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VK caricatures by Senedjem

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I started drawing little cartoons of vk people the other day and now I can't stop

Here's Yutori from METEOROID



Rame from vidoll and black gene for the whothefuckcares


Shuuji ishii


And then there's this, based on one of hitomi's twitpics





If anyone wants one of their favourite musician I'd be more than happy to oblige! I can do these up really quickly

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true & honest testimony from monochrome heaven celebrity, socialite, male model and philanthropist billionaire CAT5


I laughed out loud for real lol.


But srsly, you're fuckin talented. Looking forward to seeing more!

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Yusa for maiku! [SHOCKING full size]



Takemasa for fitear! [EROTICAL high resolution]

MAKONY is up next! I'm gonna do izam for you as well as nao since I know I've been promising you I would for so long that I swear the first time I did I was talking to you from atop a woolly mammoth

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I have a special request!


This was my favorite look for Satsuki. If you could do one of Satsuki from this era, but add cat ears/whiskers/nose (whatever you can to make him cat-like) that would be awesome. Basically - CATsuki :P



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Ikuma for tetsu_sama! full resolution version here




And unfortunately I'm off for the night! I might be able to get on later tonight but if not I'll be back tomorrow with maiku's pic 

This is perfect! Thank you so much! I really like your work!

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Alaska thunderfuck the dude from beata for nick-friend, I bet this dude smelled funny like in a mouldy kind of way [GLAMOROUS high definition


Satsuki for cat, idk why you wanted me to weeb it up so much but ok [WARM and DISTURBINGLY MOIST large version]


Sui for dicks and a doo [EXTRA LONG EXTRA WIDE]


Nao for makony (izam tomorrow I promise!!) [uNBELIEVABLE GIRTH]


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