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Found 13 results

  1. Waru Chibi

    Since I am moving i try to sell some of the CDs i don't need anymore. ~ I ship worldwide from Germany. please add shipping fee to the prices. ~ I also take offers. ~ no extra Fees such as Paypal ~ pictures on request ~ sorry moving plus 2 jobs is stressful ~ I have like a ton of Flyers if there is any interest. mostly from 2014/2015/2018/2019 various bands. UnsraW ~ Calling 20€ UnsraW ~ -9- unplugged 25 € or best offer UnsraW ~ Gate of Birth (DvD only) 15€ initial'L ~ Moonlight Down 5 € Grieva ~ 黒い百合とxxx (kuroi yuri to xxx) 5 € Grieva ~ 不眠症 (fuminshou) 5 € Sarigia ~ Insult Kiss (new unopened) 12 € Diaura ~ Menace with Dvd (Obi missing) 5 € the 3rd Birthday ~ 糜爛の月 (Biran no Tsuki) with Dvd (Obi missing) 5 € Synk;yet ~ 自責の園 (Jiseki no sono) D type (obi missing) 3 € Synk;yet ~ 悦楽の底へ産み落とされし大罪のワルツ (Etsuraku no soko he umiotosareshi daizai no walz) b~type with Dvd. New and unopened 8 € Vexent ~ the fates (obi missing) 3 € Alice 9 ~ 九龍 (Kowloon) with DvD 8 € SID ~ 星の都 (Hoshi no Miyako) (no obi) 6 € Kagrra ~ 夢イズル地 (yume izure chi) (obi missing) 3 € Kagrra ~ 夜伽噺 (yotogi Banashi) 5 € Deep Rave ~ Deep Rave 5 € Hyde ~ 666 (Eu version) 5 € Hyde ~ Faith (Eu Version) 5 € baroque ~ sug life 5 € baroque ~ Clip collection 5 € baroque ~ Brq Dvd 5 € please make an offer: ~ Smile Berry promo Dvd 2015 ~ The Raid Promo Namba Hatch Dvd 2018 ~ Dispina Sorrow in Room promo ~ ZrayD Promo Cd 2015 with Flyer ~ the Radot Promo CD with flyer
  2. Hello everyone! 😃 I'm selling my entire GACKT collection which I have built in many years of purchases from CDJapan, eBay and Yahoo Japan auctions. As title says, it is EVERY GACKT release from 1999 (solo debut) until 2006. All Albums, singles, mini, and even VHS. The only releases missing are the DVDs. Basically the first half of his musical solo career, and this includes many rare releases which are really hard to find right now. All of them are wrapped in protective plastic sleeves and in perfect condition (I only buy albums in perfect conditions 😋) I would like to find a dear fan of him looking to buy the entire collection, but I understand that it could be a little hard so I can also sell the releases one by one. We can discuss pricing looking at the actual selling price on the web. If you are looking to buy the entire collection you can send me your offer 😊 Any other question is welcome! Sorry for the bad quality of the pics:
  3. EDIT: LOTS SEDIT: -LAREINE UPDATE- check green text MOST LAREINE SOLD ALREADY Hello! I have a lot of doubles resulting in buying lots from Japan. I kept them in case I needed some money, and now I do! I'm mostly selling MALICE MIZER and LAREINE, but there's some other stuff too. These prices are extremely generous and comparable to Japanese auction prices, not more expensivce Western prices: but without the need to import! I already sold records before, both VK and non VK and my buyers have always been satisfied, with very safe arrivals! (except for my first ever sale but I learned from that) ALL ITEMS ARE COMPLETE WITH OBI, EXCEPT IF MENTIONED ELSEWHERE. ALL 8CM CD's ARE INTACT AND NOT BROKEN (these are known for being very sensitive and easly breakable) NO ITEMS ARE FACTORY SEALED, EVEN IF THEY APPEAR SO I'M SHIPPING FROM BELGIUM, SHIPPING COSTS WILL VARY GREATLY ON THE QUANTITY AND WEIGHT OF ITEMS SPECIAL OFFERS/COMBINATIONS DOWN BELOW ALL PICTURES: https://cantavanda.com/for-sale-gallery/ (Site still completely under construction, will later be used as base of a multiple band fansites and main site for my music projects.) Now on to the goodies: MALICE MIZER CD's: Beast of Blood - 10EUR 麗しき仮面の招待状 (uruwashiki kamen no shoutaijou) - 5EUR 麗しき仮面の招待状 (uruwashiki kamen no shoutaijou) - 5EUR 再会の血と薔薇 (saikai no chi to bara) - 5EUR 虚無の中での遊戯 (kyomu no naka de no yuugi) - 5EUR 白い肌に狂う愛と哀しみの輪舞 (shiroi hada ni kuruu ai to kanashimi no rondo) - 5EUR 真夜中に交わした約束~薔薇の婚礼~ (mayonaka ni kawashita yakusoku ~bara no konrei~) - 8EUR SPECIAL OFFER 1: saikai+kyomu+shiroi = 11EUR merveilles - 15EUR SOLD