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Found 8 results

  1. Preorders for Mouse on the Key's third album are open from Topshelf Records. You can choose from a variety of formats including CD and vinyl. The album releases on May 23rd 2018. Pre-order Sample *I gotta say, the sample sounds niiiiiiice
  2. bonsaijodelfisch

    Hey guys, as some might already know i also play in a band as saxophonist (or atm bassist) Funkômas (me is bottom row orange shirt btw) Facebook it was mainly a backgroundmusic-swing-coverband when i joined, but we now have changed towards only playing original self-composed material that borders into the aforementioned genres (i'd like to think it compares a bit to Tokyo Jihen, but that's probably a stretch/wishfull thinking) we released an album back in march (i think) and here is a little trailer of that here are some of the songs in full if you are interested in having a listen Friends Of Drug Abuse https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7899279/01%20Friends%20Of%20Drug%20Abuse.mp3 Happy Violence https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7899279/03%20Happy%20Violence.mp3 Modern Schizophrenic https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7899279/06%20Modern%20Schizophrenic.mp3 Rise Again https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7899279/09%20Rise%20Again.mp3 Your Brother https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7899279/10%20Your%20Brother.mp3 most of these songs (all save for 'brother') have been written by me, but the CD also features a bunch of songs from other bandmembers too. thanks in advance if you took the time to listen to some of the stuff, and even more thanks in advance if you decide to leave some feedback or sth
  3. Okay, my first review and I don't think I'm good at this stuff. I mean Zess-sama is so intimidating. But, since Lycaon is like my everything, so here i go. I have to start off with this is how one does an album from Japan. It makes me forget about all other album except theirs previous of course really. With that being said, this is not their best album as the others could go toe to toe with this, I explained the bands constant rate of greatness. This Album however does bring their discography together unlike others so some wouldn't really be surprised by oh they did that, excluding some of the vocals from the first two years. The big thing that this album does is bring the other members into the spotlight especially Satoshi and Zero. Before at least for me, it was just Yuuki, and they were his back up. Now the group shares the attention. With this review I’m not going to review the old tracks, since the new songs themselves are what are important to me. btw This song shocked me the most, even more then MRC because I wasn't expecting this layout. 01 Camera obscura-SE-: Starts of a Nice creepy SE music box playing with evil laughing, then with a girl scream signals the electronic dubstep sound giving MRC lovers some familiarity, they comes on the violin giving it that somber sound signaling the seriousness of the album. At the end it moves faster. This does a great job of grabbing listener’s attention while signaling something different for current followers as we hear new sounds. Also for an album called CO it sets the mood. 10/10 02 tsuioku: It starts off with this high pitch sound that leads into like dark chase music similar to like an orchestra to open the song, and then come yuuki singing strong and raw (what?) then the main riffage/ which had me worried with how simple it was, but it was a false alarm as the instrumental picked up with the chorus and got interesting. Then the cool down part where Yuuki's switches and scream I'll never let you down my pets. Later on we get a lead in that leads to a core/ish break down paired with violin play. It gives a nice break from the seriousness. Following the breakdown is a nice guitar solo that flow with the song not interrupting. Finally Yuuki ends it on a beautiful high. (I want more). I give it a 10/10 for being a great opening, setting this off strong, encouraging listeners to keep going. 03 Dark Night: Starting of with a drum roll and kind of a electronic snare grabbing attention for the fast pace hard crunching riffage that follows which you can really head bang to. Turns out this is just leading to an awesome metalcore riffs. You my say "oh i herd them before" but the ending to the riffs sound different. Anyway Yuuki come on clean singing fast with sounds in the background this time he sounds more relaxed. Then we have the dark part which is fairly breakdownish with the opera "oooooo" in the background, and Yuuki voice echoing. Then later is the part that reminds me of the song title as Yuuki changes his voice into a higher like a night riding threw the darkness. Also there is fun solo. 10/10 for making excellent use of outside sounds and going against the norm. 04 Liar: obviously this the fun track of the album in which you can hop/headbang to with the psychedelic jelly chime, catchy beat, and yuuki going "ooo liaahh" all sexy on and off during the main riffs the chorus is sweet too with the flow. Yuuki for the first though later on does this whisper thing where it is up front and leading you on a sweet ride. Also great job with the guitar solo. 10/10 05 anshitsu -SE-: back to creepy with like a demon whispering and someone taking a pictures 10/10 06 marionette: open with the giggles of a child. the instrumental comes on a with heavy bass paired with guitar singing and it goes in thumbs while yuuki singing hypnotically. I would have liked it to be longer and maybe lead somewhere but with what’s given 10/10. it's kind is like a more badass dark Kuro no dachura. 08 kimi wo kowasu garasu no shoudou: open with dark orchestra which come in later a few times later, followed by serious toned guitar shredding to later change into a rocking side to side beat then up and down in which Yuuki sings his heart out. Another guitar solo followed by a quick breakdown. so lovely 10/10 09 kuchiduke-SE-: guitar break. 10/10 10 Rouge: It is like a cross over of uro no neko and gossip and i freaking love it! Though the vocal here are really timid which creates a great effect, this is my favorite jazzy song from them. Also love the piano. 10/10 12 anemone: kind of like cross over between Ai wa kirameki no naka ni and Love song but piano & violin based. It is indeed full of love and very touching. In the Japanese scene winning hands down but compared to the Arabic scene not so much. Yuuki sing is too concentrated, and doesn't flow free, like where is that falsetto and high notes that drop me dead? But 10/10 for sure sing it was great just not the best and it's not like i can hold that against him. 15 ILLUSION: open with be boob sound, to lead in a great one lined song as in the instrumental seems like it all come together to form one thing. Love the vocals and switches to different parts. lol there the breakdown which was kind of like a punch to you know who's face with the metalcore drops then electronic sounds/ dubstep. ha love the lasers! The way they ended it with the double bassing and picking up speed is kind like end of delusion 10/10 16 melancholic: Love the obscured sounds with the guitar as an opening. Later we have this funky guitar playing coupled with heavy riffs of base and the other guitar. Sound so good with the contrast. Later some great shredding and vocals. Also the great breakdown with a lead. Yuuki moaning while the guitar is getting ready, that part finishing with a inhale, he then let out a throaty scream as the break down comes on heavy. 10/10 17 gypsy: lol didn't see this coming, the search for something new lead to latino music though Malice mizer might have been the influence. Yuuki opens it up with his lovely voice but end on that "OMG" voice which doesn't come back which is disappointing. Anyway really lovely song with the groovy bass, clam shells and guitaring. 10/10 kind of classy too. 18 endroll-SE-: the ending to CO really nice. Similar to Super junior M swing's breakdown 10/10 saying good bye but I will be back. After listening to it is really just, wonderful, amazing, lovely, great, and top notch! They tried new things when i thought they might have went dry and used things from the past show that they haven't forgotten how they started and moved along. Disappointments but not killers no screams, and not a lot of falsetto/highnotes. Since the instrumental doesn't scream harsh or power the scream are not needed. And I think it’s just his style/background that makes him sing that way. If you don't love this album ___ _ ____
  4. Tracklist: 1. Flight 2. 満ちていく体温 3. Flash 4. Statelessness 5. You Would Not Understand 6. You’ll Find You’re Loved 7. Planet 8. 木と空 9. 通り道 10. Lark CD (2015/8/19) ディスク枚数: 1 レーベル: SILHOUETTE RECORDS / VAA
  5. Jazzy hip-hopper Kenichiro Nishihara will be releasing his 2nd electronic album under his ESNO moniker on July 22nd. The album will feature DAOKO, ボンジュール鈴木 (bonjour suzuki), and yumi (lyrical school). 「Release」 2015.07.22 RELEASE ¥2300(tax in) 01. Electrical Meditation 02. CME 03. 21時のクラゲと月 feat. ボンジュール鈴木 04. Wonder Flower 05. JB 06. 夕暮れパラレリズム feat. daoko 07. ターニングポイント(on the turntable) feat. yumi(from lyrical school) 08. Airy Batida -remix- 09. とか。 feat. きゃべこ 10. Afterwardness 11. Hydrodamalis 12. AR ============================= ============================= His first album was fantastic. Hoping this will be the same!
  6. violetchain

