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Found 10 results

  1. emo band nim and post-hardcore/screamo outfit to overflow evidence will release a split CD on the December 10th, 2014. 1. 跡に幻 - To overflow evidence 2. 舟を編む - To overflow evidence 3. not too late - nim 4. Amanda - nim 5. 雨音 - nim to To overflow evidence 6. Ascetics - To overflow evidence to nim http://tooverflowevidence.jimdo.com/ http://www.nim-jp.com/
  2. CAT5

    asayake no ato - Climbers aim high

    発売日:2016年8月10日(水) 価格:756円(税込) 品番:JTCD-1001 収録曲: 1.クライマー 2.プレゼント 3.見つけた指先 http://asayakenoato.net/ https://twitter.com/asayake_no_ato
  3. indie/emo band And Protector will release their first full album on September 7th, 2016! http://ap.furtherplatonix.net/ https://twitter.com/andprotector https://www.facebook.com/FurtherPlatonics https://furtherplatonix.bandcamp.com/ 価格:1,890円(税込)  品盤:FTPS-48  発売元:FURTHER PLATONIC 販売元: Japan Music System 1.残花 2.Flashback 3.学園通りにて 4.思考の果て 5.assimilate,spread,and protect 6.Cold 7.トマト / 8.雨宿り
  4. First Mini Album ATATA『JOY』 01. Newborn 02. Reverberation 03. Clark Kent 04. 1 Nite Wonder 05. Song Of Joy 06. The Next Page ■CD付きハードカバー写真集(大型B4サイズ:33cm×29cm) ■総勢14名のカメラマンによる48ページに渡る800枚以上のライブ写真を収録 ■1,000枚限定生産(ツアー会場限定盤) CD&BOOK (Limited Edition 1,000 Copies) 2016.1.30 (Sat) On Sale!!! DIEMES | DMS-001 | ¥3,500 (without tax) - Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. emo band malegoat will be releasing their 2nd album "here and there" on August 5th, 2015! STIFF SLACK / STSL-95 release date: 2015/08/05 format: CD price: 2,000yen (+tax) POS code: 4582237490954 1. For a While 2. In The Small Hours 3. The Lost Wreck 4. The Midnights Lie Around 5. Time and Distance 6. Closed 7. Many Answers 8. Come to Light 9. Blinding Song 10. Living https://www.facebook.com/malegoatJP http://www.stiffslack.com/artists/malegoat.html
  6. Not my interview, I just translated from here: http://2youmag.com/2youmag_old/interview/2014/no40/noa.html My Japanese sucks, so I marked anything that might be way off with a *. -- A band that has performed at festivals like FUJI ROCK, COMIN’ KOBE, SSMC and embarked on large-scale tours, Osaka’s NOA is certainly a young, first-rate band that has shown growth and one that THE NINTH APOLLO can be proud of, and now they’ve released a four-track single that could be called their defining work “3days of April / Sekai no owari to yoake mae”. This is their first release in a year, and it clearly presents the two pillars of the band: the melodic punk with English lyrics from Nishiura Shunsuke and Japanese rock from Tsumoto Aki, which coexist in this work. We hope you can appreciate this release; four songs packed with the essence of the current NOA. Q: This is your first release in a year, what were you up to during that time? Aki: We were playing a lot of concerts. The year went by in the blink of an eye. Nishiura: Before we noticed, 2013 was over. (laughs) Q: Your previous release “picture diary” was your first to feature Japanese lyrics. What were the reactions to that like? Aki: I think it went over pretty well. I was a little nervous about that though. (laughs) Nishiura: It was a spontaneous decision to start using Japanese lyrics. Aki just said that he wanted to try singing in Japanese. I think Aki has given NOA an even greater range of possibilities by doing that. Q: So NOA has two pillars now, Aki-kun singing in Japanese and Nishiura-kun singing in English? Aki: It’s not something we were aiming for, this is more a result of us each just making music we like. We want to do different things. But I’m starting to think that that’s a good thing. We don’t want to be a band that people get tired of listening to, so we’re not going to fight the urge to do different things. Q: So, is it safe to say that instead of a starting the band with a clear genre or theme in mind, NOA was formed by the members bringing together the types of music they liked? Aki: We did start this band with a plan, but it was never really like “Let’s do this kind of music”. Nishiura: Even now, I don’t think we’ve really decided on one particular genre. Q: Of course. When did you start working on this new single? Nishiura: Sometime around last summer. Aki: Right after we finished our “picture diary” tour, we started thinking about the next move. We’d decided that we were going to make a single next, but since we were doing too many lives we didn’t really get a chance to work on it until the tour was over. Q: On this single you can really see the different colours of the band - the melodic punk side and the guitar rock side - coexisting. Aki: Yes, I guess it came out that way. Nishiura: Yes, but we didn’t really have a concept in mind. It feels more like