MALICE MIZER: 8CM Singles All singles except Bel air are first press (Bel airs first press is a box). What does that mean? ILLUMINATI is shinining, Gekka is with a rough texture, Le ciel has folding images, and the most valuable, au revoir has a slipcase and pictures inside. All shown in image link. SPECIAL OFFER 2: First of all I'm selling all 5 8cm singles in a lot, for 22EUR. The first press au revoir alone is worth at least 10EUR on Japanese auctions, so it's well worth it. SOLD In the picture there's a mistake, I actually just have one au revoir for sale, the second is my copy. The 5 copies of the singles included in the lot I'm not selling seperately, so I will sell seperately what remains: One ILLUMINATI, two Le ciel and one Bel air, so: Le ciel - 4EUR Le ciel - 4EUR ILLUMINATI - 4EUR Bel air - 4EUR MALICE MIZER: VHS I want to sell all these VHS in one lot preferably, to make it simpler and easier, here is the list: Beast of Blood de l'image merveilles l'espace SECOND PRESS, NO SLIPCASE merveilles -cinq parallèle SECOND PRESS, NO SLIPCASE Verte Aile (bel air movie) FIRST PRESS w/ SLIPCASE 虚無の中での遊戯~de l'image~ (kyomu no naka de no yuugi ~de l'image~) 再会の血と薔薇 ~de l'image~ (saikai no chi to bara ~de l'image~) FIRST PRESS w/ SLIPCASE 薔薇に彩られた悪意と悲劇の幕開け (bara ni irodorareta akui to higeki no makuake) 薔薇の軌跡 (bara no kiseki) SPECIAL OFFER 3: All of these VHS for 17EUR SOLD Only a few are missing. There's one spare copy of Verte aile, which I'm selling for 3EUR MALICE MIZER: Box 神話 (shinwa) - 7EUR 神話 (shinwa) - 7EUR Bel air (first press box) - 8EUR UPDATE 1: LAREINE CDs Last picture in the gallery. Not everything here has an OBI. 薔薇は美しく散る/あの人の愛した人なら (bara wa utsukushiku chiru) single - Normal version - w/ OBI - Contains sale stickers and one scratch on the case (not CD) - 4EUR SOLD Fleur single - No OBI - Pink disc version - 5EUR SOLD Blue Romance mini-album - Normal press - No OBI - 10EUR SOLD Blue Romance~優しい花達の狂奏~ - No OBI - Regular press with bonus track - 15EUR SOLD ROMANCIA sampler CD - White version - Live distributed - This is really rare and expensive, even on the Japanese market.... 35EUR will do. GRAND PAIN 8cm first press single WITHOUT VHS, a bit dirty. - 4EUR SOLD NOT IN GALLERY: Métamorphose single - No OBI - 6EUR SOLD NOT IN GALLERY: GRAND PAIN normal edition single - BLUE COVER VERSION - No OBI - 5EUR SOLD SPECIAL OFFER 5: ALL LAREINE except ROMANCIA for 37EUR SOLD, Only ROMANCIA remaining GACKT items: Mizérable single: 6EUR SOLD Mizérable single box (w/ VHS): 6EUR SOLD NOT IN GALLERY: Vanilla 8cm single, with booklet&ad but without OBI - 6EUR SOLD SPECIAL OFFER 4: 3GACKT for 13EUR NOT VALID ANYMORE SINCE TWO GACKT SOLD Book CD singles: LAREINE - LILLIE CHARLOTTE book EP (non Ltd serial number ver.) - 14EUR MALICE MIZER - ma chérie book single: 6EUR BOTH SOLD Bonus VHS: AFTER IMAGE - Memories (FFW-001) This.... is an extremely extremely rare and sought after VHS tape, it's worth a ton of money. It has a little plastic that's coming off the VHS case, but it's really minor. I'm going to be extremely generous with this and only ask 35EUR. I can't believe I own two copies of it 😛 SOLD Schwarz Stein: Best albums Licht and Dunkelheit FACTORY SEALED, +2 bonus CDr of Rudolf Steiner that came by pre ordering through Hora's store only. 50EUR for it. Megaromania: The vision of engraving live DVD - 12EUR MALICE MIZER Prints: Le ciel poster, image stolen from xLIZ4's thread because it's exactly the same. I'm selling it for 10EUR. SOLD Shiroi poster - 10EUR SOLD Bara no seidou poster - 10EUR SOLD "merveilles" à deux dimensions photobook - 14EUR MALICE MIZER File: Book with over 300 pages of mostly amazing pictures, a lot not appearing often on the internet. This is like the biggest gift you can give a MM fan, it's amazing. Since I own three copies, I'll be selling 2. - 16EUR each. BOTH SOLD FREE STUFF: Any order over 15EUR can have for free the SEX MACHINEGUNS VHS, and a loose merveilles l'espace VHS (merveilles VHS gone), as seen in my gallery. I just want to get rid of these but don't want to throw it away.
