 7 € D – L'Oiseau Bleu (Bonus Making Off DVD) 5 € (or as Bonus for someone who takes both versions of L'Oiseau Bleu) D – Tafel Anatomie Limited Edition 15€ (There is a small dent in the obi) D – In the Name of the Rose (Limited Edition) 15€ D'espairs Ray – Brilliant 7€ D'espairs Ray – Spiral Staircase (DVD) 20€ Jeanne Da Arc – Fate or Fortune Live at Budokan (DVD) 12€ Kaya - A lot of 4 Vampire Requiem Comment DVDs, all four for 5€ or as a Bonus with a bigger purchase. Kirito - Existence Proof RE:PARADOX (DVD) 20€ Kirito – Existence Proof RE: PARADOX Making DVD 10€ Kirito - Hameln 12€ Klaha - Nostal lab 12€ Lareine – Scarlet Majesty (DVD) 35€ ON HOLD Lareine – Live Document Film at TOKYO KINEMA CLUB (DVD) 35€ ON HOLD Lareine – Fleur (DVD) 10€ ON HOLD Lareine – Making DVD (Bonus for purchasing three limited Singles) 10€ Lareine – Making Clips (DVD) 20€ Lareine - Chantons L'Amour 70€ Lareine - Legend of Fantasy 3 DVD Box 120€ Matenrou Opera – Abyss (limited box with Tshirt) 15€ Matenrou Opera - Gloria 7€ Matenrou Opera – Dawn of Anomie in Akasaka Blitz (DVD) 20€ Medusa – Aka no Bible 3€ Moi dix Mois - Dixanadu Tour DVD 20€ Mucc – Utagoe (CD + DVD) 9€ Versailles – Aesthethic Violence Princess Stairs (Hizaki Version) The necklace is missing 10€ Viored - Chaos 7€ Viored – Chaos (CD + Slipcase and Photobooklet) 9€ X Japan - Blue Blood 12€ Tapes: Crack Brain Demo Tape (Hizaki of Versailles and Jupiter) 7€ VHS New Sodmy – Last Lie 2 VHS Set 25€ Photobooks: An Cafe – 9 Dance War Photobook (+ Bonds/Kizuna Bonus DVD) 15€ Lareine – Essay Book 10€ Malice Mizer – Livre Rosé (Regular Edition) 10€ Magazines: Cure Vol.57 3€ Rock and Read 35 5€ Rock and Read 36 5€ Rock and Read 37 5€ Pamphlets Moi dix Mois - Dis Inferno 7€ Moi dix Mois - Dix Infernal 7€ Moi dix Mois - Beyond the Gate 7€ V-Rock Festival 09 7€ Versailles World Tour 2012 Holy Grail 7€ Band Scores: Versailles Holy Grail Band Score 12€
  3. The title says it all: what are your favourite An Cafe Videos and why? Would love to hear about your favorites
  4. What are you your favourite An Cafe songs? Make a list of a maximum of your fav 10 An Cafe songs to nyappy up all our hearts!
  5. Here is a place to share all of your An Cafe concert experiences! They can be good or bad, but hopefully most memories are positive ones. was there a special moment that you still remember? Feel free to share anything!
  6. アンティック-珈琲店- (An Cafe) will release their new album 『ラフ・ソング』(Laugh Song) at 2017.2.22 (2 types) Regular edition include CD (¥2,800) and limited edition include CD+DVD (¥4,800) Tracklist: 01. 千年DIVE!!!!! (Sennen DIVE!!!!!) 02. JIBUN 03. 恋するサンタクロース (Koi suru Santa Claus) 04. 熱くなれ (Atsukunare) 05. 生きるための3秒ルール (Ikiru Tame no 3-byou Rule) 06. 涙より重いWAR (Namida yori Omoi WAR) 07. JUMBO 08. ラフ・ソング (Laugh Song) 09. new song (tba) 10. new song (tba) 11. スマイル一番イイ♀ (Smile Ichiban Ii Onna) ~2015ver. ~English ver.~ (included in limited edition) 12. 熱くなれ (Atsukunare) ~English ver.~ (included in limited edition) DVD: LIVE CAFE 2016「ココロディスコ」(Kokoro Disco)
  7. 2017年2月22日 メジャー1st Album「ラフ・ソング」発売決定! アンティック-珈琲店- メジャー 1st Album「ラフ・ソング」 発売日:2月22日(水) ●初回限定盤 CD+DVD 品番:JBCW-9001 価格:4,800(税込) <収録曲> ※曲順不同 01.千年DIVE!!!!! 02.JIBUN 03.恋するサンタクロース 04.熱くなれ 05.生きるための3秒ルール 06.涙より重いWAR 07.JUMBO 08.ラフ・ソング 09.新曲(※タイトル未定) 10.新曲(※タイトル未定) <初回限定盤のみ収録> 熱くなれ ~English ver.~ スマイル一番イイ♀~2015ver. ~English ver.~ <特典DVD> LIVE CAFE 2016「ココロディスコ」 LIVE DVD ●通常盤 CD 品番:JBCW-9002 価格:2,800(税込)  <収録曲> ※曲順不同 01.千年DIVE!!!!! 02.JIBUN 03.恋するサンタクロース 04.熱くなれ 05.生きるための3秒ルール 06.涙より重いWAR 07.JUMBO 08.ラフ・ソング 09.新曲(※タイトル未定) 10.新曲(※タイトル未定) <全形態共通封入特典> ・直筆サイン入り(コピー)トレカ全6種類のうち1種類をランダム封入 ・連動応募特典用ニャッピーマーク ・2種連動間違い探し企画連動特典応募用シリアルナンバー入り
  8. haiironoanemone

