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I'm mostly an '80s b-movie guy myself, but I'll try making a list of '70s stuff just for the hell of it....


1. Suspiria

I just LOVE the surreal effect this movie evokes, the set design is great and the soundtrack was pretty awesome as well. It totally deserves its status as a horror classic.


2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Several scenes involving Leatherface unnerved me the first time I watched this movie. There's some sort of really gritty quality to this movie that makes it feel like a hazy summer day and I like that. 


3. Halloween

I must admit, I wasn't exactly spooked by this one 'cuz I saw it at a point where I'd already seen too many slasher flicks to care. Still, it's one of the big names in the subgenre and I can definitely see why it ended up being so influential. Never saw any of the sequels, nor any of the remakes. Don't think I'm missing out on much in either case, although I might check out Halloween 3 at some point just for shits and giggles because it's different.


4. Zombi 2

I really love how nasty the zombies look in this one. And as Jig said, dat underwater scene...


5. Hausu

As surreal as Suspiria almost, but WAY goofier. I really feel like this is something only the Japanese could have done. Everything about it is quirky, eveything about it is weird. I can't see this movie actually SCARING anybody, but it's still oh so entertaining to watch.


I guess I ran out of '70s horror I actually saw and found to be legitly good (as opposed to 'so bad it's funny'-good). Whoops. I gotta confess, I sort of disliked Eraserhead. Maybe I need to give it another try, but the first time i watched it I just felt bored more than anything.

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My reasons are the same as Jigsaw's but like you say I think I expected a straight up horror film. The twist was interesting enough but the slew of "scary things in boxes" was just dumb. The ending was atrocious as well. The only part I liked about the film was the closing theme by NIN XD But that's just my opinion :)

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If one expect a straight up horror film I can sure understand people's disappointment. But I liked its satirical take on the horror genre, and how it played around with all the cliches in the genre, especially from the last 20 years onward. But everyone's etitled their own opinion.


But if the only horrors you've found good the last few years is The Woman In Black, Evil Dead, You're Next and Paranormal Activity I strongly suggest you to try more horror films. There's been so many good horror films lately IMO.


Here's my awesome list of horrors from the last 5 years that's worth seeing (I also added some "genres" in case some of it might be up your alley. Left those you already mentioned out though):




The House of the Devil ("proto"-slasher, "satanic panic" horror)

Les nuits rouges du bourreau de jade aka Red Nights (neo-giallo)




The Lords of Salem (psychedelic satanic 70's throwback horror)

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (horror comedy)

Frankenstein's Army (found-footage horror-sci-fi)

Insidious (supernatural horror)

Thirst (vampire horror)

Bedevilled (horror/thriller)

Piranha 3D (horror comedy)

Frankenweenie (horror comedy)

The Innkeepers (haunted house horror)

Julia's Eyes (neo-giallo)




Amer (neo-giallo)

Insidious: Chapter 2 (supernatural horror)

Chillerama (horror comedy)

Berberian Sound Studio (neo-giallo)

Secuestrados (home invasion)

The Revenant (horror comedy)
Warm Bodies (romantic horror comedy)

The Awakening (haunted house horror)



And many more, but I just took the most "important" ones now.


The House of the Devil is the bestout of these. It's close to being a 10/10 for me, and one of my all time favourite horror films. Top 5 for sure. Everything about it, except for the trash cans, SCREAMS late 1970's. How the film is shot, the effects, the soundtrack, the cinematography and the story just can't get any more 70's. Exceptionally good film!

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So, any of you guys know any modern/modern-ish (like post-2000's) horrors witth more of a focus on practical sfx instead of cgi effects? Cuz the only ones that spring to mind directly for me are Frankenstein's Army (which I haven't seen yet) and Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer which is more comedy than anything...

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Like Bear said, Cabin in the Woods is a satire so it can come off as a joke. I personally liked it for the monster collage as I love monsters or supernatural monsters including sci-fi types. I loved the chaos during the breakout, I think it would have benefited more with a guy like Guillermo del Toro on helm for character creation so the monsters can have more details. Much like Hellboy 2 or Pan's Labrynith. I literally watched Hellboy 2 like 10-15 times in the month I got the dvd. There is just too many details that can easily be overlooked and if you try hard enough to look for extra tidbits, you are rewarded with something interesting.

