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What are your top 10 current visual kei bands?

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Try to avoid hiatus bands, for me in order...


1:  Moi Dix Mois  :4.5: 

2: Lacroix Despheres  :4.0: 

3: Art Cube  :3.5: 

4: CELL-セル-  :3.5: 

5: Ru:natic  :3.5: 

6: D  :3.5: 

7: Grieva  :3.5: 

8: DIAURA  :3.0: 

9: Mejibray  :3.0: 

10: Pan-d-ra  :3.0: 


Kil:erre, Jupiter, and Kamijo's new project (if you want to call that a band) would maybe earn a spot on this list too when they put out something. oh and there is The piass but they haven't been active in years.


I also thought it would be a good idea to rate each band if you have time in comparison to visual kei as a whole.


I'd like to see others favorites and recommendations. :lolita_love: 

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Current? Damn. I listen to a lot of ooooold stuff, or stuff from recently disbanded bands. 




Do we consider X Japan still current? Because I don't even fucking know anymore.


1. X Japan

2. Galeyd

3. Nocturnal Bloodlust

4. Cat fisT

5. Gallo

6.Buck Tick 

7. Biosphia

8. Crimson Shiva

9. Meteoroid

10. Deathgaze


Note that I didn't put Signal on the list, as they will soon be disbanding. Otherwise, they'd probably me under Gallo.

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Not in order but these are current bands that I either love, or just like enough to always check out a new release when it comes out:


Alice Nine









Miss Jelly Fish


(I guess there's not that many more current bands I listen to anyway xD)

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I don't think i'll be able to avoid hiatus bands or non-disbanded bands....


(not in any special order)
1. Naine

2. Nightmare

3. UNiTE

4. Grieva

5. Nocturnal Bloodlust


7. Black Gene for the next scene

8. DIV

9. Crazy Shampoo




That was actually kind of difficult to pull together. Now out of that list... bands that I actually follow anymore is probably cut down to like...3... I listen to a lot of disbanded bands ;;

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Here's my list : Other than my favorite visual kei band the rest of em are pretty much all in the same category as for how much i listen to em/like em etc XD


1. ViViD

2. DaizyStripper


4. UNiTE.

5. カメレオ

6. DIV

7. REALies

8. Royz

9. xTRiPx

10. ν[NEU]


There are a few more bands i could replace any of the bands other than ViViD with :D but well judgin of how often i listen to each band's music i got on my pc these must be the the top 10 ones ;p And i have left out every heavy/dark? sound band i listen to like DIAURA/R指定/己龍 (i dont give a shit about what you think as heavy but for me these bands kind of music is the definition of heavy, im not metal shit type of guy but i can enjoy any kind of music as long as for some random reason it appeals to me ♥)

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Current? That's the most difficult thing, I hardly ever listen to anything new that comes out anymore.






Creature Creature

amber gris




Black Gene for The Next Scene

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Apparently the number of current bands that are not disbanded is pretty small. This is what I managed to gather, ordered more less according to according to my level of interest. 

1. NoGod
2. ADAPTER。 (assuming he doesn't work alone it can apply right? xD)
3. BugLug
4. Buck-Tick
5. cali≠gari
6. Golden Bomber
7. Heidi
9. Acid Black Cherry
10.Luna Sea

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Guest mitsubana

Coming up with 10 was very difficult... Over the almost-decade I've been a visual kei fan, my taste in music and my activity in the scene has changed. I pretty much only follow the first four-five bands.... The rest I listen to occasionally on youtube, etc. but don't like them enough to go and purchase their music.


1. ANSIA (f.k.a auncia)

2. 蒼-AO-

3. Jupiter (yes, I know I love them already haha)

4. Veled

5. A.S.K

6. Annabyss Coast

7. Wonder [Age] Plus + 


9. Romancing Saga

10. FANG

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Do we count bands that aren't VK anymore? Lol.  Well, I'm not going to anyway (so no MUCC, Merry, Lynch, Giru, etc.).  Also, no hiatus or disbanded bands.  This is in order based on my Last FM plays. 


