Aki and I both just did what we wanted and it came out this way. Q: Aki-kun and Nishiura-kun’s songs clearly have a different colour, but the way that NOA can contain both of them is interesting, isn’t it? Aki: I’m happy you feel that way. I started wanting to try to make music in Japanese, so this single is half Japanese, but I think it really reflects the current NOA well. Q: So, how do you approach each other’s music? Aki: How do we…? Nishiura: We don’t really interfere with each other’s work. I guess you could say that we respect the creator’s intention. Aki: Yeah, we don’t interfere with each other. Nishiura: Aki’s songs are Aki’s songs. It’s the same with mine. Aki: Regardless of whose song we use, if the three of us play it, it becomes NOA. Q; So maybe it’s like the way The Beatles worked? Like how even if each member would bring in songs that were completely different, they would bring them into existence together? Aki: That, that’s cool, isn’t it? (laughs) From now on, we’re going to describe ourselves like that. (laughs) Q: In your mind, what kind of band is NOA? Aki: We’re by no means a cheerful band, we’re not really a band will get people in high spirits or make them smile, but I want NOA to be a band that respects the individual feelings of people who listen to our music, and one that helps people see things in a deeper light.* Q: So, let’s come back to this again, what kind of work is this single to you? Aki: Since I think it’s natural to think that our most recent work is the best, naturally, this new single is our best yet. Nishiura: Personally, I think that this work is an important foothold for our next step. I think it’s easy to see where the band is headed by listening to it. Q: Does the band have a specific outlook? Aki: I can’t really pinpoint one. We’ll do what we like to do, and then I want a variety of other people to give us their impressions.* Nishiura: NOA has two pillars, but I think it’s when those two pillars finally meet somewhere that we’ll really be able to see where we’re headed. Q: I really feel that you can see your individual colours clearly in this work. I’m excited to see how those two colours will mix. Nishiura: Since they’re so clearly divided on this single, we’re also excited to see how we can bring them together. Q: Lastly, please leave a message for your listeners. Yuu: I want people to listen to this single during their everyday lives. It’s not really for special times, so if people listen to it during their daily routine I’d be happy.* Nishiura: There are different ways of listening to it depending on the person, so I’d be really happy if a lot of different people listened to it. Aki: I don't think there's any point in saying “Listen to it this way!”, I’d be happy if everyone listened to it freely. Please give it a try. -- 3days of April 世界の終わりと夜明け前 / Sekai no owari to yoake mae http://www.indiesmusic.com/musicvideo/video.asp?id=12295
  7. emo band bacho will release their first full album "最高新記憶" on February 25th, 2015. 結成13年目。全ての想いを込めた11曲。 1st Full Album「最高新記憶」2015年2月25日(水)発売。 bacho / 最高新記憶 フォーマット : デジパックCD 税抜き価格 : 2000円 発売日 : 2015.2.25 品番 : EZCT-55 【曲順】 1.さよなら 2.最高新記憶 3.ビコーズ 4.ショートホープ 5.いつかの約束 6.落葉(flashback) 7.高砂 8.これでいいのだ 9.自分抄 10.ドリームドランカー 11.孤独な戦い
  8. violetchain

    Listening to a lot of NOA recently, and I feel the need to share some of their ace Engrish. Ugly Why, why did I started to think about you When, when did I started to think about you I love you that be ugly* with anybody everywhere Can't take anymore You let see your smiles to everyone before me I want to think that your hands aren't dirty And then touch me And then feels me now How can I be more dry now to have a clear view point Our relation is only to do at night And don't bring out any feelings of love Please don't go to everywhere to satisfy your self I will make you happy more They talk about you laughing I don't want to hear their voice So please don't go anywhere Must be your hands are clean *someone had posted a scan of the booklet for this song on their blog, and it says "you that be ugly with anybody everywhere", but it sounds like they changed it to "sex/slept with anybody everywhere" to me from me to you Lyrics: Aki Music: NOA I'm sorry for not give it to you I have dream I have you I understood to think that you are lonely however I do not change I have dream I have you I understood to think that you are lonely I do not change Many thanks from me to you Many sorry from me to you please recall my words when you are lonely Many thanks from me to you Many sorry from me to you please recall this song when you are lonely.. ORANGE BLUE Lyrics: Pocky Music: NOA Walking home, apartment near the train road It feels like time