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I'll have to rewatch Suspiria at some point.  Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for viewing it the first time around, haha.

Thoughts on The Fly?  I only saw it once, but barring modern torture porn-y stuff (which is basically like "cheating"), this was one of the most gruesome, cringe-inducing horror movies I've ever seen.  Pretty good 80s sci-fi horror!  Great performance by Jeff Goldblum!

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I'll have to rewatch Suspiria at some point.  Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for viewing it the first time around, haha.

Thoughts on The Fly?  I only saw it once, but barring modern torture porn-y stuff (which is basically like "cheating"), this was one of the most gruesome, cringe-inducing horror movies I've ever seen.  Pretty good 80s sci-fi horror!  Great performance by Jeff Goldblum!


I guess it's fair to say that Suspiria is one of those acquired tasteesque films. It doesn't have the strongest story ever and it doesn't have the most gore. But there's just something magical about it. The cinematography is incredible, and the music, for me, is superb, and together they create this unique atmosphere that's just insanely good.


The Fly is pure magic. I love both the 58 and the 86 versions. I think both are brilliant! The effects and make-up are amazing.

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C'mon boys and girls, let's do the 60's! I've been waiting for this decade because it was such a massive one with directors taking different types of horror films to a whle new level never seen before and so on.


1. Night of the Living Dead

There had been zombie films before this one, but George A. Romero took the whole zombie subgenre onto a new level of madness and revolutionized the whole genre. The whole film is so dark and grim, and you just can't deny the fact that this is one of the best horror films ever. #2 on my all time horror list, and with good reason.


2. Psycho

This is Alfred Hitchcock at his best, and that says it all. Psychological horror which is all about the suspense, and the master of suspense himself didn't fail anyone. Such a great film, such an important film and such a revolutionary film. We all know the shower scene, don't we?


3. Onibaba

One of the most overlooked horror films ever. The most part of this film is in fact a historical drama, and there is very little actual horror here. But there little horor we get, is some of the best, the scariest and most shockingly good horror ever catched with a camera. Eerie as fuck to be honest. It's a beautifuly shot film that's visually striking, and the cinematography is insanely good. Do watch, if you haven't done so already.


4. Blood and Black Lace

This giallo film by Mario Bava isn't just one of the earliest and most influential of all giallo films, also to the slasher genre, but also the best giallo ever made. The flair and style almost makes this a classic on its own. It's so insanely good and well-made you can't miss it. Claustrophobic, erotic and thrilling are the keywords here.


5. Viy

This is the first ever Soviet horror film and was made in 67. This film contains some of the coolest special effects you'll ever see in cinema, especially considering the budget and how minimalistic this film as a whole is. Why this film hasn't become more know is beyond me. Masterpiece!


6. Kwaidan

This is a Japanese anthology horror film consisting of four shorter films called "The Black Hair", "The Woman of the Snow", "Hoichi the Earless" and "In a Cup of Tea". The titles says all you need to know about this film. It's a massive one, and one of these stories will scare you shitless. I'm not saying which though.


7. Black Sabbath

Another anthology horror film, but this time consisting of three short films. "The Telephone", "The Wurdalak" and "The Drop of Water" are the three titles, and The Wurdalak has Boris Karloff in it. That alone is more than enough to check this out. But not only does it have Boris Karloff in it, it is directed by Mario Bava and is the film that gave its name to Black Sabbath. Yes, the band. Do you need another reason to check this out? No.


8. Eyes Without a Face

This is an atmosheric pice of horror that is almost poetic as it is beautiful and fairytale-like. The whole film is very toned down, yet it still manages to be shocking. Very shocking. The most beautiful film on this list for sure.


9. Black Sunday

More Mario Bava. You surprised? Well, you shouldn't be. One of the best film makes in history of horror, and the 60's was his big year. The cinematography, the flair and style, the atmosphere. Jesus, it's all here. It even has Barbara Steele, perhaps the best and most beautiful actress ever, and was her beakthrough film. This is gothic horror at its finest.