    Hello dear monochrome heaven community I'm a Japanese studies student and I am planning to write my seminary paper about Visual Kei this semester. To be concrete, I would like to analyze modern Visual kei lyrics (language and contents) and thought about analyzing them according to subgenres and take e.g 5 bands per sub-genre. Now my problem is that there are so many especially recent bands where I don't know which subgenre they belong to and also, there are so many subgenres and everyone writes about them a bit differently. The ones I found out in a Japanese master thesis and in the internet are: 1) Kote-kei (90's bands, so I probably won't need that one as I'm focusing on modern VK) 2) Oshare-kei (I guess the samples explain it) An Cafe, LM.C, SuG, Kra 3) Koteosu-kei (mix of Kote kei and oshare kei) Bands: the Gazette, Nightmare 4) Sofubi-kei (natural make-up, softer music that is catchy and easy to listen to) Alice Nine, Vivid, SID (late era) 5) O-tanbi-kei (Influenced by the renaissance in Europe) Versailles, Misaruka, D, Kaya 6) O-warai-kei (I guess the examples explain what this subgenre is like) Golden Bomber, this is a Pen 7) Wafuu-kei (costumes & setting traditionally Japanese, also using typically Japanese instruments) Kagrra, Kiryu, Zin, Memento Mori, Orochi 8 ) Angura kei (also traditional Japanese setting& costume but usually very dark) MUCC, cali gari, guruguru eigakan, Plastic tree, heidi, Waggakki band sub-sub genres: misshitsu-kei, chikashitsu-kei, shironuri kei, eroguro kei, showa kayou kei 9) Kirakira/host-kei The Sherry 10) Nagoya-kei Avel Cain, Deathgaze So if anyone knows any more bands for one of these subgenres it would be very helpful to me Mainly bands formed after 2000~ would be great as I want to focus on modern Visual Kei. Also, as I mentioned, there are some bands I would really incorporate into my paper but I'm not sure to which subgenre I could add them. Dadaroma, Scapegoat, Mejibray, Killaneth, Balalaika, Grieva, DIO, Kuroyuri to kage etc- which subgenre might darker bands like this belong to? Or recent bands like Clowd, Belle, Gigamous, Chanty, Staa-ku, Pentagon, Sibile-bashir (probably o-warai-kei though) or Anfiel (maybe kirakira kei?)- I have no idea where I could add these ones. Or R-shitei, Royz, the Raid, Sick2, Purple Stone, Screw, Black Line, the Lotus, Fest Vanqueur, Neverland, Gossip, Blaive, Initial L/Lycaon, HERO, Astaria, BORN, Diaura, ViV etc etc So if anyone knows something more about one of these subgenres, or just knows any band to add to one of these (doesn't have to be one of the ones I mentioned) or could guess where one of the band mentioned above might belong to- any little comment would be helpful I hope I posted this in the right category of the forum, please tell me if not or if a post like this is unapproprite (>///<) Thank you very much in advance
  9. Hello, everyone! I'd like to let all the UNDERCODE and Deluhi fans know about these items I have for sale on my Ebay shop. Although some of them I treasure, I decided it's time to let them go for the right price since I need it more and I'm running out of space. (Nobody is getting Toshiya's pick, though! >:[ lol) Chariots - SON DVD (contains 3 PVs) - signed by the band. Perfect condition, only used to rip the DVD. ($40 + shipping) Deluhi - Two Hurt single + bonus promo CD handed out at lives (contains samples of several songs) in decent condition. Just a cracked case. ($15 + Shipping) KISAKI & Riku cheki - chekis are one-of-a-kind Polaroid photos usually purchased at lives or on their websites. This one is really cute... ($30 plus shipping) large Phantasmagoria photoset - Kamiuta costumes & outtakes. Includes 15 photo prints. Not sure where this set was sold, it seems to be mostly silly photos. ($100 plus shipping) Sorry, but I don't want to split up the lots. I also have these unrelated-to-undercode things: SHOXX vol 267 - featuring Nightmare. Comes with the Ni~ya trading card. Has a cool Red Riding hood themed photoshoot of Tsuzuku and Koichi from Mejibray. Read description please! ($6 plus shipping) CLUB ZY Mag vol 027 - featuring An Cafe and HERO. Full photoshoots & interviews of each band. ($5 plus shipping) I ship from the USA (Seattle), and ship to anywhere in the world. These items are light, so the shipping will not be very expensive. You can pay with Paypal, debit, or credit on Ebay.