  4. EVERYTHING HAS TO GO IF YOU DONT LIKE THE PRICE MAKE AN OFFER Hey guys Welcome to my sales page: Shipping From: Los Angeles, CA U.S.A. Shipping worldwide Prices are in U.S. dollar Random Goodies (CD's,Flyers,Magazines included the more you buy) If you need pictures please just ask ♦ CDs ♦ CD's marked with a * are missing obi or never came with one IX -NINE- *VIDYA $15 Ayabie(彩冷える) *君の声と約束 Type A $2 *Virgin Snow Color $5 Blaive パノラマノイズ Type A $4 イグサレーション $4 The Black Swan OUSIA Type B $18 Rage Type A $5 Blu-Billion Resonance-共鳴- / モノクロの花 Type B $3 コドモドラゴン(Codomo Dragon) 「下剋上。」Type A $15 *SODOM Type D $5 Hemlock Type D $5 CLear: 『星流る夜に』$4 CLØWD 狼煙 / Thank you for coming $4 Daizystrpper *ARREST Type A $6 DEZERT *完売音源集-暫定的オカルト週刊誌②- Hentai ver $70 DIAURA RUIN Type A $5 blind MESSAGE $2 DISREIGN WITHIN THE VOID Limited Edition + Photoset $12 DIV *SECRET Limited Ed $16 DIZ Not Selling Individually Dearly 桜色 Both for $12 GOTCHAROCKA Rainfall Limited Ed $10 KILLANETH Apocrypha LE [Unopened] $10 Apocrypha Reg [Case is broken] $8 Seraph Comment DVD (Jishuban) [Free if you purchase any Killaneth CD 己龍(Kiryu) *九尾 Type J $2 #ロストワールド(Lost World) まほろしろくろほま $7 Merry Badend 天地乖離す開闢の音 $5 Moran *堕落へと続く偏愛の感触 Reg Ed. $4 MORRIGAN Tranquilizer $18 My BACTERIA HEAT ISLAND *青空ギロチン Type A $5 Plastic Tree *スロウ Reg Ed [First Press] $5 RevleZ DIVINITY Type A $5 ROGUE Contrast Rebellion/Memento Both for $5 Royz Core Type A $25 S.I.V.A. Type A $25 *Innocence Type B *Case is cracked* $2 *Lilia Type D $3 *SUPER NOVA Type A $4 The Beginning Type D $3 SAKURA 桜の涙(初回限定盤 Limited Ed $10 V.A. FAMILY PARTY (Royz, Codomo Dragon, Kiryu) Type A $12 Vistlip *LAYOUT Vister Ed $15 WING WORKS RAVVE OF MY TRINITY Type Beta $5 NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST Akasaka Blitz One Man 2015.06.20 銃創 $50 ♦ Other ♦ ♦ MEJIBRAY PHOTO COLLECTION ♦ $12 Edited 2017.12.10
  5. ghost

    No items for sale
  6. Bands: Kiryu, Megaromania, Clearveil, Lin -the end of corruption world- (2nd part only), Nega, Brodiaea, Monolith Selling a lot of stuff: cds, dvds, chekis, photosets. Also selling Megaromania (Sui) and Kiryu (Hiyori) cosplay costumes (information below) You can also request a photo of any particular cheki if you want~ I accept only paypal payments. I ship worldwide. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fee. Need all these gone asap, so I accept negotiations. More you buy, more discount and presents you get! What I'm selling (all the photos below): Akaimihajiketa C type - 7 euro Etsu to utsu CD type C 7 euro Aien kien CD type C 7 euro Kiryu comment DVD for Tomoshibi single - SOLD Kiryu comment CD for Aien Kien single - 3 euro Kiryu comment DVD for Aien Kien single - SOLD Kiryu comment CD for Kyousei single - 3 euro Kiryu comment DVD for Kyousei single - SOLD Nega comment DVD - 5 euro (includes comment and a piece of live rehersal) Etsu to utsu CD type D - 7 euro Kiryu Kyousei DVD Sakai Mitsuki ver. - 13 euro Brodiaea photocard - 2 euro Kiryu group photocard - SOLD 1 - Ryu (Monolith) cheki - 7 euro 2 - Ryuuto (Clearveil) cheki - SOLD 3 - Sui and Kisaki (Lin) unsigned cheki - 10 euro 4 - Sui and Kisaki (Lin) signed cheki - 12 euro 5 - Cero (Lin) cheki - 6 euro 6, 7 - Misery (Megaromania) cheki - 10 euro each 8 - Sui (Lin, Megaromania) session band