10. The Devil Rides Out

Christopher Lee! Terence Fisher! Hammer Horror! Now, there you've got three reasons to check this out. What a film!

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^ Almost got those right! :D I'm actually unsure whether I've seen Psycho or not -- I was really young and it didn't leave that big of an impression on me. Also, it might have been that infamous shot-for-shot remake from 1998, not sure at all. xD Anyway, here's my list. I chose 7 main movies and then some notable mentions (this is basically like 80% of all horror related flicks I've seen so far from the '60s xD).


1. Black Sabbath

I heard the band got their name from this movie, so naturally I was curious to check it out. I watched the "Italian version" cuz supposedly that has some different/better editing, pacing and whatnot (so the order of the segments was "telephone" -> "wurdulak" -> "creepy corpse lady" xD). The last segment is my absolute favorite, such a cool job on makeup effects, the whole thing is totally freak-out creepy. Of course the other two stories are cool too, I like the variety in here (giallo-ish thriller and vampire horror).


2. Repulsion

Yeah, Polanski has that reputation of his, but I cannot not love this movie! Its atmosphere is absolutely surreal and dreary, it sucks you right in. At times it might feel a bit too "artistic" (that's code for "pretentious") but I love how it gets more and more psychotic gradually. A really interesting piece of psycho-horror with the super-pretty Catherine Deneuve in the lead.


3. Carnival of Souls

This movie kinda has a similar surreal atmosphere as Repulsion, tho totally different story and pacing. It feels like being stuck in a dream where you have a feeling that something's not right, but it's not a full-blown nightmare (...yet). Some very striking and effective scenes in here, don't wanna give anything away cuz it would soon end in spoilers. Highly recommended!


4. Night of the Living Dead

I actually saw the remake first, but this was thoroughly entertaining as well. A black & white gem that has aged quite gracefully. There's not much to say, it's a stone-cold classic of the zombie subgenre. A solid movie.


5. The Devil Rides Out

Really cool Hammer Horror flick with such acting staples as Christopher Lee and Charles Gray (who, the latter, is especially good in his evil role). I love the culty satanic vibe that's going on, somehow it manages to keep up the sinister tension. It also has some neat/cute special effects.


6. Eyes Without a Face

As Bear already mentioned, this one has that certain aesthetically pleasing quality to it. A compact but nice tale with some pretty freaky things interspersed. Very pleasant and intriguing to watch.


7. Horrors of Malformed Men

If you'd let mangaka Suehiro Maruo go back in time to the '60s and direct a movie in the spirit of The Island of Dr Moreau, that would be pretty similar to this movie. Well, no wonder, the story is spliced together from a few shorties of famous Japanese mystery novelist Edogawa Rampo - whose stories Maruo often likes to put to manga (you'll find that The Strange Tale of Panorama Island has many things in common with this movie). A totally surreal and weird ride.


Honorable mentions:

 - The Innocents: classic tale of the supernatural (or is it?) adapted from a very good Henry James novel,

 - Rosemary's Baby: a classic in its own right, tho I don't recall much from it (otherwise being decent),

 - The Haunting: based on Shirley Jackson's spooky novel, a pretty eerie and subtle flick.

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Daaaamn, boy. That's a great list! Your best (in my eyes) till now. Every films mentioned is pure gold. Respect, my brotha' from anotha' mutha'!



And you gotta watch the original Psycho. It's brilliant, man.

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I guess we're finished with the 60's, so let us just jump straight to the 50's. I exect even less respnse and entusiasm here, but it'll be fun anyway. The 50's were when Hammer Horror started, and even if they started late, they released some amazing films this year. But even if you remove every Hammer Horror film, you still have a fabolous year for horror. Jesus, Gojira started to destroy Tokyo, but he was not the only monster on the loose. The giant monsters were everywhere, and they destroyed and killed everything in their path. The Thing came to planet earth and scared a bunch of guys shitless far out in nowhere, and you had a house of was that might not have been exactly what it looked like. This decade, man. Awesome!



1. Gojira

We all know Gojira aka Godzilla, don't we? This awesome monster film is oneof the best, if not THE best monster film ever made. Fuck, everything looks so good in this film. Gojira looks amazing, and his movements and growls weren't much worse. Gojira really IS terror and horror. This film will never be topped as far as giant monster films goes.