*Honorable mentions in case any of those bands are on hiatus whatever and I didn't realize lol

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Hhhmm.... in no particular order aside from when they come to mind:


Grieva, Liphlich, Ru:Natic, CaliGari, Penicillin, Moi Dix Mois, (and here is when I had to start looking through last.fm to see who is still active and I listen to often) 己龍, Zig+Zag, DEZERT, and Cell. I guess D could be on this list too, but they've either done really well or pissed me off from 7th Rose onwards.

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Active and Visual Kei only? I don't listen to a ton of music these days though :C


CELL is the only real band that I am following. Oh boy! I have the live DVD coming in the mail! Now that PV DVD WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!? Ugh, I don't know who thought that was a good idea but guys seriously please stop.


Zig Zag: I fucking love Zig Zag but I haven't listened to their new album, it's kinda annoying to buy so I've been putting it off. Like using a shopping service or asking my buddy to grab it and all that.


Ru:natic: Oh boy they're finally releasing something with songs I've heard already thanks to Peace ripping the tracks off YouTube <3


Grieva: I was liking these guys but after this last mini, if their next release is just redone Dir en grey songs I'm going to just stop bothering with them. About a day after owning their mini I was bored and rather just listen to the better original Dir en grey songs.


Vallquar: I thought an album was going to be released but I haven't heard much regarding that since it was annouced. Oh well, that's why we have Vampire Rose.


Vampire Rose: Oh boy! Cheesy dumb vampire gothic indie trash. Gotta love it! At least we get Vallquar songs without Hikari's awful vocals!


Gauzes: Pretty sure they're going to disbanned soon. OH BOY TALK ABOUT TR00 VKKK KVLT! Release album and break up! 


Lulu: I thought Taa OD'd but I guess not and I was digging the recent PV they put on YouTube. It's different from their earlier material, no denying that but I still like it.


Kiryu: I want to like Kiryu more but I also don't want to buy all 50 versions of their singles. I just wait until an album is out and get the one with the most songs.


D: Ehhhh lately I either hate or love what they do and I feel like I tend to hate it more than love. I hope this label change is for the better but since it's major I guess we're gonna get a bunch of awful Day by Day songs.


Jupiter: The single isn't even out yet but it's HIZAKI. I've liked him since his wee early days when he teamed up with Hisui and everything else he's done. It'll be frilly gay HIZAKI metal and hopeful Zin will be up to the challenge. I hope Teru composes more songs too!


Okay coming up with 10 bands wasn't that hard!

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Ten current Visual Kei bands?

I cannot count ten because I hardly like this new era of Visual Kei o.O


1. Moi Dix Mois


3 Lacroix Despheres

4. GAUZES (I have listend a bit of their music and I'm very much interested in them)

5. Rose Noire


There might be a couple of bands that I might like a bit apart from the ones I numbered, but I cannot think of them right now.

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Well. Not sure whether I'll reach 10 artists.


CELL - Loved what they did so far. Even if there were more bands around that fit my taste - those guys would still be a favorite!


グリーヴァ - Well. The problem with them is that they aren't the real thing. I still kind of enjoy them, but I hope for them to do something more original soon. At the moment it's more that I follow them because there are no other high quality oldschool bands to follow.


Penicillin and Machine - So far, surprisingly, I liked almost every phase these bands went through. Their songs don't change my life or anything but are always nice to listen to.


Luna Sea - The only 'legendary' band whose new material I actually enjoy. Although I still prefer their first albums.


12012, Dir en grey and 黒夢 - Bands that I only follow because I really, really, really like their old releases and hope that one day they might amaze me again. (they won't)


Recently I'm a bit interested in newcomer 'oldschool' bands like GAUZES and La'veil Mizeria, too.

