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Found 8 results

  1. merchenticneurosis

    Decided to open a sideblog for this band! Uploaded every booklet i own yesterday, so if you have interest in working for romaji/english translations, please contact me and let's work together! (Example/preview below) Suggestions and ideas are welcome. Please follow, like, retweet if you enjoy! http://despairofmasquerade.tumblr.com/
  2. †発売記念ツアー† 7.19渋谷club asia 7.24仙台space zero 7.25新潟REVERST 7.29浦和ナルシス 8.6名古屋HOLIDAY NEXT 8.7大阪心斎橋SHOVEL 8.9福岡graf 8.11大分DRUM B-0 8.15埼玉会館 8.16池袋RUIDO K3 †ツアーファイナル単独公演† 8.29池袋blackhole
  3. merchenticneurosis

    Didn't know which category these would fit the best, but hope this is okay! Have been slowly working on these since the late summer Inspiration mostly from 薄紅ノ葬 but combining elements from various looks, live & printed. Makeup, hair, costume by me Photos by Riotcolor ✝️
  4. merchenticneurosis

    Here you have the booklet "scans" of the 薄紅ノ葬 single! I'm sorry about the quality, the scanner i was using was pretty crappy so instead i decided to take photos with my camera! If anyone likes the lyrics, please translate to romaji/english if you have the proper skills! ❤️ Thank you everyone!
  5. Shipping worldwide from germany Accepting PayPal & Western Union NO HOLDS LONGER THAN 24 HOURS!!! Malice Mizer La collection des Singles 35€ La collection "merveilles" 65€ Malice Mizer - sans retour Voyage''derniere''~encoure une fois~ DVD 35€ Malice Mizer - Voyage sans retour album Limited Edition 40€ or best offer Malice Mizer - au revoir Single w/photocard 7€ Moi Dix Mois - Europe Tour 2005 Invite to Immorality Limited Edition DVD 45€ or best offer Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal DVD 30€ Femme Fatale - ARCANA -the die has been cast- Live DVD 30€ TOUR METAMORPHOSE -INCUBATION PERIOD- DOCUMENTALY DVD 24€ Femme Fatale - Voyage Single (Regular Edition) 6€ Femme Fatale - Voyage Single (Limited Edition w/DVD) 8€ Femme Fatale - Powder Single 12€ Femme Fatale - ARCANA Piano Medley 12€ or free when purchasing all other Feme Fatale items Kaya (SchwarzStein event) cheki best offer various La'veil MizeriA merch prices on request/offer La'veil Mizeria - 祈狂 -kikyo- cheki (pre-Starwave) best offer La'veil MizeriA x Crucifixion collaboration cheki (祈狂 - Kikyo - x 二人静) best offer Moran - but Beautiful Single TypeA w/DVD + Bonus DVD & photoset 9€ Moran - ホロウマン Single Type A w/DVD + Bonus DVD & photoset 9€ Moran - 妄想日記 Single Type A w/DVD + Bonus DVD & photo 7€ ....more to come
  6. Sooooo, this is the story. I was utterly happy to know that the bands had their second last tour final while in i'm Tokyo. A nice guy here called @Alucardiusgot me the "vip" package ticket and i promised to get him some merchandise, which i did The concert day was a bit chaotic for me, since in the end i rushed with taxi to the incounting. My look is damn boring but well kinda comfy, wearing Asos cap, Monki mesh-shirt, Hellcatpunks fannypack and some Nikes. My ticket number was 14, which is fucking great. I was really surprised that when we went in and settled our bags, waterbottles and everything in the hall, i realised that the bands aren't very popular. I thought i would be crushed in a small concert hall with atleast 200 girls, since Rokumeikan only holds 250 capacity. It was maybe 50 people there, if i'm counting right so we had much "freedom" to pick our spots, of course respecting the policies. Well, atleast i see better, so shouldn't complain. Just wish the boys had more fans, haha. One girl was cosplaying Miria as you can see a little in the left corner. My friend Jesse wanted to stay back to watch so i picked my spot pretty near the stage but went backforth to talk to him to pass the time before the start. They really were on time and started pretty soon. For the mind of the set, i can't remember the setlist order since i was kinda living the best time of my life, lol. Crucifixion played much longer than Mizeria, or then it felt like it since the songs are longer in general. Crescent Moon was very emotional, we were all wawing, the bassist 輝翠 