2. Dracula

This film gives you both Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, two of the biggest horror icons ever, and is directed by Terence fucking Fisher, a man who would direct a shitload of great, classic Hammer Horror films. This film isn't very gory or anything, and it put all its faith in atmosphere, and it worked so well. This gothic horror masterpiece is stylish, grandiose and very sexy. Both Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing and great beyond words in this film, as they mostly have been throught their careers. Great actors! Two of my favourites to be exact.



3. The Hound of the Baskervilles

We all know The Hound of the Baskervilles, even those who'se not read the novel. This is another Hammer Horror film with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in the leads, and it's another Hammer Horror film directed by Terence Fisher. This is often regarded one of the best Hammer Horror films ever, and I do agree. They've turned in into a gothic horor mystery, and it works so bloody well. This is, without no doubt whatsoever, the best Sherlock Holmes adaption ever made. That's how bloody good this film is!


4. Them!

This film is one of the first nuclear giant monsters films, and it's also one of the best. And you can all it sci-fi, horror or just sci-fi-horror. Who gives a fuck? I do, and I call it horror. It starts out as a regular mystery film before slowly turning into a horror film about something less nicer than your mom. You know. The pacing is incredible, it's very suspenseful and for someone who hates all kinds of insects, this is still freaky as fuck to me.


5. Les diaboliques

Les Diaboliques is such a great film. It's a psychologial horror based of a novel, and can you guess who was close to directing this? The master of suspense himself. But he just missed out on it, and it's a good thing because that led Alfred Hitchcock to make Psycho instead. Robert Bloch, the writer of Psycho, has stated many times that this is his all-time favourite horror film. It's a bit predictable, but with suh great suspense and atmosphere it's easy to forget that. The direction is superb, the acting is great and its atmosphere is just top notch.


6. House of Wax

Über classic horror with the always amazing Vincent Price, in one of his best roles ever. You also get Charles Bronson, which is great here despite not having the biggest of roles. This isn't as much atmospheric as it is suspensful, but it does have its moments with geat atmosphere too.

By the way, if you have seen the 2005 version and disliked it, do not wory, the 05-version is NOT a remake of this. But the 50's version however, is a remake of the great, though not as good as this, horror film Mystery of the Wax Museum. Worth checking out too.


7. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Sci-fi or horror? I say both, but I've always called it horror. This is suspenseful, but not in the same was as Les Diaboliques. This is scary, but at the same time not scary. I can't explain it at all. It's a great film! The first remake of this film is also worth seeing. Not as good, but still damn fine!


8. Tarantula

Another big monster film, and another great one. Of all monster films I have seen, this is by far the scariest, and in fact one of the scariest films ever. I hate spiders more than anything else in this world, and this film gives you real, giant spiders that are bigger than fucking houses. Yes, that is fucking scary, and it nearly made me shit my pants. Fuck, do watch this film, guys, especially if you hate spiders. Eww!


9. The Creature from the Black Lagoon

This seems to be one of those films everybody has heard about, but a lot haven't seen. And it's a shame, because this is a great film. It's a fun film that gives you this b-film feeling, and who doesn't love that? It's a fun ride. Check it out!


10. De dødes tjern

I just had to include this as well. This is one of very few Norwegian horror film, and is my all-time favourite Norwegian film. This is a classic piece of atmospheric horror. Too slow for many, but god damn amazing to me.

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Ahh, I've been meaning to watch Les Diaboliques... heard good things about it. I must confess, I literally fell asleep trying to watch De dødes tjern - on two separate occasions, lmao!


Anyway, here's my grandiose top 3, haha.


1. The Curse of Frankenstein

Pretty cool Frankenstein flick, not much to say about this. Peter Cushing is pretty badass and Christopher Lee is creepy. An effective adaptation, also looks nice.


2. House of Wax

If memory serves me right, this is actually the only movie I saw Vincent Price in so far, haha (he seems to be a big name in horror). A decent movie. It isn't really horrific but the concept is interesting.


