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[Lyrics] ZORO - 妄想日記 (Mousou Nikki)

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Red string connecting two for us, who had a fateful encounter
Open the diary[1]
I write in today, tomorrow and always

A gentle smile to the gathering
That's what I can't hate you
Because you are popular
I'm willing to overlook

[*]Alone in my room
two lined photographs
I can see you three days later
longing and
I can't sleep today again

[**]Telephone number on the letter
I believe you will call me
Because you are so shy
Maybe you are too scared
Don't stare at me so much
We'll be noticed around
Our Relationship is secret

I'm the jealous type, please forgive me
I will pick through your garbage
You have another girlfriend
I want you to pay[2] attention only to me

No cheating
you promised me
I will keep you up all night again
silent phone calls
repeatedly until morning




Your voice, your body, your finger
Your Hair, your sleeping face
even your heart
I love everything about you are mine
People might make a fool of me, saying that is just a delusion

You don't even know my face...



Notes - This is a cover of SID's 妄想日記, but in English. There's a touch of Engrish, but it makes sense in comparison with a translation of an original. (Personally, this one sounds more like an obsessed girl versus an obsessed fan.)


Lyrics are from this video. I don't know if the typos are in the booklet lyrics.


[1] Originally spelled 'dairy' (typo?)

[2] Originally spelled 'play' (typo?)

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