had a serious-guy vibe to him, more reserved, very concentrated on the playing. The basslines really are killers in my opinion. The vocalist 二人静 embodied the drama and insentity of "old vk". Big beautiful velvet sleeves worked with every move and headbanging was fun as hell. Futarishizuka called out Kikyo on the stage after a couple songs to do a らせん song. I think it might have been 憐姆 but i can't for the love of god remember. They interacted so much and danced together. A sight for sore eyes. During XII i got so hot, i was wearing a leather cap since my hair is not long and suitable for the legit atama banging. Last song 哀玩人形 everyone started Gyakudai and older gentleman almost next to me was giving his all without heart attack. The curtains closed and it was maybe 30-40 mins before Mizeria. Kikyo had the same chains as in 歪屍形 and was doing marionette moves and he licked his glittery lips alot, haha. Nazuki's black braids were flying in the air like long centipedes. Dysflexia was epileptic, didn't get a seizure tho, haha. During the last song [deep] slay all the boys of both bands came to the stage and changed playing instruments, throwed stuff in the audience, glimbed each others backs and filmed also with phones. The reason of filming is unclear, possibly for Twitter or so. Kikyo strangled this 12 years old girl with his chains and also kicked her? Hmm, she was happy. Setlist: 1998.5.5目黒鹿鳴館 磔ラレタ人形ノ螺旋葬劇〜死穢 (They really did write 1998 as the year, not 2018, hehe.) 1.死宴 2.寂滅饗筵 3.歪屍形 4.揺籃 5.眩暈 6.Suicide Labyrinth feat.二人静 7.ディスレクシア 8.泡沫 9.deep[SLAY] Tbh i was a little mad they didn't play longer and i really wanted to hear the iconic 呪縛郷, since the furis are fun. I have never heard Suicide Labyrinth before and now i'm really craving for the cd... The buppan! Sadly they didn't have the bloody bandages for sale but i'll get some later I got the t-shirt obviously and a coffee mug and the new korabo cd. If someone wants the scans of the 薄紅ノ葬 booklet, let me know! After the show we had to wait kind of long for the boys to settle their stuff, prepare buppan and take enough chekis. They ran out at one point, haha. My picture with Mizeria didn't turn out very good for some reason, it's like me + Miria and all others are faint shadows. It's a good memory tho. They did prepare a nice backdrop and everything but in the end we took the picture while sitting on the actual concert stage, i was a little confused, haha. I told Kikyo that i messaged him on Peing before anonymously about me coming from Finland, he remembered me and instantly hugged, we highfived everyone and i returned to the lobby to finish my beer. I hanged out for awhile and then grabbed my shit and left. Fresh air felt pretty amazing after that. We went to get some good ramen afterwards and chat a little. Then it was time to go back to Shibuya! Me after the concert tiredly traveling the streets. It was a wonderful experience that i won't forget, hope to see them soon again! I also grabbed the new Velonika magazine with their interview, i will try to scan it and maybe someone is able to translate! Hope you enjoyed my little ramble, i haven't ever done one of these so i'm not sure about what's interesting and whatnot. Thanks!
  7. La'veil MizeriA 1st Mini Album "寂滅饗筵" (Lamentless Feast) will be released on June 2, 2017 - 2 Type 限定盤A-TYPE(CD+DVD) 型番:SWLA-1A 発売元:Starwave Records 販売元:FWD Inc. 価格:3,240円(税込) 限定:完全限定666枚 CD 収録曲: 01. 死宴 02. 寂滅饗筵 03. siva 04. 泡沫 05. ネクロスフィア DVD 収録曲: 01. Ruin Mizerius 限定盤B-TYPE(CD+DVD) 型番:SWLA-1B 発売元:Starwave Records 販売元:FWD Inc. 価格:3,240円(税込) 限定:完全限定666枚 CD 収録曲: 01. 死宴 02. 寂滅饗筵 03. siva 04. 泡沫 05. ネクロスフィア DVD 収録曲: 01. 呪縛郷
  8. malefice dia x La'veil MizeriA - 悲愴第三楽章『覚醒』 サディスマリィ x La'veil MizeriA - 『 』 サディスマリィ x La'veil MizeriA - Ruin Mizerius 憬架-keika- x La'veil MizeriA - deep[SLAY] Besides Malefice Dia, サディスマリィ, 憬架-keika-. WHAT ANOTHER REVERSION OF EX-BANDS SONGS CAN BE SURPRISE OF THESE FUCKING LOOSE BOYS? Six Years Making remasters and covers of another songs? Fuck! They are very Loose band, but still love them thanks to me & @TomoMAD
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