3. Dracula

Peter Cushing - check, Christopher Lee - check, pretty cool adaptation - check. It's solid stuff.


Honorable mentions:

 - Creature from the Black Lagoon: yay, a monster~ ...I wanted to see more of it tho.

 - the Quatermass movies: these literally blend together for me, dunno if I watched them all or not. xD Amusing sci-fi/terror tales, tho sometimes a bit tedious.


'50s stuff isn't really my thing I guess. :/ Also I'm gonna skip out on the '40s because I haven't seen not even one movie from that decade.

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You should check out more Vincent Price films. One of those huge horror icons. He played in a shitload og great horror films, and I think his work with b-film legend  Roger Corman was superb. Corman is best known as a b-film director and producer, and is known for making and producing films that tried to cash in on other films' succses. But he did make some really great films now and then, and some of his best films is his works with Vincent Price. House of Usher, Pit and the Pendulum,The Premature Burial, Tales of Terror, The Raven, The Haunted Palace, The Masque of the Red Death and The Tomb of Ligeia (all from the 60's, and all Edgar Allan Poe adaptions)) are damn fine films. Vincent Price also played in other great films such as The Last Man on Earth, Witchfinder General, Twice-Told Tales, The Tingler, The Fly, Return of the Fly, House on Haunted Hill, The Abominable Dr. Phibes and Dr. Phibes Rises Again, which I guess are the ones I've seen. He was a superb actor.


Skip the 40? Daaaaamn! That means I am all alone then. Christ almighty!

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Since Jigsaw is gonna skip the 40's, and me and him are the only one active in this thing, I'll just jump straight to the 40's. The Universal Monsters slowly started in the 20's, and we got many great horror films that decade, both Universal Monsters and other films. In the 30's they made even more monster (and other horror) films, and then came the 40's, often seen as one of the horror genres golden years. These years launched the careers of icons such as Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Jr. and Lon Chaney. In the 30's, 13 of the 17 released films had Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi or both in the lead. That's how big these two became. But this isn't about the 30's, this is about the 40's and in this decade Lon Chaney, Jr. was the huge star. Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi continued to impress with their acting, and Vincent Price were slowly getting bigger, even though he wouldn't become a known horror acto before the 50's. The 40's gave us a shitload of sequels to big titles such as Frankenstein, The Mummy, Dracula. Abbott and Costello made the whole world laugh with their funny slapstick comedies, but they also stepped into horror terretory and gave us some of the best horror comedies ever. And The Wolf-Mann took the world by storm! But even though this was Universal's year, it wasn't all about Universal. Someone walked with a zombie, another one went to graveyards and stole bodies while this one, weird chick thought she turned into a cat when sexually aroused.


All in all it was a great and exciting decade for horror, and hopefully someone will get some inspiration from this list to check out some 40's horror films (Jiggy boy, I am looking at you!).


1. The Body Snatcher

Boris Karloff's (my all time favourite actor, btw) career were going downhill, but this is often considered the film that saved his career as he not only gives his best performance ever, but also oen of the finest performances in the history of horror. But guess what? This film also has another amazing horror icon of that era. Bela Lugosi! Both are amazing in their roles, but I prefer Boris Karloff (as I am a fanboy and) as he's so damn evil in this. This is an atmospheric piece of horror cinema not to be missed by anyone.


2. The Seventh Victim

One of the most underrated and overlooked films in the genre. The Seventh Victim was way ahead of its time and mixed horror and film noir. Satanic cults, suicide and an amazing scene that most likely inspired Alfred Hitchcock to do his most known scenes of all time. This was the darkest film ever made at its time, and still is one of the darkest films ever made. This is a film that deserves to be mentioned among the biggest of the biggest in the genre. It's a long time since I last saw it, though, but I will have a watch again soon enough. This might even climb up a few places on this list. Amazing film!


3. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein

This is, in my eyes at least, the best horror comedy of all time. You get simple slapstick humor mixed with fantastic horror. The thing that makes this such a great film, other than Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's fantastic and funny performance, is that everyone else, including Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi and Glenn Strange, treats this as a regular horror film. The monsters aren't made funny or dumb or anything, they are themself alike. That's one of the things that put this in front of every other horror comedy ever made. This film is unique even to this day, and has never been touched by other films in the genre. And you get three classic monsters in the same film. THere's other films like that, but none as good as this masterpiece.


