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Found 7 results

  1. ghost

    Are there any record collectors here? While Japanese records are far and between, I've seen an increase in re-issues of Japanese music on vinyl and thought this would be a great place to share new releases available on this format. It's hard to keep up sometimes and this would be a great way to stay up to date. I'll start this up with some varied releases! Mouse on the Keys - Out of Body Jazz / Postrock / Ambient Cohol - 裏現 (Rigen) Black Metal / Hardcore Puella Magi Madoka Ultimate Best Anime / Pop Yasuaki Shimizu – Kakashi Jazz / Electronic Midori Takada – Through The Looking Glass Ambient / Experimental / Classical Toe - Hear You Math Rock / Experimental
  2. ghost

    CD / VINYL / CASSETTE TAPE / ETC. MOCK UP THREAD Japan releases a ton of music on CDs, but they don't really press things on other mediums like vinyl and cassette tapes. Especially in the visual kei field, you'd be hard pressed to find anything in these mediums. And, anything you do find on vinyl or cassette is usually extremely rare and expensive. One can always dream though of seeing your favorite Japanese music on a fancy colored vinyl or a weird retro medium like a floppy disc. That's why I thought it'd be fun to start a thread where people can upload their own mockups of releases they'd like to see on other physical formats. I'll kick it off with one I've been thinking about for a few days now. ガゼット (the GazettE) - 犯行声明文 (Hankou Seimei Bun) Red with Black Haze
  3. MONO's debut album Under The Pipal Tree is getting reissued on deluxe double LP format. There are 2 variants available: Black Forest Green Two-Tone Marble Colored (1000 copies) *2016.12.23* There are still about 500 copies left Pre-orders are open and it is set to ship around January 20th 2017. *2016.12.23* I'm unsure how long this applies, but currently you can use the discount code "TRL20" to save %20.
  4. This is actually old information but, seeing as it was not mentioned anywhere, I thought I would make it known for anyone interested. Last month there were vinyl record re-issues for 3 of Bonnie Pink's albums. They were "Blue Jam", "Heaven's Kitchen", and "evil and flowers". I just found out and found a few copies still available for purchase on amazon.co.jp. (Even if you have an amazon account, you do need to make a new one specifically for Amazon.co.jp). Blue Jam Heaven's Kitchen evil and flowers
  5. Hello! Just doing a bit of research I'm asking this because growing up, I preferred the album. However, as the industry has changed, I've grown to like the EP and the single much more than I used to. I like it when artists will release a few singles or EPs more frequently, rather than a new full-length every few years. For example, I can count on GACKT releasing a couple of singles each year. I like it, I know he's active. I keep up with him. Goldfinger (i know, not VK music) has released something like 1 new single in the last 6 years. I love Goldfinger, but I kinda forget about them for a while, and then think "geeze, I wonder if Goldfinger has released anything new" - and they haven't. So my vote is now for either single or EP. What about you?
  6. The thread kinda says it all, doesn't it? What's your prefered format and why? As for me: 1. Vinyl To me, vinyl sounds warmer than tapes and CDs, and there's something very magical about flipping it over after you've heard the A-side. It's a format for when you're gonna focus soly on the music an pay a little extra attention to the music. Get yourself a glass of your finest whisky/wine/beer and enjoy the huge artwork, read the lyrics (if it has that) and just enjoy the music to the fullest without fuckign around with your computer or phone or anything else. It's the format which makes listening to music a bit more special. 2. Tapes A small, beautiful format which tts rough sound makes it perfect for demos and certain genres (black/death/thrash metal for instance), and it's a fantasticly charming format to me. It's a fun format, and a format that gives me a bit extra that the CDs lack. It's cheap too, which makes it possible to get three of these for the price of one CD. On the minus side it's a format that will get damaged over time no matter how well you take care of it. Time will fuck 'em up, even if you don't, and that sucks. But it's worth it. 3. CDs Sounds good, but gives me nothing more than the music, and for someone who pays for a lot more than just the music there's nothing to gain here really. Sounds good and is easy to deal with and take care of, but the artwork's small as fuck and there's nothing special about it. Nothing special at all, and a format I spend close to nowt on. I'll only spend money on CDs if it's something really special or a band I collect (Sigh). But that's it for me. Most of my CDs are laying in bags somewhere and I'm not using them other than in the car and whenever we're getting drunk. And you?
  7. The Bread Wolf

    Okay I have no idea whether a thread of this kind already exists, but if it does, a moderator can feel free to delete my topic. Though, I think I did search through at least this section of the forum and didn't find anything of sorts. It might be somewhere else but um... okay, just delete this if it's already somewhere out there, and please point me to that topic. Thank you. So, to few the two-letter combination "LP" is already familiar, to those who it isn't, I'll explain it: The letters LP come from the words Let's play, or Long play, meaning a recorded playthrough of a game. There are usually the players commentary involved, but not always. LPers, again, are, of course, Let's players or Long players - the people who play and record these games for an audience to watch. Hail the era of youtube, when you don't have any gaming shows on TV anymore and actually have to go to youtube to find one. Probably the most well known LPer and a youtube icon is Pewdiepie. Go check that out if you need to. So like, this is a topic where you can share your ideas about the whole phenomenon of LPing, share your favorite LPers and ask for similar kind of people on youtube you might enjoy, in case you've watched everything your favourite LPer has done and can't wait for another week to watch more. Easy there, gal, stay in your panties. Until now I've followed quite strictly only 3 LPers: Mangaminx - I started out with her. Can't even remember how and when, but I still keep following her videos. She has nice game choices. Too bad I don't enjoy co-op games that much, so recently she hasn't offered me as much as before. Carnage - aka Mark. A bit less known LPer on this list, with only a couple of thousand subscribers. But he's hilarious! If you love an honest player who doesn't overreact to games and has a quirky, dark sense of humour, you'll love him. Apparently he also sounds like Stephen Merchant, so he's got that going for him. Also his jokes can be pretty sexist. And racist. And overall very offending to everyone. Laeppavika - A Finnish gaming group. Every nerd in Finland knows about them. They're pretty iconic here, I'd say. My recent finding is Cryaotic. I usually enjoy only British LPers (dunno why. The accent appeals to me, I guess), but this guy has an awesome voice. It's like fucking pissing honey on a bowl of melted dark chocolate. Divine. All these have in common the fact that when I have found them, they've at least partially concentrated on horror games. I really can't bother watching much other games... unless it's Laeppavika or Carnage, since then I'll be watching the LP because of the commentary, not because of the game. Most LPers just don't have what it takes to comment everything interestingly enough that the game doesn't matter anymore. I just love horror games, arite? So, everyone's welcome to discuss about LPing and LPers here. Except Pewdiepie fans. Ahhahaa just kidding, even Pewdiepie fans are welcome. It's not your fault that you have an awful taste and your LPer is a disgrace to the whole gaming community! NO! I mean..! I like pudding. See ya.
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