cheki - 10 euro 15 - Mitsuki (Kiryu) cheki - 3 euro 18 - Junji (Kiryu) cheki - 4 euro 19 - Saki (Clearveil) - SOLD 20 - Hisayoshi (Clearveil) - SOLD 21, 26 - Misery (Megaromania) - 10 euro each 22 - Hyouga (Megaromania) - 8 euro 23, 24, 26 - Sui (Megaromania) - 10 euro each 27 - Hyouga and Sui cheki - 14€ 28 - Hyouga and Chikage cheki - 14€ 29 - Yuushi signed cheki - 10€ 30, 36, 37 - Leda cheki - 12€ 31 - Chikage signed cheki - 12€ 32, 39, 41, 43, 45 - Misery signed cheki - 13€ 33, 35 - Hyouga and Leda cheki - 14€ 34 - Leda and Misery cheki - 14€ 38 - Hyouga signed cheki - 10€ 40, 42 - Misery cheki - 11€ Clearveil photocards - 5€ each Chikage trading card. - 3€ Lin Misery photocard (Sacred Xanadu order bonus) - 5€ Also I'm looking for Elysion, Vanikill and Kiryu t-shirts/parkas, Kiryu fans and Megaromania t-shirts. Not interested in chekis. I can accept trading/partial trading for these items. -------------------------------------------------------------------+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------------------------------------------------- Also selling cosplay costumes. All sizing considers that you wear suppressing west. You can request more photos via DM if you’re going to buy. I'm not making special photos for those who "going to cosplay that guy too". Shipping is included in price. I ship to any country. 1) Megaromania - Sui - God of Megaromania PV version. 250$ Includes everything except wig (it’s sold) and legwarmers (was resewn for Apocalypse). Necklace is also included. Size is rather S. Have it in mind that you’ll need something to suppress your chest. Sleeve girth not more than 26sm because otherwise it will be hard to wear. Skirt is quite wide and adjustable though, I think it’ll be ok for the person till 80sm in waist. Worn for two cons, atm in good condition. 2) Megaromania - Sui - Apocalypse PV version. 200$ Includes everything except wig. Handpainted sleeves, corsage, tough skirt. Sleeves are rather adjustable and regulated by belts. Blouse is quite wide. I think it may fit both S and M size actually since most of parts are adjustable. I can also sell shoes with this costume (size japanese 25) for 30$ Was also worn for two cons, atm in good condition. 3) Kiryu - Hiyori Isshiki - Minazakura/Oirantan PV. 200$ Absolutely identical to original handpainted kimono, obi with corsage lacing and giant bow for the back. Size S-M, though I think it might fit L… maybe. Includes everything excluding skirt, though I think it’s not hard to find a new one in any shop. I can also sell pre-styled wig with ponytails for 30$ 4) Kiryu - Hiyori Isshiki - Akakuchiru Boku no Ao look. 250$ There’s no PV for this one actually, though there were few old backstage DVDs. Quite close to the original. It’s not finished on this photo, but it’s finished at the moment. I’ll send all the necessary photos to a buyer. Haven’t managed to wear it on con, so I don’t have a lot of photos, but I’ll make more for you if you’ll be buying it. Can also sell pre-styled wig with two ponytails with this costume. Size is rather M. Skirt is on a rubber band. Condition is new. I accept minor negotiations for the prices, but please have in mind that it takes a lot of fabrics, paint and hard work, so be reasonable. I do not sell wigs or shoes separately.