  10. Hi everyone! I am selling a lot of An Cafe stuff like CDs and magazines. I have this website-> https://ancafecds.wordpress.com with prices and things like that. Everything is listed that I'm selling and prices are beside of the item. Please feel free to ask any questions to @HailSeffy on Twitter or through my email which is jessica.stanley91@yahoo.com I'm willing to negotiate if you buy more than one item on prices. I can combine shipping until the item reaches a pound, then USPS charges more $6 shipping within the USA $10 anywhere else! Thanks for looking I accept PayPal only!
  11. SELLING almost all my entire visual kei collection because of room and money needs. The sale includes: - CDs/DVDs and cheki by alice nine, Ayabie, An Cafe, D, Dio-distraught overlord-, DIR EN GREY, Edogawa Paradox, HISKAREA, juliadoll, KISAKI, Lin- the end of corruption world-, Lolita23Q, Matenrou Opera, Miyavi, MoNoLith, Moran, MUCC, NightingeiL, Phantasmagoria, Rounouir, Scarlett, Schwein, Unite, V.A., Valluna and Wizard - VISUAL KEI MAGAZINES (Cure) n° 63, 75, 89, 91, 92, 94, 99 My feedback is HERE: http://moumoku-shoujo.livejournal.com/2876.html Pictures of the items are here: http://s275.photobucket.com/user/HelenaFairy/library/?sort=3&page=1 Prices are negotiable. If you buy at least 3 CDs/DVDs you'll get a discount. **CDs/DVDs/cheki LIST** - Alice nine - White Prayer single (limited edition) 8 euro - An Cafe - Amedama Rock 18 - An Cafe - Komou Cosmos (RARE!) 14 euro - Ayabie - Ecumenical Image Tour DVD 15 euro - Ayabie - Virgin Snow Color Tour DVD 15 euro - Ayabie Virgin Snow Color EU Edition 12 euro - D - Tafel Anatomie 18 euro - D - 7th Rose 15 euro - Dio-distraught overlord - Byakuya ni moyuru hana 1°st single 11,50 euro - DIR EN GREY - It Withers and withers DVD (regular edition) 15 euro - DIR EN GREY - Vulgar (Eu edition) 13 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Zekkeika 7 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Jiketsu Shogo 7 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Seigi?! 7 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Ane no Danna 7 euro - HISKAREA - Clear of Erode 9 euro - HISKAREA - HISKAREA self titled mini album 9 euro - juliadoll - Awake of dolls (dvd live distributed) 6 euro - KISAKI - BEYOND THE KINGDOM (book + cd) NOTE: this item is REALLY heavy so shipping will be expensive. 20 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world- As if forever exists type B 8,50 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world- - Metamorphose type A 8,50 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world - Silent to My Pain type B 8,50 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world- Flowers Bloom type B 8,50 euro - Lolita23q - I'z limited edition 7 euro - Lolita23q - garizm (type A) 7 euro - Lolita23q - Real Monitor Naibu no Digital Maid type b 7,50 euro - Matenrou Opera - Dawn Of Anomie in Akasaka Blitz DVD 18 euro - Materou Opera - Coupling Collection 08-09 14 euro - Miyavi - Galyuu 14 euro - MoNoLith - fiction & non fiction 14,50 - Moran - Replay (single collection, EU edition) 12 euro - MUCC - Worst of Mucc 13 euro - MUCC - Karma (EU edition) 11 euro - NightingeiL - Nibui Oto single 7 euro - NightingeiL - Kaie signed cheki 6 euro - NightingeiL - signed comment dvd with official picture 6 euro - Phantasmagoria - signs of fragments 12 euro - Rounoir - Solitude 5 euro - Scarlett - Gendai Teki Roman Kashu 12 euro - Scarlett - Ame no Kousaten single 7 euro - Schwein - Dokusai no buta single 6 euro - Schwein - Deep scars single 6 euro - Schwein - signed live distributed 6 euro - Unite - Middle Note 7,50 euro - Valluna official picture 5,50 euro - Wizard - Aquarius 13 euro - Wizard - BIOS 9,50 euro - Wizard - Nakare Kobamu 7 euro - Wizard - DRIVE DREAMER -making movie- 5 euro - Wizard - Hoshi ni negai wo (live distributed) 5 euro - Wizard - Shiny 7 euro **VISUAL KEI MAGAZINES (Cure) LIST** Cure vol 63 15 euro Cure vol 75 12 euro Cure vol 89 12 euro Cure vol 91 12 euro Cure vol 92 15 euro Cure vol 94 12 euro Cure vol 99 12 euro If you're interested in anything, please comment here or send me a private message for pictures of the items and other infos! I'll reply as soon as possible! Best wishes Elena