pass slowly Walking home, carrying the groceries Another me won't stop to imitate me Walking home, the little house near the small park I want it to play more but no Walking home, with my bat and glove Before she gets mad I've better run to home fast In the train My suits is orange All the building seems so bright I can't barely look the sight so look down I'm going to persit tomorrow too With my bike She is on back Down the hill After school I'll send you safe 'till we say goodbye Another they had a head and two bodies Then paired strap shine in moment Then goodbye Sun goes down turning every thing to orange And buildings light up their eyes Walking home, where they are belong Sun are cheering you and wave his hands to for you
  9. 1st Buried In Verona - Faceless 2nd I Killed The Prom Queen - Beloved 3rd To Catch A Fox - Dishearten 4th Tell Me A Fairytale - Sleepwalker 5th Killing The Messenger - What Matters Most 6th Ice Nine Kills - The Predator Becomes The Prey 7th For The Fallen Dreams - Heavy Hearts 8th Jamie's Elsewhere - Rebel Revive 9th Architects - Lost Forever//Lost Together 10th Dead By April - Let The World Know 11th Alesana - The Decade 12th Memphis May Fire - Unconditional 13th Benighted - Carnivore Sublime 14th Ready Set Fall - Memento 15th Demon Hunter - Extremist 16th Eskimo Callboy - We Are The Mess 17th Austrian Death Machine - Triple Brutal 18th Chiodos - Devil 19th InDirections - Clockworks 20th Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion 21th Emmure - Eternal Enemies 22th Abandoned By Bears - When Nothing Goes Right Go Left 23th The Unguided - Fragile Immortality 24th Yashin - D.E.A.D 25th Comeback Kid - Die Knowing 26th Behemoth - The Satanist 27th Deceptions - Unheard Voices 28th I Declare War - We Are Violent People By Nature 29th Carnifex - Die Without Hope 30th Caliban - Ghost Empire 31th For Today - Fight The Silence 32th I Drink My Coffee Alone - Winterfrühlingsommerherbst 33th Issues - Issues 34th Artema - Stargazer 35th Above All Nations - Fearless Youth 36th From Alaska - Iceberg 37th Me In A Million - Still In The Balance 38th Akissforjersey - New Bodies 39th Intervals - A Voice Within 40th About An Author - Where The Wild Things Aren't 41th Periphery - Clear 42th Abandon All Ships - Malocchio 43th Of Mice & Men - Restoring Force 44th We Are The In Crowd - Weird Kids 45th The Bunny The Bear - Food Chain totally showed my taste this year. will update to top 50 whatever you call me, genericore fan or others, I'm such a person chasing for breakdown, lol.
  10. I was reluctant to make a post along these lines because I feel they're such obscure and strange 'genres', but they're also something a fair few of the bands I listen to have in common and associate themselves with. I feel I also made it to share one specific release, and if you happen to be in this scene at all then i'm sure you will have heard of it. I'm admittedly late on the bandwagon but before I delay it anymore the release it by Old Gray and it's their newest album, An Autobiography. Their bandcamp is >>here<< and they've been so kind as to put it up for free! (no excuses) For a lot of English music I tend to focus a lot more on the lyrics (um, maybe because I can actually understand them) but that aside, these guys had me with their first song and there was no going back for me after that cue depressing shit ahead That aside, i'm not great at describing music and selling it from that point of view, musically I have no clue what i'm talking about and with this kind of music I feel it's a little like marmite for a lot of people. You either love it, or hate it. This is clearly for those of the former. All I can say is have a listen and you'll probably know where you fall. The album name is has more truth to it than first meets the eye, click on each song and you get background from the person who wrote the song and you realize exactly how personal this is, and how much heart and soul has been put into the music. I like lyrics that are ambiguous a lot of the time and you can make that song personal to you. The first time I listened, I didn't realize it was an option and I warped the songs to what was going on in my head. But having that background feels more intimate and you can truly appreciate the song at its fullest. I'm not sure what else to say apart from this kind of hurt my chest while listening to some of it, but try it out! I haven't seen many people on this forum post much about music like this (or bands that I've heard of anyway), and I feel like it's going to be a release that sticks with me for a while so i'd love to know what you guys thought of it, even if you didn't like it.
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