  7. As you can see, I have some things to sell or looking for trade. I'm looking for stuff related to Fixer. Possibly oldest singles, mostly chekis (Jey/Aika? if possible ;-; ) or any goods. JILUKA too (chekis of Sena or Boogie?), cds, dvd? Schwarzkain chekis? (Izumi or Nagisa?) Trade is possible. Little list above, pick items you prefer and let's make a deal (^-^) (can choose more than 1 thing in exchange) • Chekis: Meto (Mejibray x1), MiA (Mejibray ×1), Kuloe (Morrigan ×1), Tsuzuku (Mejibray x1) Ask for photos ~ •CDs: The Black Swan - Ousia (B ) Liv'ert - Union / Victim MEJIBRAY - Theatrical Blue Black (B )/ Raven (B ) Nightmare - SCUMS (B ) •DVDs: MEJIBRAY - A PRIORI Ei: Jyo Sho - Counting Goats - Liv'ert - Psycho Resonance Nocturnal Bloodlust - Gears of Omega - •Magazines: Stuppy vol.2 (Kiryu, Buglug, DoginThePwo, Blu-Billion, Vistlip, DIV, R-shitei, Diaura, MEJIBRAY, Royz, Sadie, Lycaon...) Shoxx vol.251 (Nightmare/Sendai Kamotsu, Plastic Tree, Angelo, LM.C, V[NEU], MEJIBRAY, Diaura, D, Kiryu,...) Shoxx vol.261 (Shock Wave Summer Fes.2014, R-shitei, vistlip, Kiryu, Daizystripper, MEJIBRAY, Ruka, Maya, Pierrot, BugLug, Moran, The Kiddie...) •Flyers: Misaruka, Synk;yet, Liki Project, Savage, Miztavla, Gossip, Baby I Love You, The Egoist, SuG, Unite, Nightmare, Stigma, Gotcharocka, Develop One's Faculties, Clowd, The Black Swan, Skeleton, Nüe, Otomekokka, Ensoku, Serial Number, Blaive, Under Fall Justice, Hero, lolita23q, Van9ish, Diaura, Sirene, Magistina Saga Feel free to message me for more details ♡
  8. Pic here CLICK!! DIM 1st CD+DVD+Modern Pirates strap, limited box edition, super rare * Buy Paypal. And THB Only!! * All of stuff include Paypal fees in price 15,702 THB * Free Shipping from Thailand * E-mail :: zorano_88@yahoo.com
  9. Hi everyone! I sorted out my stuff and decided to sell a bunch of things including cheki, cds, DVDs, photosets and other merch! Feel free to take a look at my sales folder. All prices are negotiable. If you don't have Facebook you can also message me here and tell what you want. If you have got any question, just ask https://www.facebook.com/elena.olivia.5/media_set?set=a.869337129855858.1073741831.100003387381955&type=3&pnref=story
  10. Hey everyone! I would like to sell my girugamesh cd its brand new, never opened CD with authentic autographs, european version. My price is 25$ + shipping but if you're not content with the price, you're welcome to negotiate, just send me a private message! Shipping from Poland! Paymant via Paypal Pictures:
  11. The CD is like new since I never opened/touched it. I opened the wrapper, cause I thought I'd get an autograph. I noticed from storage there's a few scratches on the case itself so it's not a big deal, it can easily be replaced. Tracklist 1. Road of the Wing 2. Aoi Ookami ga Mita Zekkei 3. Yuukaigoto 4. Kaze no Slave (Album Version) 5. Representa 6. Amphibia 7. Fuefuki Douji (Album Version) 8. Revandish Ring (Album Version) 9. Aza-Sailla- 10. Lorent This is a rare Album from Japan! So get it before it's gone!
  12. I'm selling the following CD's: Band: GACKT Album: Attack of the YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz in Europe 2010 Type: Limited Edition, CD+DVD+Photobook [Thank you, SOLD] Band: kagerou / 蜉蝣 Album: Kurohata Type: Regular Edition, CD Band: kagerou / 蜉蝣 Album: Shinjuuka Type: Regular Edition, CD Band: Merry / メリー Album: M.E.R.R.Y. Type: Regular Edition, CD Band: Moi Dix Mois Album: Dixanadu Type: Limited Edition, 2 CD All information and pictures here: http://menomaeni.livejournal.com/1602.html I ship from Germany. Btw, I'm looking for a cheki of TAJI (support drummer) from OROCHI's Europe tour. If you sell one or know someone who sells one, please contact me ^^
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