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1. xTRiPx

2. UNiTE.

3. the GazettE

4. DIV

5. Kameleo

6. Royz

7. DOG inThePWO

8. LUCHe.

9. DaizyStripper

10. RoNo☆Cro


These are the first that came into my mind. Besiddes the first three, they're not in any particular order.

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In NO Order my TOP 10 at the moment ,
base on the songs that I have been listen to ,
and I don't skip their tracks (most tracks are addicted listenable) .

MEJIBRAY   (Obviously , the speedy tempo , their instrument's skills , epic compose and 綴's death voice !)
SCREW   (Without a doubt my Top 10 as I like most of their tracks (except the recent singles) , and their album is very good .)

グリーヴァ   (No need to explain how I Love the 90's style of VK industry , and they are incredible .)
RedruM   (The electricish Metal , and their skills are brilliant , and I Love their compose as well .)
Xepher   (One of the Best New band from the 2012 , 2 singles , 5 tracks I'm in Love with , it's very rare to have a band can created all tracks that are great !)
己龍   (Still in Love with their 和製ホラー (Japanese Styled Horror Metal) , epic composers , Love 参輝 'n 武政 from クララ零式, and 准司's drums is Superb.)
Avidit.   (Not much to describe , simply because their music , and リゼ voice is very special .)
レイヴ   (Their music are great , compose and style are very fresh , + レン's voice is unique .)
ダウナー   (Downer is another 和風 band that is outstanding and sadly , underrated ,but still , I am in LOVE with 杏's voice since マルル <3)
メガマソ   (涼平 , I LOVE YOU <3)


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No particular order.




3. Vistlip

4. the Gazette

5. Mejibray

6. Nocturnal Bloodlust

7. Dir en Grey (though I don't like everything they do, I like their creativity)

8. Sadie


10. Royz


#1 is totally Nocturnal Bloodlust...I wake up and go to bed to "SPhere" almost everyday lol

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2. Grieva

3. umbrella

4. Tokyo Heroes


6. cocklobin



9. Miss Jelly Fish



These are not in any particular order except for LIPHLICH. I would've added Munimuni and dieS to the list, but they haven't had any new releases in a while so I tried to replace them with others.

There are other bands I enjoy that didn't make the list like CELL, Lament, emmurée, the god and death stars and others I can't think of at the moment.

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**★NOハウス (hoshi NO house)
**サウイフモノ (souiumono)

"Gothic"/"vampire"/"dark"/flowery crap
Scarlet Valse
Lacroix Despheres
Dear L'Novel
**クリシュナ (crishuna)

己龍 (Kiryu)
**カルペディエム (carpe diem)

Bands noted with a ** are "honorable mention" bands that I'm keeping an eye on.  They are probably future favorites, but I'm still waiting to hear more releases.

I feel like I might be forgetting someone...

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Going in order of last.fm because if last.fm doesn't catalog it then I must not be the world's largest fan of said band. Also, if we don't count disbanded bands I'm going to have a hell of a time finding ten -____-
1. lynch.
2. the GazettE
3. A
4. Miyavi
5. Lycaon
6. 12012
7. the god and death stars
9. 新興宗教楽団NoGoD


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Wow, that's hard... because I rarely listen to new vk bands.


1. Grieva

2. CelL

3. emmurée

4. Kiryu


6. D

7. Moi dix Mois

8. Buck-Tick

9. Ru:natic

10. Pan-d-ra


well, I guess Penicillin and Luna Sea could fit there as well. Most bands I like are disbanded or have disbanded recently... but checking the lists of other people here I see some bands that could be really worth being cheked out (cocklobin, LIPHLICH, DISH...)

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1. Sadie


3. Versailles


5. the GazettE

6. Signal

7. DaizyStripper


9. -OZ-

10. D


According to my Last.fm.


Edit: woops, couple of disbanded ones in there. Better add 摩天楼オペラ, Sujk and defspiral then.

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