    I love how they're touring the exact week I'm going to be in the US, in pretty much all of the states around the one I'm going to be in. https://www.facebook.com/kagero.jp/posts/847449998658024 6/2(tue)Live at Shrine (NYC) https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Shrine/153674264648238 6/4(thu)Live at Fontana's (NYC) https://www.facebook.com/fontanasnyc 6/5(fri)Live at The Rail House (NJ) https://www.facebook.com/TheRailHouseBarNJ 6/6(sat)Live at The Room(CT)  https://www.facebook.com/events/387992011384454/ 6/7(sun)Live at Out of The Blue Art Gallery (Boston) https://www.facebook.com/events/825005810881232/
  7. indigo jam unit will release their 10th album on December 10th, 2014! The album is self-titled 2,700円(税込) BASIS RECORDS BSSB48 SHM-CD 2014年12月10日 1. 10 2. Horizon 3. Steps 4. Move 5. Gladiator 6. Detective 7. Raindance 8. Synchronic 9. Moments 10. Light
  8. 星屑スキャット (Hoshizuki Scat) is releasing a new single, "コスメティック・サイレン" (Cosmetic Siren), on 5/22/2013. This is literally the most important thing you're going to read today and you're welcome. 1.コスメティック・サイレン (Cosmetic Siren) 2.ニュースな夜 (News na Yoru [News Night]) 3.青い珊瑚礁 (Aoi Sangoshou [blue Coral Reef]) 4. コスメティック・サイレン (Instrumental) 5. ニュースな夜 (Instrumental) 6.青い珊瑚礁 (Instrumental) OHP Source
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