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Found 8 results

  1. This time I share with you an interview of a vocalist of a band who was popular end 80's early 90's, played in bigger halls than now. The band official restated again in 2018 and also this year they planned a ONEMAN tour in small live halls (200-300 capacity), we still pray that the tour won't be canceled due the CORONA virus. Their old music can be found on itunes and spotify. Also for THE MINKS You never too old, never give up your dreams! It's an interview which let you smile and laugh (^o^) https://jrocknroll.wordpress.com/2020/04/02/interview-the-minks/
  2. After Kenka left Calmando Qual, he became more closer to Tomo (ex-Neurotic Doll and Japanese Babies), They played together also in 4marble colors, after both ended 4marble colors because 2 members left, Tomo and Kenka decided to form a new band. Sunamegamafy is one of the most amazing non-vk rock bands around. Tomo's voice is wonderful strong which truly can hit your heart if you like their type of music! Please read the interview: https://jrocknroll.wordpress.com/2020/02/28/interview-with-スネメガマフィー-sunemegamafy/ And of course you also can discover more of them on the same website! https://jrocknroll.wordpress.com/2020/01/29/スネメガマフィー/ Anyway, the questions also thanks to John of vk.gy of course, with who I also interview visual bands! ~ (^_^) __ Next Visual Kei interview will be out this Tuesday March 3rd! Next Non-visual kei interview will be out hopefully mid March! If you think that I should interview a non-vkei band please drop me a DM with their information!
  3. READ https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-burgundy-rain/ Please give your thoughts about the band answers of this interview.
  4. We do have that inspiration thread somewhere already, but in any case, I thought this would be neato as a separate, dedicated thread: Since we acknowledge the fact variety of VK acts has been influenced somewhat or a lot by their non-VK compatriots and senseis, how would we approach the reverse situation? This thread is basically about (renowned) non-vk acts or artists, that were influenced to some/the very extent by our loved visual scene (VK oyajis, possible VK (ex-)household names etc.) - preferably with proofs/examples E.g. Ling Tosite Sigure Not the first band where you'd look for particular VK influences but quelle surprise: the band - or TK and Pierre in this case - have been VK aficionados ever since their early youth/pre-teens! Almost each and every interview revolving around their album-specific/overall influences had TK gone on heat about Luna Sea or Pierre having his X Japan/Yoshiki/Luna Sea (again) fanboy moment and rants about how VK should be "break free of stigmas". Whereas TK is basically the sole songwriter of LTS, there's a great handful of LTS songs where TK and Pierre implemented drum patterns, song structures or even riffs that are rather akin to speedy Luna Sea anthems. Sample song which was regarded as "one of the most "VK" efforts by TK" by various critics - from the same album which was inspired by Luna Sea's biggest breakthrough, "MOTHER" (see: Tower.jp link). Some references: http://tower.jp/article/feature/2009/05/14/100036652/100036663/100036667 JaM - session influences + overall influences Pierre and his 90s VK manifesto? - There was also some joint interview by TK and some dude on sigure.jp in which TK's youth and LUNA SEA influences were briefly discussed, I will make sure to update once I find it...
  5. Ever had this moment when you spun certain non-vk record (while chilling around without our lovely j-music...we tend to have these phases too hey)...you were reminded of your old Japanese favorites? I am pretty sure most of you did have that kind of moment at least once! So the idea behind this thread is simple: You post specific non-Japanese releases (compilations, albums...) which might occasionally bug you with reminiscence/elements akin to your Japanese favorites. It doesn't have to be legit influence, so feel free to open up with your discoveries! No one's gonna judge here anyway, right? Example:
  6. Zeus

    Also very simple: post a video and the person below you has to rate how good the guitar riff(s) are. A sentence or two explaining if they liked/disliked it and why is good enough. I'll start with something good:
  7. Pretsy

    has made a "location-centered PV thread" earlier, except that the focus point was more on the most popular spots. After a good chitchat with Amoz and Panda I decided it'd be good to make a thread about unusual PV locations in BOTH VK AND non-VK You know the drill already, hm? Feel free to either mention or post PVs with locations that you find quite atypical to the said scene or so on (so abolish those castle kei PVs, please...or okay j/k, nevermind) I highly doubt that my threads would really garner attention but it'd be really fun and intriguing to see how many "exotic spots" we could name and such, my examples: Negicco - Hikari no Spur (location: Lapland // Rovaniemi, Finland, thx Amoz!) Guniw Tools - baby's one do (location: somewhere in Nepal) Luna Sea - Mother (location: Ireland) La'cryma Christi - Nangoku (location: Palau - ps. this band had like tons of exotic spots in their PVs. e.g. Venice in their Dwellers-era...) Vamps - Angel Trip (location: Thailand (?)) etc. etc. Feel free to share some of yours!
  8. source: animenewsnetwork, niconico news Lol at all of this.
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