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[METAL] Slipknot

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SLIPKNOT: 10th-Anniversary Reissue Of 'Iowa' Due In November

The 10th-anniversary reissue of SLIPKNOT's sophomore album, "Iowa", will be made available on November 1 via Roadrunner Records. The 2CD/1DVD set will include the original album; previously unreleased live audio from the band's 2002 DVD "Disasterpieces"; and "Goat", an-hour long film capturing the insanity that was "Iowa".

I'm already pumped!

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In the last 10 months I bought the Sicnesses DVD, the 9.0: Live CD (very awesome) and also Stone Sour stuff.

I wanna see them live very soon!!!

First I didnt like "Surfacing", but now it became my "new national fucking anthem" (like Corey always says^^)

Other songs, which one should listen to:

- The Blister exists

- Sic

- Three nil

- Heretic Anthem

- People = Shit

- Gematria

- Spit it out (live its epic. I think you know, whats happening there^^)

Songs by Stone Sour:

- Socio

- 1st person

- Digital

- The bitter end

- Through glass

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I've heard some tentative rumors here and there but looks like it's now official: Corey and Shawn launched their own TV/film production company called Living Breathing Films, and they already have a film in development (plus there'll be more projects for this year).

(source & more info)

Being the simplistic guy that I am, I frankly just want a new Slipknot album, not Stone Sour/movies/etc. xD

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Well, as this thread is really dead, I've decided to up this topic to talk about the band news. 

As you all know, Joey "left" the band. He's on a new band now, Scar the Martyr. 


What do you think about that ? Disappointed ? Can you imagine a future for Slipknot without their drummer ? Lemme know your thoughts about that.


Personally, I feel bad for one of my first and prefered bands. They lose an important member who is irreplaceable.


Concerning the news, there are mostly rumors. I read that the band was in studio and that a new song is coming soon. I don't know, wait & see. 

And for the social networks, as you all already noticed, they changed their profile picture and headers in a simple black colour. What do you guys think it means ?


They also announced a new Knotfest festival in Japan. 


I think that's nearly all, or at least, it's all that I know for the moment.

If you guys have news about the band, it would be nice to share it in this topic.


See ya !

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I have no problems with Joey leaving/getting fired. Decent drummer and all that, but I doubt he's all that important for Slipknot's sound. Bands changes members all the time without anything happening to the sound of the band, so I don't have any problem with it at all. Joey isn't exactly the most exciting drummer in the world either, so eheh. All Hope Is Gone was disappointing as fuck, so I hope they've found some new inspiration for the upcomming album.

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Well, I agree with you, but I was talking above all about his seniority in the band. That was so unexpected. If someone had told me that before his departure he was leaving the band, I would have lol'd so hard. And conerning a possible arrival of a new member, what do you think ? 


Personally, All Hope Is Gone disappointed me at the first listen, but then I realized that it was a good album, not their best, but good. I really liked Sulfur, Psychosocial, Dead Memories, Gehenna, Snuff, All Hope Is Gone, 'Til We Die... But yeah, they did better. 

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wow, this has to be the most gutless sound i've heard from a metal band in a long time. i hope this isn't the final mastering...


Dude, this is just some shitty stream on a website. xD Slipknot's stuff always sounds on-point (for me at least) so I bet they won't disappoint in that regard this time either.

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