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PSN ID: amemiya_takumi

Currently games: Destiny / Destiny 2 / Gran Turismo Sport.

Also play: Hob / Tearaway Unfolded / Ratchet & Clank / Okami HD / Journey / Crash Bandicoot N. SANE Trilogy / Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age / Bloodborne / Rogue Galaxy.

Upcoming: Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom / Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown.

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i play overwatch on EU<PC> add me if you want SeaportHime#2926


i have a switch and 3ds aswell <i play my switch more often now a days x3>

i would give my wiiu code but its basically a dead console lol.




switch game wise my only online games are Mario Kart 8D and Monster hunter but formy 3ds i have more of a variety to name a few

animal crossing,mario kart 7 and pokemon x ,oras ,and moon 

i really play games on my steam more often though so you can also add me there if you please


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mostly playing pubg and risk of rain 2 atm but will also fuck around in cs:go, gmod, and others


battlenet: chipathy#1273 North America, only play overwatch from here but would maybe mess around in diablo 3 or black ops 4 again


origin: InstallPUBG

only playing apex legends on this client 


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Ohh crap, I totally never knew this existed till now. Ah well, here’s my PSN. Just lemme know who you are on the forum through a message on PSN!


My username is vulgarMacabre. Hope to see ya guys on!

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On 12/18/2019 at 5:19 AM, sleepy coffee said:

need people to play halo on pc with



or i guess you can add me directly from xbox live (still PC only tho) and my gamertag for that is Verxina 

Halo's dead 343 fucked it bringing back a dead franchise like re doesent count as content


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