  12. Text stolen from ANN because I'm lazy: The January issue of Coro Coro Comics announced the new opening and ending themes for the Duel Masters VS R (Duel Masters Versus Revolution) anime on Tuesday. An Café (Darker than Black) will perform the new ending theme. The theme songs will change in the January 10 episode of the anime. Since the group formed in 2003, An Cafe has performed "Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without A Name~," the second opening theme song to the Darker than Black anime series. The group also performed "Ryūsei Rocket" ("Comet Rocket"), the opening theme to the live-action drama adaptation of Masami Kurumada's Fuuma no Kojirou manga.
  13. NEW ITEMS ADDED! MASSIVE VISUAL KEI CD/DVD/GOODIES SALE (too many items for a picture, please ask for single pictures of each item). PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, IF YOU BUY 3 OR MORE ITEMS YOU GET A DISCOUNT. - An Cafe - Amedama Rock 18 euro - An Cafe - Komou Cosmos (RARE!) 14 euro - An Cafe - Official T-shirt from 2012 European Tour (size S and size M, two T-shirts avaiable) 14 euro each one - Ayabie - EURO BEST 12 euro - Dio-distraught overlord - Byakuya ni moyuru hana 1°st single 11,50 euro - DIR EN GREY - UROBOROS 15 euro - DIR EN GREY - It Withers and withers DVD (regular edition) 15 euro - GULLET (ex. 9GOATS BLACK OUT'S Ryo band) - Official picture 5 euro (RARE!) - hurts - Best album 16 euro (RARE!) - MERRY - under-world (Japanese limited edition with DVD) 20 euro - MERRY - M.E.R.R.Y. (EU edition) 10 euro - MERRY - Peep Show (EU edition) 10 euro - MERRY - Nu Chemical Rhetoric (EU edition) 10 euro - MoNoLith - fiction & non fiction (best album) 14 euro - MUCC - Kuchiki no tou (EU edition) 14 euro - MUCC - Homura Uta (EU edition) 13 euro - MUCC - Zekuu (EU edition) 13 euro - MUCC - Houyoku (EU edition) 13 euro - MUCC - 6 (EU edition) 10 euro - MUCC - Kyutai (EU edition) 13 euro - MUCC - Karma (EU edition) 11 euro - Sally / SCHELLEN (ex. hurt's Hina and Dio's Erina band) - PV collection 16 euro (RARE!) - Sally / SCHELLEN (ex. hurts' Hina and Dio's Erina band) - Official picture 6 euro (RARE!) - Scarlett - Gendai Teki Roman Kashu 12 euro VISUAL KEI "CURE" MAGAZINES: Cure vol 89 - cover with HERO and Cindykate 12 euro Cure vol 91 - cover with Lin-the end of corruption world- and DuelJewel 12 euro Cure vol 94 - cover with NEGA and And-eccentric agent- 12 euro Feedback here: http://moumoku-shoujo.livejournal.com/2876.html If you're interested in something or want some detailed info, don't hesitate to contact me! I'll reply as soon as possible Best wishes Elena
  14. PLEASE SEE FIRST AND LATER POSTS FOR ALL STUFF THAT IS FOR SALE An Cafe tourbook for sale (used) PRICE: EUR 25 Description: Tourbook of the bands first European tour in 2008. Contains photos on-stage and off-stage. Includes bonus DVD with footage of the lives. New price: JPY 4.762 Condition: Good – Used Weight: 1 kg Catalog nr: NEOBK-494342 IMPORTANT - Payment in Euro by Paypal - Shipping not included (Shipping from Japan) - If you spend more than EUR50 you can choose a free flyer (see here) - I am not responsible for items that were lost or damaged in the mail
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