4. The Wolf Man

We've been treated with many fine werewolf films over the years, but in my eyes no one ever came close to this film. The atmosphere is great, the make up and especially transformation is incrediblly good and Lon Chaney, Jr. is unforgettable in his role as the manbeast. This film set the standard of how werewolf films should be, and 80 years later it is still the finest one.


5. Cat People

The thing that stands out the most in this film is the set pieces, and they are half the fun here. They help evoke this great, eerie atmosphere that sends chills down your spine. But the acting is nothing short of superb and the use of shadows is amazing. This was a very unique film at its time, unlike anything else created. Dark and erotic.



6. Dead of Night

This is often seen as the best horror anthology of all time. It consists of five stories and one linking narrative. As with The Seventh Victim I haven't seen this in a long time. But I remember it being amazing, and some of the things here must've been a huge inspiration on well known horror films/series later made. Underrated and overlooked film. Will watch it again soon.


7. Hold That Ghost

This was, as far as I know at least, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's first step into horror terretory, and what a great step that was for them. While not as good as Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein, it's still bloody great. The thing that makes Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein a better film is that it's way funnier and has a genuine horror feelign to it, something which this doesn't really have. But it's still a hilarious film and the movingcandle scene might be the funniest scene ever made in a horror film. It's hilarious!


8. The Uninvited

A very original horror film with stunning cinematography, great acting, an amazing score, atmosphere that will send chills down your spine and suspende. This film kinda has it all, doesn't it? This is a must see for sure.


9. I Walked with a Zombie

This is a very fine horror film, but if you expect brain- and flesheating zombies, you'll have to look somewhere else. This is a poetic film filled with great mysticism and and atmosphere. This is often seen as one of the best zombie films ever, and I do agree, even though it's not quite up there with the very best. But it's a great film!


10. The Lodger

I don't think I've ever seen anyone mention this film, and it's weird because this is a great film. A masterpiece in fact. Atmospheric horror mystery set in the 1880's. The amazing performance by Laird Cregar and the eerie, foggy streets of London are sure to give you the chills and put a fright in you. ANd it's a beautiful film in the way it is directed. Stunning stuff!


That was the 40's for me. It was a damn fine year for horror, and I hope someone gets a bit of inspiration from this post to check out some great, 40's horror films.

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Cool! Which ones will you check out?


I'm actually gonna check out a few of these again myself and make sure my mind didn't play any tricks on me. The Seventh Victim, Dead of Night and The Lodger. And I hope I remembered correctly, because I remember all of these as amazing films.

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These are my lucky candidates:


Cat People

Dead of Night (I'm a sucker for horror anthologies!)

I Walked with a Zombie

The Seventh Victim

The Uninvited


By any chance, is Cat People the original to the '80s movie of the same title? (haven't seen that one either, only know the cool song Bowie wrote for it xD)

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Cool! You should add The Body Snatcher to that list to be honest.


Yes, that it is. But the original is way superior in every way, despite the remake's great soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder. Cat People also got a sequel, The Curse of the Cat People, which is also a good film. But it's in no way a horror film. It's more of a fantasy film. A bit Disneyesque, I guess.

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Good. It's a film that shouldn't be missed. And if I were to guess, i think The Body Snatcher and The Seventh Victim will please you very much. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on them sooner or later.

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I was able to sit through Cat People (tho dozed off twice towards the end). It was kinda not bad, but I wouldn't watch it again. xD Too slow for my taste and nothing scary happening at all. I might still try out The Uninvited, see what happens.

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I'm a bit disappointed in you, boy. I expected so much more from you.













Nah, just kidding. Well, everyone can't like everything. I guess I gotta do the 30's alone too?

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Well actually I have some (very few) faves from the '30s... I think I'll do mine after your list, and I'm gonna bunch together the '20s and '30s to have a variety of decent size. xD


Btw I watched I Walked with a Zombie yesterday night, and it was quite okay! Nothing amazing but enjoyable. Best I've seen from the '40s so far, heh.

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